Are We Over Sharing Personal Information On Facebook?




OPINION-Many people use Facebook or any other social media outlets for entertainment, keeping in touch with old friends, relatives, co-workers, learning about news, venting (that can be therapeutic), and to promote a business as part of a marketing strategy. I used it for all of these purposes, but as far as venting goes, I utilize it in a way when I update a status I’m mindful that my personal business is not exposed to the “cyber friends” (what you thought they were all your real friends?) to see.

I have read some thought provoking Facebook status updates, where it promotes critical thinking skills and intelligent discourse. Then occasionally I see certain status updates and pictures, that provides information, which quite frankly I don’t want to see. Various information and photos are shared on a personal scale, which causes me to pause at times. When that happens I think to myself; they are overdoing it.

In times in our lives, we all get sick or are go through relationship issues that’s a given. Unfortunately, some friends dedicate their entire Facebook page by informing us minute by minute that their girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband or ex is a demon. They get into vivid details about them. I even had someone share a photo of themselves, displaying the results of a beating their boyfriend inflicted on them. My first thought after seeing the photo, is why didn’t they call the police, why display that on social media? I get that we like to vent, but to display the narratives where one’s personal business is out there on a consistent basis, is not enjoyable to read unless there are individuals that like to laugh at those who are going through drama.

Sharing personal information about a spouse can also lead to deadly consequences:

Angie Burke, a neighbor who lives near the deceased family, said Megan Short had posted on Facebook about needing help moving out of her house on Aug. 6 ― the same day police uncovered the grisly scene during a welfare check. A family member had contacted police after Short failed to appear for a lunch date.

The Berks County District Attorney Office said there was a history of “domestic issues” between the married couple, but did not confirm the identity of the suspected shooter. An autopsy of the father is scheduled for Monday afternoon, and the investigation is ongoing.

“This is an apparent tragic domestic incident,” the office said in a statement.

Burke said that last month, she posted a story to her Facebook wall about emotional abuse. Short commented on the link, Burke said, writing that it was the reason why she was leaving her marriage.

In this case, this does not indicate victim blaming, but some things shouldn’t be shared on social media. Don’t be surprised the victim was Facebook friends, with her husband’s siblings, friends, etc. and they went and told him what Burke was about to do. When the husband found out the news that Burke was leaving him, he decided like most abusers do, that his wife wasn’t going to leave him alive.

Regarding those who get sick (hey it happens), what bothered me one time, was an old high school friend who was suffering from cancer. Some relative, or friend decided to take a picture of my old high school buddy in the hospital and post it. The image showed my friend in a comatose state with a tube down his throat. I was so upset, that someone that callous would do that to a person, but this is the world we live in, that everything seems to have to be shared on social media. This friend later passed away the day the picture was shared, and that is the lasting image I would have of him. I wouldn’t be surprised that my friend was already deceased in that picture. It was tasteless to display such an image on social media, but again people share everything and think it is appropriate.

Are we going to be a society, where if someone gets shot, they are going to update their status to let their friends know they been shot instead of calling an ambulance? Better yet, someone stating they are bleeding out and giving final shout outs via Facebook Live as they wait to literally see the light? We overshare one’s personal information way too much, but there are things that we do share that is important to the topic of social justice.

One of the features that Facebook gave us is the live feature, which allows up to post videos like it’s live CNN coverage. Some cases, where Facebook Live is used has helped folks see what Black people go through when interacting with police. One example is the death of Philando Castille who was shot and killed by police during a traffic stop, and afterward, Castille’s girlfriend, Diamond Reynolds used the Facebook Live feed feature, to invite us into the aftermath.

If what’s being often shared isn’t conducive to my environment, I often unfollowed a lot of individuals because of it. I can no longer subject myself to the negativity and the over-sharing of personal information unless it involves social issues and even in that aspect I take that information in small doses. I also enjoy feel good moments where family or friends are out and about and just enjoying life. Not everyone wants to see images or read an overabundance of personal information that is like reading a soap opera unless that is something that is entertaining to those who are subjected to it. I don’t go on social media for that reason, and prefer my newsfeed to reflect my characteristics; I wouldn’t have it any other way.

-Ms Scripter

Just blogging for the masses, ya dig?