Note To Social Media: Hillary Clinton Lost, Time To Regroup


hillary-clintonOPINION – November 8th came and went, and the outcome of the Presidential Election shocked a lot of people, with Donald Trump winning the Presidency. I thought Hillary Clinton was going to win and the nation isn’t that silly to elect a failed businessperson who has filed for bankruptcy on numerous occasions. Also, a man who is a blatant sexist, shares xenophobic and racist views, has zero filter with no experience. to run the highest office in the Nation. Well, that proved to be wrong, and now we are faced with a Trump Presidency.

I did become excited that maybe, just maybe my Facebook social media feed would not be flapping their keyboard gums about Hillary Clinton any longer. That proved to be a false narrative; it has got worse.

The shaming of those who stated they didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton has reached a fever pitch. Not only are people crying about the outcome on social media, but the finger pointing has also taken center stage. The blaming of the 3rd party votes like Green Party Jill Stein and Libertarian Gary Johnson has now become the number one excuse as to why HRC lost the election. Folks seem to avoid talking about Jill Stein receiving votes, when Barack Obama won, but the key word is because he won and thus the complaints about 3rd party spoilers were muted. Voting for the Libertarian or Green Party is the norm, but HRC got walloped in key states, but that seem to escape one’s dialogue. The fact remains the same 55 plus million voters co-sign to Donald Trump, and that is a glaring statistic.

The fact that is also escaping so many, is that angry white voters didn’t gravitate toward HRC, they went with Trump instead (which includes women). Folks are also not taking into consideration that some Latinos, more than Mitt Romney received (33& Latino men & 26% Latino women) voted for Trump. This was the election of white nationalism, they also weren’t having a woman running the show as President, and they surely embraced Trump’s racial dog whistle politics. Furthermore, angry white voters gravitated toward a candidate that was not part of the establishment (in their mind), and that was only the tip of the iceberg of things to come as far as the results are concerned. There is no coincidence that 64% of white men voted for Trump, and 52% of white women voted for Trump.

HRC was a flawed candidate from the onset, with baggage that was so intense that it made a sanitation worker take a keen interest in disposing of it. What made matters worse is that the shenanigans that were on display concerning HRC’s campaign. Media personalities leaking debate questions, and among other things that didn’t sit well with people. What would also be part of HRC’s failed campaigned, was that she selected a boring running mate in Tim Kaine, who until this day was a drastic mistake. HRC’s campaign was designed to fail in the first place, the entitlement to the Presidency rubbed a lot of people the wrong way, and she became an unlikeable figure.

“They are saying they did nothing wrong, which is ridiculous,” said one Clinton surrogate. “She was the wrong messenger and everyone misjudged how pissed working class people were.”

The arrogance of the DNC was on full display because some people who supported her, felt that Clinton was entitled to the Presidency. When one evaluates this election, one would know that it was time for a Republican President to win the election. Eight years of a Democratic one, that goes unanswered is not part of history. More than likely a Republican President, would have won regardless, but someone like Trump winning says a lot about the nation.

So, let’s embrace the loss that HRC received and regroup, and understand that the DNC should start pushing more Progressive, young, new candidates and get rid of the business as usual politicians. Let’s stop blaming one entity and realize HRC lost and there is a lot of blame to go around, and the primary factor is she just wasn’t a great candidate. Time for more progressive candidates, if the DNC doesn’t push this then they are tone deaf, just like Howard Dean who wants to insert himself as the new DNC chair. The old Democrats need to take a seat and fade to Black. No one wants to see guys like Howard Dean, so it’s obvious the tone deafness continues to be the DNC’s mo and this means the Party will continue to lose.

To be honest, I’m am mentally exhausted from hearing about this election and its aftermath. The constant bickering is the worse I’ve seen on social media since I’ve signed up. It’s embarrassing how many voters, can’t understand how HRC lost and continued the blame game, by targeting a small group of Libertarians and Green Party candidates.  Instead of holding the Democratic Party accountable for attempting to co-sign a seriously flawed candidate in the first place. If Hillary Clinton didn’t win, it’s because of various factors and that includes Hillary Clinton herself. So, let’s re-group, push for more progressives candidates, no more centrist ideologies and realize old established Democrats can’t excite a paper bag with their business as usual agenda and need to exit stage left.

-Ms Scripter 

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Old School Video of The Week: Stephanie Mills – “Never Knew Love Like This Before”



The year was 1980 when Stephanie Mills released the single, “Never Knew Love Like This Before” off of Mills fourth album entitled Sweet Sensation.

Mills would go on to have an illustrious career that would span over seventeen albums. Mills will garner a few number one hits, American Music Awards and Grammys along the way.

-Ms Scripter

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Book Review: Angie Martinez – “My Voice”



Growing up during the golden age of hip-hop has its perks in today’s climate. I feel those who were around from the beginning of the culture appreciate the past more than ever, especially as the culture changes in the present. During my time analyzing how hip-hop culture coincides with the radio would be the most valuable tool for me as I would be introduced to new artists growing up, who would become legendary. It felt good to witness the start of  Rakim, KRS-One, and groups like Salt-n-Pepa, etc. careers and how their impact on the culture would appoint them as legends.

Besides Marley Marl’s “In Control” segment, and Red Alert “Going Berserk” on rival stations like WBLS and KISS-FM respectively, I would get a snippet of hip-hop, and it would be at certain times during the night. When Hot 97 took over the reigns of hip-hop in its entirely as the 90’s took shape, not only was I getting hip-hop during the daytime, but I was introduced to a deejay that would become the voice of New York radio in Angie Martinez.

Well, Angie Martinez documented her life in a new memoir entitled, My Voice. I would receive what I would call the behind the scenes narrative from Martinez as she interacts with various artists, during her time with the station. It also was refreshing that Martinez took us on a journey, which included her childhood, her teenage years (some of it was shocking) and her past relationships. All of these stories would give the readers a view on what led her to become one of the most recognizable deejays in New York City. It also shows how Martinez was able to manifest her brand across the United States.

Martinez also highlights her public turmoil relationship with another radio legend in Wendy Williams, in more detail. Martinez was able to give the narrative effectively concerning her physical altercation with Williams at the station. I felt like I was the unseen witness at Hot 97 when Martinez wanted to “shoot the fair one,” so to speak with Wendy Williams.

What made the book intensify was the way Martinez told the story of being awarded the opportunity to interview Tupac Shakur during his public beef with Biggie, which led to deadly consequences for both artists. Martinez would also re-enact the way she felt, during those dark times in hip-hop, which included her actions at the station upon hearing their deaths and immediately going on the radio to be with her listeners.

Then, Martinez would also give readers inside the radio walls of the Jay-Z and Nas public dispute, which would be water cooler material for months. From Jay-Z’s debut of the “Take Over” at Summer Jam to Nas’ “Ether” on the radio, there was a behind the scenes story to tell. What would stand out with the Jay and Nas situation, (which would thankfully stay on wax), was Martinez sharing what happened behind the scenes with her relationship with Nas during one of the most classic hip-hop beef of all-time.

My Voice is a page-turner, and it also gives us insight that Martinez wasn’t just due to the position of being the voice of New York City, but worked hard to reach that the level and continues to shine. The tales Martinez told concerning the station were candid and rehashed a lot of memories for me. Martinez came across as authentic and didn’t hold anything back, which I appreciated. Martinez also made sure; she told her readers that she had made mistakes on and off the radio, which adds to the authenticity of her voice. If one loves hip-hop and would love to hear how Angie Martinez became the woman that she is today and her involvement in a culture that has to stand the test of time, then this is a must read.

Rating: 5 out of 5

-Ms Scripter

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The Character of Radio Raheem Will Be Forever Immortal



NEW YORK – The passing of Bill Nunn at the age of 62, added another sad chapter about parts of my teenage years being taken away from me. Nunn played the role of Radio Raheem in the critically acclaimed movie Do The Right Thing, which would forever be characterized as immortal.

Radio Raheem was a character that if one grew up in the late 80’s and early parts of the 90’s in New York City, one would know someone that would walk around the block holding on to a boombox, blaring the latest hip-hop and R&B tunes in the hood. I had a cousin that would walk around with his Fila jumpsuit with matching crispy white Fila sneakers, clutching his Boombox as he made his way around the blocks of Prospect Heights. The entire neighborhood knew him, and the other “Radio Raheem’s” of the world also resonated in the inner cities.

The way Radio Raheem’s life ended in Do The Right Thing made the powers that be, nervous before the official release of the movie could be viewed. I remember extra police, were dispatched in theaters across America in anticipation of the reaction among people of color concerning how the film was depicted. Radio Raheem’s life ended in such a demoralizing way that it resonated with people in the past and the present. What happened to Radio Raheem has continued to be a daily episode in urban communities. Police have been taking the lives of Black people, without any repercussions since “the slave patrol”, where I call that police policy the original stop-and-frisk.

Things haven’t changed since, and it has always been the same. It just that the brutality isn’t just captured once in a while like the police beating of Rodney King, but every time police are caught abusing and killing the Black body like it’s a sport. America would become nervous in anticipation as to what would happen when people of color would get sick of being brutalized by the police. We have had responses of riots, and before we hear the nonsense of people are stupid for destroying their neighborhoods. Since those that love to quote Martin Luther King, to make those who are oppressed fall in line. Ensure that we quote one of MLK’s most relevant quotes: “A riot is the voice of the unheard” to understand why riots occur in response to police brutality in the first place.

There are many Radio Raheem’s who died at the clutches of the police, and now with the enhance technology of the camera phones this is no longer become a fictional movie and more like a documentary. The demise of the Radio Raheem’s of the world like Eric Garner and women like Marlene Pinnock who was beaten by a police officer on the side of the highway, which was also caught on video for the world to see. No longer can we act like policing in America is not a problem in urban communities, where they are adapting more of the “broken windows” way of policing instead of adapting “community policing” methods. I’m also tired of people saying, “well don’t call the police when you in trouble.” My tax paying dollars ensures that one gets paid in the first place, so they are obligated to perform their jobs with integrity, transparency and without racial biases. We pay police officers, to serve the public, so when I hear that nonsense I think one is being willfully ignorant, and a police apologists and it’s embarrassing.

I wonder if Spike Lee knew that Radio Raheem, would be one of the most important characters in Do The Right Thing. Sure, Radio Raheem didn’t have a lot of dialogue in the movie (even though that scene where he interacted with the Korean clerk was hilarious), but the symbolism was all that was needed to keep Radio Raheem immortal in the world of police brutality in America. Rest in peace Bill Nunn the character he brought to the screen will be forever immortal and some of us will continue to keep blaring “Fight The Power” like Radio Raheem would want us to do in the face of police brutality in America.

-Ms Scripter

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Are We Over Sharing Personal Information On Facebook?




OPINION-Many people use Facebook or any other social media outlets for entertainment, keeping in touch with old friends, relatives, co-workers, learning about news, venting (that can be therapeutic), and to promote a business as part of a marketing strategy. I used it for all of these purposes, but as far as venting goes, I utilize it in a way when I update a status I’m mindful that my personal business is not exposed to the “cyber friends” (what you thought they were all your real friends?) to see.

I have read some thought provoking Facebook status updates, where it promotes critical thinking skills and intelligent discourse. Then occasionally I see certain status updates and pictures, that provides information, which quite frankly I don’t want to see. Various information and photos are shared on a personal scale, which causes me to pause at times. When that happens I think to myself; they are overdoing it.

In times in our lives, we all get sick or are go through relationship issues that’s a given. Unfortunately, some friends dedicate their entire Facebook page by informing us minute by minute that their girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband or ex is a demon. They get into vivid details about them. I even had someone share a photo of themselves, displaying the results of a beating their boyfriend inflicted on them. My first thought after seeing the photo, is why didn’t they call the police, why display that on social media? I get that we like to vent, but to display the narratives where one’s personal business is out there on a consistent basis, is not enjoyable to read unless there are individuals that like to laugh at those who are going through drama.

Sharing personal information about a spouse can also lead to deadly consequences:

Angie Burke, a neighbor who lives near the deceased family, said Megan Short had posted on Facebook about needing help moving out of her house on Aug. 6 ― the same day police uncovered the grisly scene during a welfare check. A family member had contacted police after Short failed to appear for a lunch date.

The Berks County District Attorney Office said there was a history of “domestic issues” between the married couple, but did not confirm the identity of the suspected shooter. An autopsy of the father is scheduled for Monday afternoon, and the investigation is ongoing.

“This is an apparent tragic domestic incident,” the office said in a statement.

Burke said that last month, she posted a story to her Facebook wall about emotional abuse. Short commented on the link, Burke said, writing that it was the reason why she was leaving her marriage.

In this case, this does not indicate victim blaming, but some things shouldn’t be shared on social media. Don’t be surprised the victim was Facebook friends, with her husband’s siblings, friends, etc. and they went and told him what Burke was about to do. When the husband found out the news that Burke was leaving him, he decided like most abusers do, that his wife wasn’t going to leave him alive.

Regarding those who get sick (hey it happens), what bothered me one time, was an old high school friend who was suffering from cancer. Some relative, or friend decided to take a picture of my old high school buddy in the hospital and post it. The image showed my friend in a comatose state with a tube down his throat. I was so upset, that someone that callous would do that to a person, but this is the world we live in, that everything seems to have to be shared on social media. This friend later passed away the day the picture was shared, and that is the lasting image I would have of him. I wouldn’t be surprised that my friend was already deceased in that picture. It was tasteless to display such an image on social media, but again people share everything and think it is appropriate.

Are we going to be a society, where if someone gets shot, they are going to update their status to let their friends know they been shot instead of calling an ambulance? Better yet, someone stating they are bleeding out and giving final shout outs via Facebook Live as they wait to literally see the light? We overshare one’s personal information way too much, but there are things that we do share that is important to the topic of social justice.

One of the features that Facebook gave us is the live feature, which allows up to post videos like it’s live CNN coverage. Some cases, where Facebook Live is used has helped folks see what Black people go through when interacting with police. One example is the death of Philando Castille who was shot and killed by police during a traffic stop, and afterward, Castille’s girlfriend, Diamond Reynolds used the Facebook Live feed feature, to invite us into the aftermath.

If what’s being often shared isn’t conducive to my environment, I often unfollowed a lot of individuals because of it. I can no longer subject myself to the negativity and the over-sharing of personal information unless it involves social issues and even in that aspect I take that information in small doses. I also enjoy feel good moments where family or friends are out and about and just enjoying life. Not everyone wants to see images or read an overabundance of personal information that is like reading a soap opera unless that is something that is entertaining to those who are subjected to it. I don’t go on social media for that reason, and prefer my newsfeed to reflect my characteristics; I wouldn’t have it any other way.

-Ms Scripter

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If You’re Trolling Gabby Douglas, You’re Just Jealous or a Racist

2016 Rio Olympics - Artistic Gymnastics - Preliminary - Women's Qualification - Subdivisions - Rio Olympic Arena - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - 07/08/2016. Gabrielle Douglas (USA) of USA (Gabby Douglas) competes on the beam during the women's qualifications. REUTERS/Damir Sagolj

2016 Rio Olympics – Artistic Gymnastics – Preliminary – Women’s Qualification – Subdivisions – Rio Olympic Arena – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – 07/08/2016. Gabrielle Douglas (USA) of USA (Gabby Douglas) competes on the beam during the women’s qualifications. REUTERS/Damir Sagolj

OPINION – The internet can reach lows, that we have seen on numerous occasions on social media since Facebook and Twitter’s popularity has soared over the years. I had my share of trolling tweets, not necessarily directed at a celebrity, with the famous blue check by their names. OKAY, I confess, I did write sarcastic and smart comments toward celebrities, but it was just some ribbing when they did something that warranted a couple of troll tweets. Hi, Lil’ Bow Wow!

Ribbing and flat out mean bullying are two different entities. Take Olympic gold medal winner Gabby Douglas as an example. In 2012, she captured hearts after she came out of nowhere and put on a performance that we will tell our children about for decades to come. Douglas became the first African-American gymnast to win the all-around medal. Shoot, I still talk about Dominque Dawes achievements when she was in the same position as Douglas. During Douglas’ emergence and accomplishments during the Olympics it didn’t garner all around congratulations, but, instead she was brutally criticized on social media for the most mundane and insignificant thing one can think of, which is her hair.

Personally, I was disgusted and angry that this girl who exemplify Black girl magic, and who should be looked upon as a role model is being overshadowed by insecure and jealous trolls on social media. I thought things would die down as we fast-forward to the 2016 Olympic games. Douglas continued to excel in her sport of gymnastics and grabbing a few gold medals along the way, but the trolls couldn’t wait to pounce once again. The first thing they decided to do is discuss her hair again. What is so grotesque is that the people who are debating Douglas’ hair the most, are Black women. It’s despicable that those in one’s flock elect to show their insecurities and jealousy by getting behind the computer to be disrespectful and downright mean.

One can always tell those who spout negativity and prefer to overlook Douglas’ accomplishments, are probably losers in their personal lives and probably will never amount to anything positive in society. They hate to see a beautiful girl like Douglas getting all this attention and winning in front of millions upon millions of people. Think about those that elect to shoot vile, nasty comments for a second. Now, if these cyber bullies think about their own lives instead of Douglas’ depression will be elevated. Most of these people probably will never amount to anything in their pathetic lives, so they elect to move that negative energy they have floating inside of them and hoping to transfer that to Douglas via cyber bullying.

Then one has to evaluate the racists, all because Douglas didn’t put her hand over her heart during the “National Anthem”. They are accusing her of being disrespectful, unpatriotic, and I’m sure a couple of n-words were sent her way. Newsflash, those who are complaining were racist from the very beginning and just using that as an excuse to cyber bully her and nothing more. Racist love to dilute a Black person accomplishments because they wish they possess that same type of success and upset that someone isn’t white didn’t dominate in the activity.

What broke my heart, was what Douglas’ mother stated recently about the results of Douglas being cyber bullied:

She said she has advised her daughter to stay offline while the US team remains in competition. “They keep attacking her about not smiling but they don’t know what she is dealing with,” she said of the critics. “If they did, this would not be a conversation.”

Douglas and her team-mates have dominated the 2016 gymnastics competitions, led by 19-year-old Simone Biles, the winner of Rio’s all-around contest, and another 2012 veteran, 22-year-old Aly Raisman.

“We’ve been brought to many tears because I don’t know what she’s done to warrant such an attack,” Hawkins said. “She knows she still has a job to do for Team USA.”

Douglas didn’t do anything wrong; it is just society does not like to see Black girls and women succeed. The term “crabs in a barrel” also come to mind, when Black people are the main ones spouting hate. Going forward, if I catch a glimpse on my Twitter or Facebook feed of any Black person on social media trolling my girl Douglas with hate, get ready to understand I take trolling bullies to an entirely different level. One may want to delete their account ahead of time if one thinks about doing it.

Keep shining Gabby Douglas, you are one of our role models, despite the shade from the useless, unaccomplished, insecure, racist and outright pathetic souls that prey on your Black excellence, but can never dim your light.


-Ms. Scripter

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Old School Video of The Week: Yarbrough & Peoples “Don’t Stop The Music”




The year was 1981 when Yarbrough & Peoples released a dance anthem of the early 80’s with the song, “Don’t Stop The Music”. I remember, being a little girl and this was often played every time the radio was on WBLS and KISS FM in New York City in the house. The Dallas duo, released “Don’t Stop The Music” off their album The Two of Us.

Yarbrough and Peoples will go on to release more singles off their The Two of Us album, but it wasn’t as successful as their top charting “Don’t Stop The Music”, which has stood the test of time. “Don’t Stop The Music” reached #1 on the R&B charts.

One can also catch up on what Yarbough and Peoples are doing now, and some of their historic activities during the 80’s with the latest Unsung episode here.

-Ms Scripter

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KRS-One Needs To Stop Defending An Alleged Child Molester



OPINION-I will be a fan of the hip-hop culture for infinity, and nothing will change that fact. Since, I am classified as a hip-hop baby so to speak, I have been fortunate enough to watch nearly the early beginnings of the culture, which includes the five elements: The B-Boy/B-Girl, DJing, The Emcee, Graffiti, and Knowledge. With that being said, the culture has evolved into different things, and some of them aren’t good.

When I heard one of the founding founders of hip-hop in Afrika Bambaataa being accused by several young men of being molested by him a while back, it became more than just giving Bambaataa the side-eyed. Yes, I know Bambaataa wasn’t formally brought up on charges, and it doesn’t help the accusations allegedly occurred decades ago. Like the old saying where there is smoke, there is fire immediately popped up in my head. Too many accusers have stepped forward stating that Bambaataa molested them. Bambaataa was subsequently kicked out of the Zulu Nation due to the allegations after the scandal broke.

There were a few rappers that came to the defense of Bambaataa like KRS-One and Monie Love early on when the news about the allegations reached the media. I thought it would be a few supporters earlier on, so I wasn’t in the least surprised. The story died down, due to other events in the media, but that didn’t stop KRS-One from rehashing things again, but this time giving hip-hop fans the business.

“When you’re talking about Afrika Bambaataa, first of all, you’re talking about the person who invented hip-hop,” KRS-One said in the sit-down. “Not participated in it. There was no hip-hop before Afrika Bambaataa. Let’s start there, so anyone who has a problem with Afrika Bambaataa should quit hip-hop.”

The “South Bronx” rapper also dismissed the allegations as “accusations and gossip” and said he believed Bambaataa was beyond reprimand.

“Some of us are infallible,” KRS-One said. “Some of us are going to have to be untouchable or our entire culture is going to fall. Our culture cannot fall on the accusations of four people, that’s weak.”

It is so disappointing to hear a guy we affectionally nickname “The Teacher” because he has kicked some serious knowledge tell hip-hop fans that if anyone of us has a problem with Bambaataa, we should quit hip-hop. What KRS-One needs to understand (which I’m sure he does, he is just willfully playing ignorant) this has nothing to do with hip-hop, it’s all about ethics and integrity. One can still praise Bambaataa for his contributions to the culture, but one can’t dismiss the allegations as just a pure rumor. Nor, should we protect Bambaataa because he is one of the founding founders of hip-hop. That’s like praising a man like Thomas Jefferson, just because he is a founding father. We all know Jefferson is a rapist and a slave owner, that I’m sure committed more than rape against Black women, but I’ll digress. Therefore, I couldn’t care less how much influence and Bambaataa’s contribution to the culture, has been enacted. If these allegations are true (which we will probably never know), he should receive added scrutiny and critique.

There have been so many artists that I admired on a entertainment, innovative level that has skeletons in their closet. Some artists have been accused of heinous crimes, but I still love them as artists, and learned how to separate the two. KRS-One needs to do the same thing, and stop defending alleged child molesters by claiming it is corrupting what Bambaataa has accomplished for the culture. I know if there were a Mount Rushmore of hip-hop, Bambaataa would work on it. At the same time, just because Bambaataa is on a mountain, doesn’t mean he should be exempt from any backlash.

KRS-One, who I continue to have in my top 3 emcees of all-time, is being deflective, and Bambaataa’s defense attorney. KRS-One is an artist that only cares about the imagery of the hip-hop culture, then ensuring those that have possibly violated the law be held accountable, regardless of the fact they are hip-hop royalty. That’s not something one should strive to wear that distinctive title, especially if one is called “The Teacher” because honestly the only thing he is teaching is how to be an apologist for an alleged child molester.

-Ms Scripter

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KRS-One Says Afrika Bambaataa Detractors Should ‘Quit Hip-Hop’




Black Women Aren’t Safe Rejecting Black Men Advances…


Man Shoots At DoorNEW YORK-A narrative slowly becoming viral is about a few Black women who were out at the Bee Hive Lounge in Brooklyn has made its way on social media. To obtained a grasp of the theme, it is related to a lot of incidents concerning Black women, who reject a Black man’s advances and are subsequently assaulted and even killed for simply saying they aren’t interested. Before I get to the story, recently before this incident there was another incident where a Black woman rejected a Black man in Philadelphia on July 1, 2016, which resulted in violence. It was caught on tape, but in this case, luckily no one got hurt:

The incident began 2:30 p.m. Thursday inside the Rite Aid at 1334 Windrim Ave., police said. A woman told police she was approached by the suspect who attempted to start a conversation with her.

When woman told the suspect that she wasn’t interested, police said, the man followed her around the store as she shopped. He then followed the victim out of the store when she left.

She entered the Safe Haven shelter, located a few blocks south of the store, where cameras recorded the suspect drawing a handgun from his right pocket and firing three times into the doors.

Some men appear to have trouble with rejection. I don’t think they realize that not everyone wants their entitled self-serving ass and that one needs to stop acting like little boys when their feelings get hurt, by rejection.

Now, here is what allegedly happened recently at the Bee Hive Lounge in Brooklyn, in the words of the victim with some editing:

Last night (July 1, 2016), my home girls and I decided to go this bar on Atlantic Avenue. We honestly did not want to go here in the first place but it was in the neighborhood. So as we are sitting down smoking hookah and talking. These rachet a** dudes kept coming over to us trying to talk to us. We politely told the men “We are not interested” they kept on harassing us until one of my home girls was like “stop touching me” home boy got upset and sucka punched her right in the eye. After that the people he came with started swinging on us and in the middle of it all I got punched in the nose by one of the other guys!!!!!! Please do not go to this ghetto spot unless you looking to get punched in the face. Oh and the owner was useless. He was useless because after I called the cops. He closed his gates down and was more concerned about his business than making sure us ladies were okay. This tells me that he probably condone men punching women in the face. I cannot fathom enough how hurt I am for both my friends and myself. We were just trying to have a good time and we got into it with some ghetto people just because we were not trying to talk to them. Some of these dudes now a days are cowards and rather hit their sisters before they hit another man. The guy who punched my friend in the face knew exactly what we was doing and the same thing goes for his friend that punched me. Our black men got to do better because any of us could of been their sister, mother or aunt. Ladies protect yourself when you are out and about because this could happen to you. All because you do not want to talk to a man. Please share this and spread the word. This place needs to get shut down.

So, the Bee Hive Lounge in no way shape or form is safe for Black women. Clearly, the owner is incompetent when it comes down to safety. No one should patrognize a business establishment like that, where women are beaten up for saying no to advances by men. Every night that I pass by that lounge in the safe arms of a vehicle, I see cops sometimes parked in the vicinity. Clearly, this lounge has a problem, where they can’t control the behavior of their customers. Maybe a lawsuit will set the wheels in motion to force the owner to focus on safey. Men like this clearly believes that violence, is the answer because their crusty ass can’t accept rejection and the manager who does nothing is the co-signer. This type of behavior has become an epidemic, where I suggest any Black women who lives in an open carry state and can obtain a hand gun should get their gun permits to protect themselves from the likes of these individuals.

Before I get complaints, that not all Black men are behaving like this (no one said this is appointed to all Black men), white men are just suspectible with the form of entitlement. Take Jaguars linebacker for instance who threw a violent tantrum because he couldn’t get a woman’s phone number:

According to a police report, Jacksonville Jaguars linebacker Dan Skuta was flirting with a woman at a bar before allegedly shoving her face and throwing her into a glass window because she refused to give him her number.

With that being said, I’m focused on my interest, which is Black women. Who is teaching these little boys on how to treat women? Behavior like this is learned in the home, and it’s starting to get so bad it’s an everyday occurrence. Why would any woman with sense talk to a man, who has a violent outburst, when they can’t get their way? Apparently, men that fit that profile have participated in domestic violence in the past and if one accepts his advances, may become the next victim.

Men need to learn to control their emotions if a woman doesn’t want to be bothered with entertaining one’s attempt at trying to “holla” at them; just leave us alone. It’s becoming so bad; it is downright dangerous for a Black woman to be out in about, without the protection of other men, to keep the savages at bay. We shouldn’t have to live in fear, when going out in public because little boys don’t understand how to react in a grown up manner to the words “I’m not interested”.

-Ms Scripter

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Keep Calm! The Knicks Did Good With Obtaining Derrick Rose


Derrick Rose

OPINION- Once the story of the Knicks making a deal to acquire Bulls guard, Derrick Rose, for Robin Lopez, Jose Calderon (good riddance) and Jerian Grant, the array of NBA fans had various opinions of the deal.

The non-Knick fans who, I will deem as shortsighted Knick haters, couldn’t wait to say, “the Knicks always acquire players who are at the end of their careers.” Then the various memes were created, depicting Rose on the ground hurting himself in the airport on his way to NYC. The comments were even made from Knick fans, who stated Rose won’t be healthy enough to finish out the season.

If one were to evaluate this trade, one could use their non-bias analysis (that’s hard to do in sports, huh?) and say the Knicks deal was a win – win situation. The Knicks practically gave up nothing in return, and before we start to say it isn’t fair that Grant a young guard was included, the last time I checked he wasn’t Russell Westbrook so cut the shenanigans.

The deal was good, and if Rose can show a hint of his MVP prowess, the naysayers will be muted on social media, and sports talk radio for quite some time. We are only obtaining Rose for a short period, and he will, therefore, come off the books unless he has an MVP stellar like season (which I can honestly say probably won’t happen) and resign him to another deal. Rose gives us an extra shot at not only making the playoffs, after coming off a disappointing season. It gives the Knicks extra ammunition in a triangle offense I reputably can’t stand, but allows Carmelo Anthony and Kristaps Porzingis to be free to roam the court in a less contested fashion. This is a contract year for Rose, who has only been healthy for over 39 games in 4 years. Rose has something to prove, and what better way to show it by playing in the bright lights in New York City?

Whether this trade comes out successful or not, this deal does not hurt the Knicks significantly. So fellow Knick fans, we should take a long hard look and be excited that we have a rental that can probably bring us back to respectability, even if it is for a short period, until Phil Jackson comes up with another plan.

Now, if only the Knicks can obtain Joakim Noah to finish off some of the offseason moves, I would be satisfied. Dwight Howard’s name has been dropped, and it has been reported that he has shown some interest in coming to the Knicks. I would love for Howard to sign somewhere else because we don’t need a mediocre center, who’s career hasn’t been impressive as of late and is nothing short of a cry baby. To be honest, Noah is a better fit (regardless of his health issues, as well) since he played with Rose ion Chicago.

If you’re a Knick fan, there is no need to panic. Sure, I wanted Kevin Durant here as a Knick, but reality hit me that he may not have wanted to come to New York in the first place. Durant was a game shy of reaching the finals (until the collapse), and signing with the Knicks may have been like taking a step back for him professionally.

So keep calm, enjoy the short time we will have with a former all-star, MVP and see the results, this trade will bring to the table, instead of the constant whining at every move that this organization makes under Phil Jackson that makes sense. The Knicks consistently underachieving has got old, and I can admit that but the constant bickering from fans every time the team makes a move has also gotten old as well, and I’m officially over it.

-Ms Scripter

Just blogging for the masses, ya dig?