Recommendation of the Week: Whitney Houston – “Whitney Houston”


OPINION – What better way to kick off our For-The-Masses recommendation of the week by showcasing Whitney Houston’s debut album released in 1985 simply entitled Whitney Houston. Her voice is beautiful, her range is outstanding, this is her best album of her career, and is absolutely flawless from beginning to end. She literally changed the landscape in terms of R & B music during this period. If you a Whitney Houston fan, this album is a must in your collection. Despite her downfall in terms of her drug abuse and how it has effected her voice, she is one of the best that has ever did it, and it can’t be disputed. “Whitney Houston”, went 13x Platinum which is impressive, and that is just in album sales in the U.S alone.  So I’ll leave you with the first song off this timeless album; “You Give Good Love”; enjoy.

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Hey Gov. Jidal Don’t Forget About Your Speech


OPINION-It all started with the speech on February 24, 2009. I bet if you “Google” Jidal and speech you might see the word “clown” plastered throughout the time-line. My goodness, how can a rising star in the GOP trip over himself in such a fashion, that he set himself back in terms of his political future.

He had the spotlight after President Obama’s address to Congress in front of a national audience, so that the American people could get to know the man who is New Orleans Governor, and possible 2012 candidate for President. He was supposed to be the GOP’s answer to President Obama. Instead he turned a simple speech into one of the biggest ball dropping moments in political history. He has the charisma of a snail, and the delivery of a science teacher who speaks in a monotone fashion. The biggest mistake he made was mentioning Hurricane Katrina and his theory on limited government. News flash Jidal, the Hurricane Katrina disaster occurred under a Republican President. You would think his staff would have reviewed that speech before hand. After it was all said and done, critics (some in his own party) compared him to Howdy Dowdy but without the hardy, hardy, hardy, but more in terms of a clown but not a funny one, it’s because he look like one. Your first impression is a lasting one, and he left an impression of someone who couldn’t be President even if he wanted to play one on the television show 24.

So now the whispers have started again, about Jidal attempting to run for President next year. He can choose to run all he wants, and the Democrats can just respond by running that same speech for laughs and giggles, and that will be the end of that. Well at least the GOP has other options, and that’s former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. On that note, I guess the President can say, easy sailing.


Dear, Gov. Cuomo


Dear, Gov. Cuomo:

I’m real excited about your chance to reform government in Albany. You talk a tough game during your state of state address and basically handed down your agenda for us to see, and boy you didn’t disappoint. I admired the fact that you will no longer tolerate juvenile detention centers to remain open just to save jobs, which is a disservice to the kids. The current program is obviously not working, so this gives a lot of our at risk kids hope in terms of reforming the system. I added the excerpt so you can admire your work:

“You have juvenile justice facilities today where we have young people who are incarcerated in these state programs who are receiving help, assistance, program treatment that has already been proven to be ineffective. Recidivism rate in the 90th percentile. The cost to the taxpayer is exorbitant. For one child over $200,000 per year. The reason we continue to keep these children in these programs that aren’t serving them but are bilking the taxpayers is that we don’t want to lose the state jobs that we would lose if we closed the facilities.”

Some parts of your agenda won’t be easy to get accomplished but I got your back and so do a lot of New Yorkers who voted for you in the first place. You know who you remind me of? A particular Governor who served for the same state in 2007, let’s call him #54 for now. I was really excited when #54 was elected because he had a reputation for being tough especially against Wall Street bigs. Just look at how he single handily led the crusade to bring down corruption during that big mutual fund scandal and he prosecuted other big name cases before officially running for Governor. He really had my attention, and I was expecting #54 to put his own stamp on government just like you stated. #54 put his own personal stamp on things all right, but on women that were not his wife. 😉

So now Governor Cuomo you get a chance to finally get us back on track after a rather comical time where #54 resigned, and we were forced to deal with Gov. Paterson who was dealt a bad hand from the start, and it didn’t help much when he had a few little issues of his own.

So I hope you can keep your promises Governor, and leave a legacy behind just like your dad did. By the way, my mother absolutely adores your father. Just so you know, if you happen to get the majority of your agenda done, you may want to start looking into a possible Presidential run in the future. So good luck to you, and let’s bring change to Albany.

P.S. Give Mayor Bloomberg the business too, he needs all the attention he deserves; besides he did bully his way to a 3rd term, so show him some love.


Ms. Scriptor

Photo Courtsey of Pat Arnow


When Hip Hop Becomes Desperate For A Female MC: The Results Are Nicki Minaj


OPINION-As you read this title I’m sure some of you Nicki Minaj’s Barbies and Ken dolls are rolling your eyes. Once you get that out of your system, then we can resume. The explanation for this title is quite simple, how does an artist generate so much buzz before they release a full body of work? Her underground mix tapes were decent, but her talent level does not coincide with the hype that she has been surrounded by. It got worse when folks heard her verse on Kanye’s “Monster”, and then they started tripping over themselves in order to hand her the best female MC ever award.  I’ll give her credit that verse was dope, but it ends there.

Pink Friday debuted and yes she pushed rather significant units; she currently went platinum and surpassed Kanye’s MDTF in sales at the time of this writing (I’m appalled). Now before I hear the argument that her album sales were on point and that is what makes her the best female MC out right now, I’m going to shoot that down before it even gets started. So when does having great albums sales constitute a good album? That’s news to me; the only thing that it accomplished was an increase in her revenue because you brought into her garbage.  Pink Friday was nothing more than mediocrity at its best for a debut from an over hype artist; it was full of rambling confusing verbiage. It’s just not worth wasting your hard drive space on, and she is nothing more than a gimmick rapper with no real substance.

Are we getting so desperate for a female MC to come in the game that we are settling for this plain non-sense? Because this is what it boils down too; pure and utter desperation. The game hasn’t had a female rapper that has made a significant impact in the industry since the 1998 debut of Lauryn Hill’s Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill. We can talk about Eve, Missy, etc. but in terms of the hype that surrounds a female MC; Nicki has a cult following that is almost scary. Just the other day I was in the city, and I lost count how many young women where resembling Barbies. I will hand it to her record company; their marketing team is exceptional, almost pure genius!

Let’s briefly discuss Lil Kim who debut Hard Core in 1996 after receiving a large amount of buzz, but not nearly as phenomenal as Nicki’s hype. Yes, people are going to say the same old argument yet again. You can’t compare the two, Kim is washed up “hang it up flat screen”. I peep those who run that same line probably never heard Hard Core, otherwise they would be too embarrassed for even allowing such non-sense to escape their lips.  Actually Kim doesn’t really need to tangle with Nicki; Hardcore is a classic debut album that is timeless, Pink Friday is hitless. When you look back in 10 years are you really going to remember any songs from Pink Friday? Oh I know what you Barbies are going to say, you going to talk about “Monster” again. That’s so sad; but that rebuttal does not hold weight since it wasn’t on her album but you get an E for effort.

What is even sadder about the entire ordeal is that rappers like Jean Grae who in my opinion is the best female rapper in the game, can single handily tangle with the fellas, and leave them in the dust can’t seem to get main stream air play. It’s a travesty actually, I wonder why? Maybe because Grae doesn’t take off her clothes, or rhyme like an animated buffoon. Sex sells, that’s a given but at least have some substance when doing so, and it’s disappointing that you’re buying it. So I have some advice for Nicki: keep doing mix tapes and collaborations that’s your strong suit, leave the solo mainstream albums for the real rappers.


What Is For-The-Masses Really About?



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