Colin Kaepernick

We all know Colin Kaepernick is right. So, I will not debate any of you who say the NFL has a right to shun him. Of course they do, but that does not make them right. Kaepernick is being punished for exercising a God-given right, a right that defines Americanism at its core, but one that flies in the face of business and selective patriotism and outright hypocrisy.

The silent collusion against him is the same kind that black people face in business each day. Some of us ignore it and it drives others of us crazy because we are never sure just what is behind the rejection and we always suspect the worst.
Colin Kaepernick is a multiracial man who was orphaned and blessedly landed in the bosom of a God-fearing family who loved him and nurtured his athletic gifts.

And then one day, he realized that he could not separate part of himself from the indomitable soul of his people and that famous or not, rich or not, he could be murdered and the same society that gave him the money and fame would allow his death to go unpunished because of the color of his skin. He could not abide this and not only because he’s black, but because he was raised by a Christian family who taught him better, who told him that he was indeed his brother’s keeper.

All these players telling him to let it go are just the kind of damaged meat the NFL loves, weak, pliable men who do not have a tenth of the principle and nobility in the heart of the man they criticize. I know most people will not turn off the NFL this year, but I will. I know it won’t do a damned thing, but it will make me feel better. The NFL season is 16 games long and so each Sunday, I will watch one of these 16 films instead:

I know you’re thinking “It’s easy for a Detroit Lions fan to give up football.” Well, if you think this is about football, then you haven’t been paying attention.

-Gary Hardwick

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Knicks Owner James Dolan Treated Charles Oakley, Like Donald Trump Would


  Charles-Oakley OPINION – As a lifetime Knicks fan (yes, I know I have issues for continuing to be a Knick fan) the events that led up to retired Knicks player Charles Oakley has resulted in one of the darkest movements in Knicks history under owner James Dolan’s regime.

From the facts that were presented, Oakley walked into the stands at Madison Square Garden (had verifiable tickets), in his usually immaculate style of dress, in a suit that cost more than my monthly rent. Four minutes into the Knick game a few security guards approached Oakley at his seat and asked him to leave.

From various sources, Dolan was seated a few rows ahead of Oakley and didn’t want him in attendance. The request by MSG security resulted into a shoving match between Oakley and security, which also led to a few officers pushing Oakley out of the arena (not before he pushed them off of him like they were mere little bugs), and subsequently resulted in his arrest.

After Oakley was arrested, the Knicks released a statement via Twitter, but the words they used, implied that Oakley is the sole catalyst as to why he was removed in the first place and that he has underlining issues.

The Knicks released a statement calling Oakley’s behavior, “highly inappropriate and completely abusive. …He was a great Knick and we hope he gets some help soon.”

Dolan has always treated Oakley like he never been a Knick or is not a ten year veteran of a franchise that got to the NBA Finals and played great basketball in the 1990’s.  Dolan has decline to extend an invitation to Oakley to participate in the anniversary of the Knicks franchise, regardless of what he contributed in the years he was with the organization. By Dolan summoning his toy soldiers to remove a man because he has often spoken negatively about a joke of a franchise this team has been since Dolan was given the Knicks as a toy reminds me of Donald Trump. Anytime Trump is criticized he throws tantrums and kicks people out. Trump has done it at his rallies and freezes individual media outlets when they don’t agree with him.

I often wonder, if Oakley wasn’t Black, would Dolan have his artificial intelligence security guards escort Oakley out in such an embarrassing fashion? When I bring this up, I often here: “well Dolan loves other Black players, he gave them jobs.” Save that attempt at trying to make Dolan appear to be a man of unbiased integrity, that’s like saying, he can’t possibly be racist, I have Black friends. Trump also appointed Ben Carson as Housing Secretary, and other Black people so I rest my case. As long as ex-Knick players know their place and don’t criticize Dolan he loves them, so to me, this was a move to put the Black guy (Oakley) in his place.

I wish after Oakley was kicked out, that the majority of the fans would have exited, but of course paying for those expensive Knick tickets to watch a clown of a team is hard to do in New York City. What should take place is that every New York Knick legend should turn down every future invitation to assist this franchise with an event in the future. The former players should boycott this organization until Dolan is forced to give up his toy, which is the New York Knicks and fade to obscurity.

How can any future free agent(s) be attracted to this dismal franchise, when an owner treats their legends like they did Oakley and a GM in Phil Jackson that goes on Twitter assaults criticizing and throwing their star player under the bus? It’s time for Dolan to sell this franchise, this is the last straw. The Knicks organization is one if not the only sports franchise that is a sheer disgrace. Some NBA players have already voiced their displeasure on how Oakley was treated and with criticism that should be a warning sign for potential free agents, to not even bother with this joke of an organization.

Will I continue to watch this team for the rest of the season, probably not? The thought of even wishing this team well, makes me want to regurgitate. It has reached a point that I hope superstars decline to come to this organization because how they treat their veterans, especially a veteran like Charles Oakley who was the toughest Knick in the building that night, which we haven’t seen in years speaks volumes.

Boycott the Knicks, if one is a Knicks fan because one is better off until their entire foundation changes (from ownership and management) and the word class is replaced instead of the trash that we are subjected too, on and off the court.

-Ms Scripter

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George Karl Is Blaming Absentee Fathers, Instead of His Mediocre Coaching


kenyon-and-georgeOPINION – There are always occasions when people write autobiographies and “spill the tea,” so to speak, where they highlight things that occur in their lives while blasting others in the process. In the case of former NBA coach George Karl, he attempted to do the same thing in his latest autobiography, entitled Furious George.

In the excerpt of his book, a controversial passage has made its rounds:

“Kenyon and Carmelo carried two big burdens: all that money and no father to show them how to act like a man,” Karl wrote.

Let me get this straight, in other words; Karl’s blaming his mediocre NBA record and lack of an NBA championship on his resume on Kenyon Martin and Carmelo Anthony? When does a head coach show accountability for the process of drafting X’s and O’s, motivating, putting a team together that values leadership and has stellar chemistry? I guess the easy way out, is blaming losses on Black players, who didn’t have a father figure in their lives.

I can name several NBA players, who didn’t have their fathers to guide them and they have gone on to become successful players, who also were able to win a championship and even get into the Basketball Hall of Fame. One player comes to mind is Lebron James, and countless others who have won or who have gone on to the Hall of Fame, like Allen Iverson.

Karl is playing the victim here, and his mediocrity should be scrutinized more than his players. One will never hear great NBA coaches like Greg Popovich of the San Antonio Spurs make a statement like that because I’m sure he had players who didn’t have a father figure in their lives. By the looks of things, Popovich did something that Karl didn’t do, probably didn’t care to do, or don’t know how to, and that is to become a father figure to his players if he felt that they needed it.

It also appears to me that Karl’s little excerpt that I highlighted has some racial undertones, that says that Black men can’t be successful in the NBA because their fathers aren’t around. Karl had tons of talented players at his disposal for the most part that didn’t like him. Instead of blaming that on absentee fathers, maybe George Karl needs to look at himself in the mirror.

Kenyon Martin responded on Twitter to Karl recently:




Then Karl used another word that is underline with racial undertones concerning J.R. Smith:

Of Smith, Karl wrote that he had “a huge sense of entitlement, a distracting posse, his eye always on the next contract and some really unbelievable shot selection.”

Most of us are quite aware the words, “posse” and “thug” are part of the covert class of racist language that is replaced instead of the N-word. No one isn’t stupid, and if one thinks otherwise one is probably being willfully ignorant to Karl’s content when talking about Black players. Karl isn’t slick at all and the more I hear his quotes, the more that I come to the conclusion he is probably a covert racist (well not covert any longer). We are no longer sugar coating this, it’s time to start blasting these racist, privilege individuals.

With a career record of 1175 wins and 824 losses and a winning percentage of .432, is not impressive.  Sure Karl has surpassed Phil Jackson in wins, but Jackson has something Karl doesn’t, which is a championship and a better winning percentage. Karl’s head coaching record is dismal, he has no NBA championships under his belt. Lastly, with his last termination by the Sacramento Kings, this should cement his legacy as a coach, who isn’t that good and utilized his white privilege to continue to yield head coaching jobs, even if his performance and record continue to be mediocre. Karl needs to stop blaming everyone else and change the title to his book from Furious George to Incompetent George: The White Privilege Edition. 


-Ms Scripter

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Keep Calm! The Knicks Did Good With Obtaining Derrick Rose


Derrick Rose

OPINION- Once the story of the Knicks making a deal to acquire Bulls guard, Derrick Rose, for Robin Lopez, Jose Calderon (good riddance) and Jerian Grant, the array of NBA fans had various opinions of the deal.

The non-Knick fans who, I will deem as shortsighted Knick haters, couldn’t wait to say, “the Knicks always acquire players who are at the end of their careers.” Then the various memes were created, depicting Rose on the ground hurting himself in the airport on his way to NYC. The comments were even made from Knick fans, who stated Rose won’t be healthy enough to finish out the season.

If one were to evaluate this trade, one could use their non-bias analysis (that’s hard to do in sports, huh?) and say the Knicks deal was a win – win situation. The Knicks practically gave up nothing in return, and before we start to say it isn’t fair that Grant a young guard was included, the last time I checked he wasn’t Russell Westbrook so cut the shenanigans.

The deal was good, and if Rose can show a hint of his MVP prowess, the naysayers will be muted on social media, and sports talk radio for quite some time. We are only obtaining Rose for a short period, and he will, therefore, come off the books unless he has an MVP stellar like season (which I can honestly say probably won’t happen) and resign him to another deal. Rose gives us an extra shot at not only making the playoffs, after coming off a disappointing season. It gives the Knicks extra ammunition in a triangle offense I reputably can’t stand, but allows Carmelo Anthony and Kristaps Porzingis to be free to roam the court in a less contested fashion. This is a contract year for Rose, who has only been healthy for over 39 games in 4 years. Rose has something to prove, and what better way to show it by playing in the bright lights in New York City?

Whether this trade comes out successful or not, this deal does not hurt the Knicks significantly. So fellow Knick fans, we should take a long hard look and be excited that we have a rental that can probably bring us back to respectability, even if it is for a short period, until Phil Jackson comes up with another plan.

Now, if only the Knicks can obtain Joakim Noah to finish off some of the offseason moves, I would be satisfied. Dwight Howard’s name has been dropped, and it has been reported that he has shown some interest in coming to the Knicks. I would love for Howard to sign somewhere else because we don’t need a mediocre center, who’s career hasn’t been impressive as of late and is nothing short of a cry baby. To be honest, Noah is a better fit (regardless of his health issues, as well) since he played with Rose ion Chicago.

If you’re a Knick fan, there is no need to panic. Sure, I wanted Kevin Durant here as a Knick, but reality hit me that he may not have wanted to come to New York in the first place. Durant was a game shy of reaching the finals (until the collapse), and signing with the Knicks may have been like taking a step back for him professionally.

So keep calm, enjoy the short time we will have with a former all-star, MVP and see the results, this trade will bring to the table, instead of the constant whining at every move that this organization makes under Phil Jackson that makes sense. The Knicks consistently underachieving has got old, and I can admit that but the constant bickering from fans every time the team makes a move has also gotten old as well, and I’m officially over it.

-Ms Scripter

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I’m Loving The NY Knicks From A Cautious Distance…

Greenburgh, NY - SEPTEMBER 28: Arron Afflalo #4, Carmelo Anthony #7 and Kristaps Porzingis #6 of the New York Knicks pose for a portrait at Media Day at the MSG Training Facility in Greenburgh, New York on September 28, 2015. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and or using this photograph, User is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement. Mandatory Copyright Notice: Copyright 2015 NBAE (Photo by Steven Freeman/NBAE via Getty Images)

Arron Afflalo #4, Carmelo Anthony #7 and Kristaps Porzingis #6 of the New York Knicks . Copyright 2015 NBAE (Photo by Steven Freeman/NBAE via Getty Images)

OPINION – You know that saying, where you have to love someone from a distance. By doing so, it helps to remedy any future hurt one may have if you love a particular person(s) closely. Let’s keep it real, we have all experienced hurt in our lives once or twice. Sometimes, you know the person that you care about isn’t good for you, so you are better off loving them from at arms length.

Well, that’s what I have been doing for this 2015-2016 Knick team, which is loving them from a distance. Sure I follow the team, but not like I use to follow them in the past. The heartbreaks for the past two decades have taken a toll on my aging heart. My heart has taken a drastic beating, and it can no longer be subjected to more abuse. I am still hurt by Patrick Ewing’s 1995 finger roll. I am still disheartened by John Starks shooting blanks in 1994 while a well-crafted shooter like Hubert Davis sits on the bench wasting away.

You see the NY Knicks are the epitome of heartbreak. It didn’t matter when one started watching the Knicks after the 1973 championship team. Any time after that has resulted in disappointment, so now I just love this Knick team from a distance. I’m watching the Knicks like a stalker keeping a tab on an ex on Facebook, without them knowing (don’t act surprised, we all done it).

Too many good things have been happening lately with this team, but I’m very cautious. One of them is the fact that rookie Kristaps Porzingis (KP) who was drafted by Phil Jackson is amazingly good. I will admit, when Adam Silver called KP’s name as the 4th lottery selection in the 2015 NBA draft, I was not a happy camper. I assumed KP would be a Euro-wimp that Knicks fans would have to wait to see develop. I had flashbacks of Frederick Weis being selected before Ron Artest and subsequently decline to play in the NBA after Vince Carter figuratively placed his scrotum in Weis’ face. After that debacle, Weis became a running joke for years to come, and his career ended in a blink of an eye. My dislike for any player overseas being drafted by the Knicks has been cemented in my mind ever since.

What gets me raising another cautious eyebrow is the fact that this team is doing something they were immune to last year – which was play defense. I mean Carmelo Anthony couldn’t guard a stop sign last year and now he is dedicating his time to playing defense. Other bright spots like Arron Afflalo, Langston Galloway, and Kyle O’Quinn are making me think of playoffs. Then I snap back to reality and always dig in the past when I had high hopes for this team, but always seem to be disappointed. No, I’m not thinking this team should win the championship (they are still missing some very important key players). I just feel this team if they continue to play the way they are playing now, can catch a lot of teams off guard. So far, we are doing just that by surpassing the wins we have on the road, compared to last year. The only gripe I have thus far is the 4th quarter woes.

I’m keeping an eye on them, but my golden rule is only to watch them on rewind when they win. My time is limited to watching them live, so my excuse is to catch them later. Watching them on re-wind on MSG is the equivalent to watching them from a distance. I won’t get my hopes up, but I love what I see in this young season, thus far. Wait, I may have jinxed it – I’ll revisit this post in April…

-Ms Scripter

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The Missouri Football Team, Did Something The LA Clippers Should Have Done…


Missouri Football Players

OPINION – The Missouri Football Team and student Jonathan Butler (who went on a hunger strike) protested the racial oppression at the university. The Legion of Black Collegians and others (including football players) associated with the boycott, created a list of demands. One of the major demands that were highlighted is that Missouri President Tim Wolfe steps down from his position. The Legions of Black Collegians also wanted Wolfe to acknowledge his white privilege and total disregard to the racial oppression that has been evident at the college against Black students.

The Black players of the Missouri Football team, united together and refuse to play a single football game, unless Wolfe was ousted. I have never seen such a protest of this style in my lifetime, and I knew it would be only a matter of time before the university folded under the pressure.

I would read about Mohammed Ali’s protests, and the 1968 Black Power salute with Tommie Smith and John Carlos at the Olympic games podium. That’s how close I would get, where I would read about an athlete making a political statement against racial oppression. These two incidents occurred before I was born, so I’m jealous in a way to those who were alive and witness a protest from Black athletes concerning racial oppression. That would soon change…

Now it’s 2015, and Missouri protest has captivated us and has aroused the social media world, in ways that I would have never foreseen. Black people (those that are awake, that is) are sick and tired of the racial oppression in this country. Racism is everywhere, and it has become blatantly overt. The only thing missing, are the whites only signs displayed openly. Black people are tired of being controlled by whites, especially those that won’t acknowledge their white privilege, and used the Black body to make money off of them, while ensuring that the field remains uneven in every way imaginable – that includes outside of athletics. Black people are also tired of living in an environment that is fielded by racism, while others who can control the atmosphere ignore it – sometimes contributing to it.

As a result, Wolfe handed in his resignation. There were more casualties that were involved, who felt the rippling results of these football players’ protest. The chancellor of the flagship campus, R. Bowen Loftin also handed in his resignation.

The L.A. Clippers had a chance to place their historic stamp on slapping down those who demonstrate racist attitudes and oppression. As we all know, former L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling, was recorded openly on a racist tirade that not only showcased Sterling’s sheer disdained for Black people, but his overall persona that was just as disgusting.

What was the Clippers player’s response, when they found out that their owner is a racist and didn’t want any of his mistresses bringing Black people around the arena do? Clearly, these NBA players wouldn’t play in the post-season until Sterling was dismissed as owner right? Let the NBA lose millions of dollars in revenue, for harboring Sterling. The Clippers players had the power; they weren’t going to stand for this, right? Nope, all the Clippers players did was arrived at the arena not in dress code (warm-ups turned inside out). My thoughts were at the time, that they missed an opportunity to put a lot of those in power on notice, that economic protest is the way to get people’s attention and make changes. The Clipper players shouldn’t have showed up at all, and the season would have been over (since it was the play-offs).  Revenue would have been lost and the NBA would have realize that they better do something quickly, when things like what Sterling demonstrated is exposed. Not sit on it and hope it blows over. Sterling was later forced out of ownership of the L.A. Clippers; he wasn’t hurting financially in the end, nevertheless.

The Clipper players, looked like chumps. They choose to forgo their integrity and stay safe so they can keep getting paid. They didn’t want the potential future endorsements to decline, or risk any other punishment for not playing in the playoffs. For that, I will always say the Clippers of 2015, gave the appearance of a bunch of suckers.

The Missouri football players on the other hand, had a lot to lose. They aren’t getting paid to play football; they weren’t pro-athletes who were getting millions of dollars a year. They had a lot at stake, compared to the Clippers players who are financially set for life. That’s the big difference between those who stand for something, and others who wouldn’t stand for anything – no matter how obviously something needs to be done. The Missouri football players made history and for that I am proud of them.

The NCAA as a whole is now on notice. These athletes are bringing in billions of dollars in revenue, and that cash flow can decrease if athletes choose to stop playing if they are experiencing racial oppression or other events that leads to stress at these universities. This was a defining moment in sports, and I hope this continues. I won’t hold my breath that a pro-athlete would demonstrate this type of courage in my lifetime. I do know, this new generation won’t stand around like chumps and get treated like cash cows, while suffering in silence to racial oppression.

The Missouri players inserted their power, and they made history. I don’t think people really realize how ground breaking these protests were and how we evaluate future protest. I wish we can take these ideas and implement it economically on how we protest against police brutality. We should target companies who contribute to police unions, private prisons,  and those who contribute to politicians, who do absolutely nothing about police brutality. Economic protests is the way to go, and the Missouri football players just showed us how it’s done.


-Ms Scripter

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From Compton To London, Serena Williams Slays



OPINION – Another grand slam title has been rewarded to Serena Williams and not only was that win in Wimbledon places Williams in discussion for greatest athlete ever, the victory broke the internet.

Williams defeated promising Spaniard Garbine Muguruza 6-4 6-4 in southwest London to complete the “Serena Slam” — winning four straight majors — for the second time and is now well on the way to making more history at the season’s final grand slam.

“I honestly wouldn’t have thought last year after winning the U.S. Open I would win the Serena Slam at all,” Williams, emulating her feat of 2002-2003, told reporters. “It’s super exciting.”

If the American triumphs at the U.S. Open — and the odds might be stacked in her favor given the 33-year-old is the three-time defending champion — she would become the first player since Steffi Graf in 1988 to complete the calendar-year grand slam.

A victory would, too, draw the world No. 1 level with Graf on an Open Era leading 22 majors.

After Williams’ Wimbledon victory, social media exploded with positivity, and some negative and dismissive tweets. One in particular was an interaction I had with a Game of Thrones extra (not really, but he looked like one) after I stated that Williams could probably beat Martina Navratilova during that era. I also went on to say that William’s accomplishments are one of the best I’ve ever seen in tennis in a long time. That same Game of Thrones extra responded that Navratilova’s accomplishments can’t be compared to Williams because she had a rival in Chris Everett. In other words, the attempt to dilute Williams’ accomplishment was in full effect. The reason why Williams didn’t have a rival because she dominated, so if any other rivals were visible they were already annihilated and dismissed a long time ago.

I notice many folks (black and white) are either trying to say Williams is a man, attempting to dilute her accomplishments or dismiss it altogether by saying she didn’t have a rival like that Game of Thrones mouth piece attempted to imply. Also, what the folks with the white tears syndrome contribute is with articles that imply that Williams’ body is why she is winning in tennis. The horrific and downright unethical NY Times piece on Williams also highlights racial undertones.

Williams “has large biceps and a mold-breaking muscular frame, which packs the power and athleticism that have dominated women’s tennis for years. Her rivals could try to emulate her physique, but most of them choose not to,” according to the report.

In other words, they want tennis women players to look like they haven’t eaten in days and resemble Cinderella in a tennis skirt. If they don’t look like that, then they aren’t feminine enough. How about the fact that Williams stays in shape and takes care of her body and still looks absolutely stunning and beautiful? Williams ensures she is placed in a constant position to annihilate her opponents with that deadly powerful first serve. It isn’t Williams fault that the other players refuse to stay in the gym to work on their power (first serve). We didn’t read articles like this when Martina Navratilova who obviously had an outstanding physique, as well. One knows why Navratilova didn’t get an entire article dedicated to the fact that her muscles were evident. We all know why Navratilova didn’t get articles drafted to sham her overall appearance because she is a white woman.

It’s upsetting many people that Williams is beating white women and is dominating a sport, which is notoriously dominated by white athletes. Let’s call a spade a spade. The white tears something out of Denzel Washington’s scene in Glory are rolling down their cheeks and actually reinforcing the fact that being a dominated Black athlete, especially a woman makes what appears to be some white people upset, The negativity that I have read is due to white supremacy. I have a news flash to the ones that are demonstrating white tears. Who gave white people the right to think they should be the face of dominance in every aspect of this world?

Serena Williams and her sister Venus came from humble beginnings alongside her father leading the way with wisdom and guidance. They both grew up in the streets of Compton and worked endlessly to reach success. Williams never forgot, no matter how much she had elevated where she grew up. That’s evident with Williams celebratory “crip walk” dance after winning a gold medal in the Olympics. That also added on to so much criticism that one would think she took an AK-47 from her tennis bag and started shooting it in the air. That dance paid homage to the environment she had grew up in (famous dance in California) and no it wasn’t paying it to gang bangers, but the white media wanted to state otherwise.

This world has nothing but racial overtones and it continues to this day. One can’t get over the fact that a Black woman has dominated a sport in such fashion. It also hurts the naysayers that Williams is now being discussed as one of the greatest overall sports figures of our time. It’s bad enough to some racist haters that a Black athlete dominated, but to let that be a Black woman is making ignorant folks upset, and they are throwing tantrums on social media.

What solidified the events over the weekend in London was the way Williams slayed  at the Champions’ dinner in a cream gown. Williams’ beauty is captivating and some folks are extra mad at that, as well. Williams entire accomplishments has made her a role model for little girls (especially Black girls) who see her coming from the streets of Compton to London and slaying the haters in the process. Tell us why you mad, son? Now off to the U.S. Open, to make more history.

-Ms Scripter

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Stuart Scott: July 19, 1965-Jan 4, 2015


Stewart Scott

“You beat cancer by how you live, why you live, and in the manner in which you live.”-Stuart Scott

I remember when I used to work normal hours in the 90’s how I would begin my morning ritual. After I was done showering, making breakfast, I will then turn on the T.V. bypass the news until I was able to get a dose of Sportscenter first. If Stuart Scott-Ron Olsen duo weren’t the anchors that day, then the depressing news would have to do.

The first time I saw Scott on ESPN, he was giving us highlights of all sports news the night before, is when I became hooked to who I affectionately call the hip-hop sportscaster. Scott had a personality that I have never seen before in a sports element. The words and phrases Scott used to say when he would describe a play made it even more exciting to watch. From phrases like: “Boo-Yah”, “he is butter because he is on a roll”, “as cool as the other side of the pillow”, and last but not least he described a play by utilizing Pookie and Ray Ray in a sentence. That was unheard of; it was like talking to my friends about the outcome of the game the next day. It reached a point that even when one was to play the latest NBA video game on one’s XBOX or Playstation, one would use Stuart’s catch phases, – he was that influential! Stuart also displayed his Blackness to us every morning and was unapologetic about it, and I loved that about him.

Scott brought an entire new dimension to ESPN and, it was something exciting, hip and downright fun. Scott gave me the recaps and even when he was giving a recap I watched that, as well. Scott made me want to watch hockey. We all know hockey was never my interest, so to watch that was mainly due to Scott’s energetic and coolness when he broadcast the hockey segment. Stuart style, which I’m sure, and it was well documented that the “suits” didn’t like too much set a trend. Whether his bosses like Scott’s style or not, they had to confess that he was a winner, and it only boasts the ESPN’s ratings. Not only did the ratings soar, but many young people gravitated toward Sportscenter like I did because of Scott.

After I heard the news, that Scott passed away to one of the most demonic illnesses on the face of the earth in cancer. My thoughts ran on to those early mornings and being excited at what Scott was going to say next. Scott influenced so many future broadcasters, but they can copy him for eternity, but they can never be him. We are not immortal, but if one can pass on and leave an infinite legacy like Scott has done where others have used his style then we can thank him for doing just that. Remember, it isn’t about living life by just existing. It is also about leaving behind a legacy for many decades to come, and Stuart Scott did just that in more ways than one – Boo-Yah!

-Ms Scripter

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Jason Kidd Shows The Nets That Loyalty Is Obsolete


KiddOPINION- I am going to get straight to the point. Jason Kidd, who should be a first ballot hall of famer, was literally traded to the Bucks by the Nets for 2 second round draft picks (one in 2015 and another in ’19) and a quarter water (well not really) in order to sign on as head coach of the Bucks. Kidd who was a 1st year coach last year for the Brooklyn Nets wanted to take career matters into his own hands and demanded more of a role in decision making seeking control of basketball operations.

I would be the first to say; I love a person who demonstrates ambition, but Kidd’s demands have a sense of entitlement and ungratefulness to it. First off, he wasn’t that impressive as the Brooklyn Nets coach in the first place to even demand that much power to run his own show concerning basketball operations. The last time I checked, under Kidd’s control the Nets didn’t make the finals. The only thing Kidd should be running is X’s and O’s and his mouth to keep the staff morale up and motivated. Secondly, he is only a first year coach, is he taking this hall of fame player persona to the clipboard a little too far. Kidd is nowhere near a brilliant basketball mind with championship rings to prove it as head coaches like a Pat Riley, Phil Jackson or Greg Popvich to demand so much in so little time. These three coaches paid their dues first, before becoming more than head coaches.

Kidd went power hungry right in front of our eyes. What is disappointing is that he appeared to be so ungrateful to an organization that gave him a crack as a head coach, without starting at the bottom as an assistant first. Other former players who have dreams of becoming a head coach have been appointed an assistant coach title for years and still can’t get a head coaching job (see Patrick Ewing).  If I were John Hammond, I would be concerned about my own job security with the Bucks.  I would never bring someone on board that would eventually want and take my job. Kidd doesn’t just want to be a head coach, he wants to be President and by allowing him to join the Bucks sets the wheels in motion for that to happen since I know Kidd wouldn’t have agreed to join the Bucks if running basketball operations was his ultimate goal.

If I were the Brooklyn Nets, I wouldn’t have given Kidd jack, make him quit. Then again, from a PR standpoint, I guess they just wanted to end that chapter and make it all go away. I’m sure Kidd aka Mr. Entitlement does not even feel a bit of remorse (Kidd has a history of getting coaches fired), that the Bucks unceremoniously  fired Larry Drew just to reach an agreement with a still inexperienced head coach in Kidd. Kidd must think he is so good that he can bring the Bucks a championship in the near future, which I don’t see that happening anytime soon (the Knicks will win one first, don’t laugh).

I do wonder if Kidd was a tad bit jealous because other point guards who promptly retired like him and received a head coaching job, received a lot of money. For example, Derek Fisher agreed to come aboard as head coach for a cool 25 million, but that’s because he was co-sign by Phil Jackson. Even though Steve Kerr has been out of the game for quite some time, he also racked in over 25 million with his new deal with the Golden State Warriors. Did Kidd think he was better than them which warranted a request to being the man in all entities in terms of running the Brooklyn Nets? Or did Kidd’s ambition was not about jealousy, but the fact he believes in his mind that he knows how to run a franchise on the clipboard and off of it. Time will tell, nevertheless.

Well, I wish Kidd the best in his new sense of entitlement role as the head coach for the Bucks. He is going to need all the luck he is going to get because that franchise is stuck on neutral ,and will not be taking off anytime soon. As for the Nets, if all rumors are true then they are on the verge of signing Lionel Hollins. Nets fans shouldn’t worry that Kidd left, I think the focal point should be not the head coach, but the players that they have now on their roster that might receive an endorsement deal for AARP instead of winning the title in the future.  Kidd just showed everyone he is an ungrateful man, he has no loyalty to the same people who gave him an opportunity, and backed him when he looked like a clueless coach. Lastly, Kidd also demonstrated that when opportunity knocks no matter how many people will feel the pain, his integrity will always take a back seat, just as long as Kidd comes out on top.

-Ms Scripter

Just blogging for the masses, ya dig?


Now That Phil Jackson Is With The Knicks, I need Dolan to Fade to Black


Phil JacksonOPINION – Being a Knick fan has to be one of the most painstaking affiliations in all of sports. I’ve been a Knick fan since Kenny “Skywalker” used to literally sky high with his deaf defying dunks (did I just reveal my age?). Nevertheless, I have watched countless disappointing seasons and playoff and finals losses that have literally made me sick to my stomach. I still can’t get over 1994 and John Starks shooting us out of any hopes of a championship. The only thing I like to talk about in that year is how O.J. interrupted the Finals with his white Bronco. After decades upon decades of this psychological pain the New York Knicks have inflicted on me, I still love them like they were my kids. I’m not a bandwagon fan like countless others who join teams because of an individual player (hi Heat fans) or because a franchise has gathered enough championships to make a person feel cool by stating they are a fan. I was a devoted Knick fan through their ups and downs and remain that way.

With the possible addition of Phil Jackson, who has been appointed President of Basketball Operations as reported by NBA TV, Knick fans still feel some trepidation. One of the main factors is that Phil is not going to be coaching, but is in charge of making decisions on whom to add or delete from the roster. Jackson has never held that position, so this is where Knick fans are conflicted whether to celebrate this hiring, or continue to fear the future of doom and gloom when it comes to this franchise. Jackson has some key decisions to make, whether he even wants Carmelo Anthony back. Hypothetically speaking, if Jackson does not want to re-sign Anthony, I’m going to be a little ticked off, while some of my fellow Knicks fans will celebrate the move. It still rests on the shoulders on whether Anthony wants to come back on not.  Either way, Jackson either thinks Anthony doesn’t fit his vision and is part of the losing problem or he sees that Anthony needs a better supporting cast. I will go on record and say everyone is expendable except for Anthony and Hardaway. If Jackson decides to get rid of everyone else, so be it. I do realize that the lame duck head coach Mike Woodson is as good as gone. Replacing the head coach will also be one of the first major decision that Jackson has to make. There are rumors of Steve Kerr getting the job, which I do not support. I’m looking at two head coaches that are defensive minded, which is former Knick head coach Jeff Van Gundy or the current coach of the Chicago Bulls and former Knicks assistance Tim Thibodeau whom reportedly is unhappily with the Bulls.

Let’s be honest the Knicks haven’t won since I was an embryo and, unfortunately, that says a lot about one of the oldest NBA franchises, where winning the big one has eluded them for decades. Many will say the Knicks had opportunities especially in 1994 as I stated. Or in 1995 when Ewing’s finger roll slid out of the basket. Many situations have plagued the Knicks, from poor management decisions: their ineffective way they have handled the salary cap, draft picks (Frederick Weis) and many countless errors that have made the New York Knicks one of the laughing stocks of all sports. Hiring Jackson brings us instant credibility and excitement. The addition of Jackson should be met with tons of optimism. I say give Jackson a chance and I have a strong feeling he is going to surround himself with people that know a lot about basketball operations. The last thing Jackson will like to leave is a legacy of mediocrity in terms of his management skills.  Jackson comes across as a perfectionist that has an ego to match his work ethic. Also, Jackson will bring what we considered free agents who might find the idea of working under someone like him in any capacity to be hard to pass up. Guys who would have run for the hills instead of even thinking about playing for the Knicks may just sign here or request a trade to play here, just to be close to a man who has guided the careers of Michael Jordon, Kobe Bryant and has the championship rings as a player and head coach to show for it.

The sticking point is whether New York Knicks owner James Dolan can fade to black. Dolan is a micro manager when it comes to the Knicks and he has demonstrated down to his analyzation of the Knicks city dancers, that he is indeed too involved. Yes, this is his team that he inherited from daddy, but it does not mean he knows what he is doing, clearly he doesn’t. I wish Dolan would sell the team to be honest and let someone who doesn’t act like Jerry Jones take over, but that will never happen. Dolan will never sell a team that has continued to generate profits even if the season is down right dreadful year after year.  I just want Dolan to do the same thing as he has done with the Rangers, which is to fade to black and let the folks he hired run the show, without him sticking his nose into everything. I’m sure Jackson is quite aware of the micromanaging owner and he wouldn’t take the job if he knew he could not have complete control, so I have a feeling this may give Knick fans some hope. Dolan has to be told this his basketball IQ is non existent and to focus on his other toys, and leave the Knicks to those who know what they are doing.

I’m hoping the Knicks can turn this boat around and sail home to a championship before I die. Really, I’m serious. New York City and their fans need and want this badly than no one can ever imagine. Knick fans are one of the loyalist fans in the world (many call us stupid for even hanging around this long), but we stayed with this franchise through the good and bad times. I’m going to take a wait and see approach, but I am already excited about the future possibilities now if only Dolan will fades to black; time will tell.

-Ms Scripter

Just blogging for the masses, ya dig?