GoFundMe Is Becoming, The Internet Version of Panhandling




OPINION- When I’m on social media it is for a few reasons, which are to post mainly an update to this blog, upload a few pictures, like everyone’s new baby pictures (I love the bundles of joy), interact with associates, friends and family. I also usually partake in some foolery and discussing series topics, with emphasis on social justice issues.

Now when I log on to do these things on social media, I feel like I’m riding the subway, as if a panhandler enters the subway car and comes up with a story as to why he/she needs help. The beggar walks through the car door with their dirty cup in hand, shaking it so we can hear the change clashing together as if to say people gave me change, so help me out. Little do we know, that same panhandler has enough cash in their pocket from folks who have given them money over time that would probably pay our cell phones bills for at least a few months. The average panhandler can rack up, a very lucrative amount of money.

A 43-year-old man who sits outside Grand Central Terminal in New York City reportedly makes $200 per hour collecting handouts from passersby

I’m not saying no one should give change or cash at any give time, but when one starts to see the same panhandler on one’s ride to and from work, then they don’t look like someone that needs help but replicates a co-worker minus the company paycheck. It’s almost like the panhandler is doing 8 hours of hustle work, and they get money tax-free. I grew up all my life seeing beggars everywhere, but I would think I wouldn’t have to see that style when I log on to my computer to get my nerd on and interact with those who share my common interests.

Besides seeing, the over-saturated and quite nauseating fight videos that come across my timeline on Facebook. I’m starting to see an array of GoFundMe requests that is beginning to appear to be downright annoying. The GoFundMe consists of requests for financial assistance for school, funeral costs, wedding cost, bail money for a family member, money to pay bills, and other financial assistance scenarios.

It has gotten so bad, that I have unfollowed a ton of begging FB friends because I’m tired of seeing it on my news feed. The straw that broke the camels back for me is when I saw a GoFundMe request from someone asking for $5,000 to make home cook meals for children [pause]. What made it worse, I have talked to this person in the past, and I know about their history and they don’t want to use that money for providing home cook meals for kids, they want to use it for their financial gain.

When I see the request for funeral cost now, I analyze to a fault. Just the other day a person was seeking funds for funeral cost but was flossing on Facebook about the new television set that they purchased as an early Christmas gift for themselves. What I was thinking, maybe that money should have been invested in life insurance for your parents, so you don’t have to ask people on social media for money when one of them is no longer with us. Monthly life insurance fees are not expensive, and it cost less than what one would spend at the clubs, malls, or any other place on a monthly basis. Some folks who are requesting donations, have either never met me before, or rarely interacted with me on social media.

The last time I donated to help someone on GoFundMe was to the Orta family. Ramsey Orta recorded Eric Garner’s final moments. That video sent a shock wave through social media and assisted with putting police departments (NYPD) in the spotlight concerning excessive and deadly force. Orta was arrested a short time later, and I believe that was a revenge arrest. That is one of the police departments, M.O., so I had an invested interest in assisting Orta.

Due to this new GoFundMe request craze on my timeline, I am no longer donating to a damn thing. My money that I work hard for will stay in my pocket. There are other means to give back to “legitimate” people who need help, but from the look of things, a lot of folks are just requesting money through fraudulent and selfish means and that’s messing up those who legitimately need assistance. Thanks to these characters, I will always side-eye the GoFundMe request that invades my timeline and enthusiastically ignore each and everyone.

Before social media, how were these same people taking care of their financial business? Not too many folks could become Pastors and run their church hustle (you mad?) in the neighborhood.  How else were they getting their hustle on? Let’s stop making GoFundMe the new panhandling hustle, it is doing a disservice to those who need it the most because I am no longer attempting to decipher the real from the fake.


-Ms Scripter

Just blogging for the masses, ya dig?