How Not To Approach Women: The Top 10 Experiences (Video)


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Ladies, I’m sure plenty of us have experience the street harasser that roams one’s neighborhoods, concocting the most annoying display of buffoonery to attempt to get a ladies’ attention that I have every seen. Street harassment has been in place for quite some time, but I’m glad this video (even if it has a comedic element to it) makes the street harasser look like a complete an utter imbecile. I for one, do not engage with anyone in the street, and my entire aura indicates that (but some men can’t take a hint). In order to get my attention, the setting has to be totally different and not when I come out the bathroom either, like Mr. #7.

Teisha Matthes and Teef Allfordef out of the London Kingdom demonstrate the very different types of scenarios that men should avoid doing when one wants to get to know a woman better in the street. Fellas, if one has ever demonstrated this type of behavior in one’s attempt to “holla” at the ladies, maybe it’s time to reevaluate one’s approach. Here are the top 10 behaviors of men, should NOT be displaying when approaching a woman:

1. The Speed Walker
2. The Arm Grabber
3. Animal Noise Guy
4. The Lazy Guy
5. The Blocker
6. The Bus Stop Guy
7. The Toilet Stalker
8. Passenger Side Guy
9. Mr Persistent
10. The Robber

If any woman accepts this kind of behavior, one better understand what type of character one is going to inhabit if one decides to date him. Check out the video below:

-Ms Scripter

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