I Wish Fight Videos & Disturbing Pictures Are Banned From Social Media


Fight VideosOPINION- When I joined social media it was a direct link to staying in touch with family, friends, associates, former co-workers, and enhance networking opportunities. As the years went by, my social media feeds no longer just stayed with the cute pictures and videos of one’s baby taking their first step, graduating pre-school, high school, and college. We also witness family members, friends, or associates get married, celebrating other events, where people will like to share. Then there are social media videos that are created for entertainment purposes. For example, animals being silly, old school interviews of one’s heroes, music videos, anything posted with good taste in mind.

Unfortunately, too many people share information that has no business being on social media. Sometimes I wonder do we share this information for attention, or one just don’t understand what social media etiquette is all about before one shares these videos and pictures. I’m not even going to tackle inappropriate status updates, I’ll save that for another blog post.

The latest thing that I’ve notice is the videos that seem to pop up on my news feed that are downright disturbing. Videos that are so graphic that if there were a law designed to against posting disturbing videos, twenty percent of my friends list would be facing felony charges. I recall one idiot who decided to post a beheading video. I don’t know if he was working for ISIS to spread the message, or something that I can’t quite understand that has to do with their psychological issues. I unfriend that idiot immediately, without hesitation.

Then the newest and most annoying trend is the fight videos. I am wondering if the detrimental company called WorldStarHipHop has now sponsored my social media experience. Every five minutes I see videos of mostly young people from various locations across the US fighting and some folks will post it to their personal page thinking it’s hilarious. Fight videos, unless it’s going to be Pacquiao versus Mayweather (I’m rooting for Pac, don’t judge me) are the only fight videos I will like to see, or the old Ali or Mike Tyson fights. One should keep that other idiocy off of their news feed, nothing entertaining about one contributing to the stereotype that all Black people are always fighting. If one pays attention that is all that’s posted when it comes to fighting videos – Black people the majority of the time are the participates. For those people that love to post those fight videos, one is contributing to the entire illusion that we all act like we don’t have an ounce of sense.

It’s bad enough the mainstream media believes that the fight concerning those teenage girls in the Brooklyn McDonalds is something new and requires constant mentioning on the late night news. I know for a fact, that fights like that occurred when I was growing up. It’s just that people rather cheer on fights, video record it and plastered it on their social media account until the mainstream media gets their hands on it and call the participates “animals”. Back in the days fights like this didn’t result in the participate running to the nearest airport on their way to Jamaica like they were on the top 10 most wanted list for being a drug kingpin. Nowadays, fights like this, will get the participates felony charges brought against the them, and in some cases if they are teens they will be charged as an adult.

I’m not saying these fights are acceptable, I think the punishment is justified, but now “evidence” where one screams WorldStar will have the aggressor looking like  a coward while jumping someone.  Furthermore, videos can not only get them slapped with a felony charged, they also risk the possibility of not even being able to obtain a job that requires a background check when they get older. Now, one has a record, and a potential employer can now Google the person, and find all those atrocities. Parents step up and start parenting with social media in mind because it’s quite evident that parenting skills are not up to par, to say the least.

Then we have to see folks who feel we want to experience what it feels like to be at the funeral they just attended. Posting the now deceased Uncle in his immaculate casket and suit is the new trend that not only is disturbing, but does not bond well with me at all. A funeral should remain one’s personal business, I don’t need a person to be sharing it and it’s disrespectful to the deceased, and the deceased family members, as well. Why would anyone take a selfie with a deceased body lying in the casket, as the person throws up the deuces? Again, why do we continue to enact this type of behavior?

Lastly, if one is in trouble, we shouldn’t take the time to update a photo instead of calling the police. One of the most frightening pictures that I’ve seen on social media is the after effect of someone being beaten. That person thought it was justified to post a picture of their battered face and body, instead of calling the police they wanted to share their pain on social media. It’s like to say look what he/she has done to me and they want to hear the sympathetic words or a thumbs up. I am vehemently against any kind of violence unless one is defending themselves, but taking the time to selfie the residue effects after a beating is mind blogging to me.

One of the best features of social media with emphasis on Facebook is the unfriend and unfollow button. One has to use that feature because at times some folks on one’s friend list can mess with one’s psyche. Ignorance can be contagious if one allows it and me for one do not want to see the idiocy on my news feed. For those who may feel this blog post is in reference to the things one has posted in the past. Take a review of one’s own personal news feed and sees if what I describe fits. Stop posting videos and pictures that are disturbing because eventually I am not only going to question one’s psychological make-up, but I’ll send them to the social media abyss forever.

-Ms Scripter

Just blogging for the masses, ya dig?