If You’re Trolling Gabby Douglas, You’re Just Jealous or a Racist

2016 Rio Olympics - Artistic Gymnastics - Preliminary - Women's Qualification - Subdivisions - Rio Olympic Arena - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - 07/08/2016. Gabrielle Douglas (USA) of USA (Gabby Douglas) competes on the beam during the women's qualifications. REUTERS/Damir Sagolj

2016 Rio Olympics – Artistic Gymnastics – Preliminary – Women’s Qualification – Subdivisions – Rio Olympic Arena – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – 07/08/2016. Gabrielle Douglas (USA) of USA (Gabby Douglas) competes on the beam during the women’s qualifications. REUTERS/Damir Sagolj

OPINION – The internet can reach lows, that we have seen on numerous occasions on social media since Facebook and Twitter’s popularity has soared over the years. I had my share of trolling tweets, not necessarily directed at a celebrity, with the famous blue check by their names. OKAY, I confess, I did write sarcastic and smart comments toward celebrities, but it was just some ribbing when they did something that warranted a couple of troll tweets. Hi, Lil’ Bow Wow!

Ribbing and flat out mean bullying are two different entities. Take Olympic gold medal winner Gabby Douglas as an example. In 2012, she captured hearts after she came out of nowhere and put on a performance that we will tell our children about for decades to come. Douglas became the first African-American gymnast to win the all-around medal. Shoot, I still talk about Dominque Dawes achievements when she was in the same position as Douglas. During Douglas’ emergence and accomplishments during the Olympics it didn’t garner all around congratulations, but, instead she was brutally criticized on social media for the most mundane and insignificant thing one can think of, which is her hair.

Personally, I was disgusted and angry that this girl who exemplify Black girl magic, and who should be looked upon as a role model is being overshadowed by insecure and jealous trolls on social media. I thought things would die down as we fast-forward to the 2016 Olympic games. Douglas continued to excel in her sport of gymnastics and grabbing a few gold medals along the way, but the trolls couldn’t wait to pounce once again. The first thing they decided to do is discuss her hair again. What is so grotesque is that the people who are debating Douglas’ hair the most, are Black women. It’s despicable that those in one’s flock elect to show their insecurities and jealousy by getting behind the computer to be disrespectful and downright mean.

One can always tell those who spout negativity and prefer to overlook Douglas’ accomplishments, are probably losers in their personal lives and probably will never amount to anything positive in society. They hate to see a beautiful girl like Douglas getting all this attention and winning in front of millions upon millions of people. Think about those that elect to shoot vile, nasty comments for a second. Now, if these cyber bullies think about their own lives instead of Douglas’ depression will be elevated. Most of these people probably will never amount to anything in their pathetic lives, so they elect to move that negative energy they have floating inside of them and hoping to transfer that to Douglas via cyber bullying.

Then one has to evaluate the racists, all because Douglas didn’t put her hand over her heart during the “National Anthem”. They are accusing her of being disrespectful, unpatriotic, and I’m sure a couple of n-words were sent her way. Newsflash, those who are complaining were racist from the very beginning and just using that as an excuse to cyber bully her and nothing more. Racist love to dilute a Black person accomplishments because they wish they possess that same type of success and upset that someone isn’t white didn’t dominate in the activity.

What broke my heart, was what Douglas’ mother stated recently about the results of Douglas being cyber bullied:

She said she has advised her daughter to stay offline while the US team remains in competition. “They keep attacking her about not smiling but they don’t know what she is dealing with,” she said of the critics. “If they did, this would not be a conversation.”

Douglas and her team-mates have dominated the 2016 gymnastics competitions, led by 19-year-old Simone Biles, the winner of Rio’s all-around contest, and another 2012 veteran, 22-year-old Aly Raisman.

“We’ve been brought to many tears because I don’t know what she’s done to warrant such an attack,” Hawkins said. “She knows she still has a job to do for Team USA.”

Douglas didn’t do anything wrong; it is just society does not like to see Black girls and women succeed. The term “crabs in a barrel” also come to mind, when Black people are the main ones spouting hate. Going forward, if I catch a glimpse on my Twitter or Facebook feed of any Black person on social media trolling my girl Douglas with hate, get ready to understand I take trolling bullies to an entirely different level. One may want to delete their account ahead of time if one thinks about doing it.

Keep shining Gabby Douglas, you are one of our role models, despite the shade from the useless, unaccomplished, insecure, racist and outright pathetic souls that prey on your Black excellence, but can never dim your light.


-Ms. Scripter

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