Jason Kidd Shows The Nets That Loyalty Is Obsolete


KiddOPINION- I am going to get straight to the point. Jason Kidd, who should be a first ballot hall of famer, was literally traded to the Bucks by the Nets for 2 second round draft picks (one in 2015 and another in ’19) and a quarter water (well not really) in order to sign on as head coach of the Bucks. Kidd who was a 1st year coach last year for the Brooklyn Nets wanted to take career matters into his own hands and demanded more of a role in decision making seeking control of basketball operations.

I would be the first to say; I love a person who demonstrates ambition, but Kidd’s demands have a sense of entitlement and ungratefulness to it. First off, he wasn’t that impressive as the Brooklyn Nets coach in the first place to even demand that much power to run his own show concerning basketball operations. The last time I checked, under Kidd’s control the Nets didn’t make the finals. The only thing Kidd should be running is X’s and O’s and his mouth to keep the staff morale up and motivated. Secondly, he is only a first year coach, is he taking this hall of fame player persona to the clipboard a little too far. Kidd is nowhere near a brilliant basketball mind with championship rings to prove it as head coaches like a Pat Riley, Phil Jackson or Greg Popvich to demand so much in so little time. These three coaches paid their dues first, before becoming more than head coaches.

Kidd went power hungry right in front of our eyes. What is disappointing is that he appeared to be so ungrateful to an organization that gave him a crack as a head coach, without starting at the bottom as an assistant first. Other former players who have dreams of becoming a head coach have been appointed an assistant coach title for years and still can’t get a head coaching job (see Patrick Ewing).  If I were John Hammond, I would be concerned about my own job security with the Bucks.  I would never bring someone on board that would eventually want and take my job. Kidd doesn’t just want to be a head coach, he wants to be President and by allowing him to join the Bucks sets the wheels in motion for that to happen since I know Kidd wouldn’t have agreed to join the Bucks if running basketball operations was his ultimate goal.

If I were the Brooklyn Nets, I wouldn’t have given Kidd jack, make him quit. Then again, from a PR standpoint, I guess they just wanted to end that chapter and make it all go away. I’m sure Kidd aka Mr. Entitlement does not even feel a bit of remorse (Kidd has a history of getting coaches fired), that the Bucks unceremoniously  fired Larry Drew just to reach an agreement with a still inexperienced head coach in Kidd. Kidd must think he is so good that he can bring the Bucks a championship in the near future, which I don’t see that happening anytime soon (the Knicks will win one first, don’t laugh).

I do wonder if Kidd was a tad bit jealous because other point guards who promptly retired like him and received a head coaching job, received a lot of money. For example, Derek Fisher agreed to come aboard as head coach for a cool 25 million, but that’s because he was co-sign by Phil Jackson. Even though Steve Kerr has been out of the game for quite some time, he also racked in over 25 million with his new deal with the Golden State Warriors. Did Kidd think he was better than them which warranted a request to being the man in all entities in terms of running the Brooklyn Nets? Or did Kidd’s ambition was not about jealousy, but the fact he believes in his mind that he knows how to run a franchise on the clipboard and off of it. Time will tell, nevertheless.

Well, I wish Kidd the best in his new sense of entitlement role as the head coach for the Bucks. He is going to need all the luck he is going to get because that franchise is stuck on neutral ,and will not be taking off anytime soon. As for the Nets, if all rumors are true then they are on the verge of signing Lionel Hollins. Nets fans shouldn’t worry that Kidd left, I think the focal point should be not the head coach, but the players that they have now on their roster that might receive an endorsement deal for AARP instead of winning the title in the future.  Kidd just showed everyone he is an ungrateful man, he has no loyalty to the same people who gave him an opportunity, and backed him when he looked like a clueless coach. Lastly, Kidd also demonstrated that when opportunity knocks no matter how many people will feel the pain, his integrity will always take a back seat, just as long as Kidd comes out on top.

-Ms Scripter

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