Jay Z Glorifies a Murderer & Drug Dealer in “Tom Ford”


Jay ZOPINION – By now, many people have downloaded Jay Z’s new album, Magna Carta Holy Grail if one is a Samsung user. Many may have went the illegal down load route and refuse to wait until July 9th, when the album officially drops. The buzz was heavy on social networking sites and song titles, and lyrics were steaming, as well.

I listened to Jay Z’s latest and thought it was surprisingly a good effort, but of course like most of today’s rappers –  very questionable lyrics always takes center stage. The rap culture will never change concerning this since it has been a heavy presence since the Golden Age of Hip Hop. Asking for a culture to change their ways is like asking for one’s Politician to stop speaking to special interest groups and lobbyist – it will never happen.

With that in mind, when I started listening to MCHG a song stood out to me, which was “Tom Ford”. First thing I noticed was the Timbaland beat, and then I took noticed of Jay Z’s delivery, and lyrics. I’m a person that likes to listen and analyze a beat then take my time and critique the lyrics and the artists. In “Tom Ford”, Jay Z named drops a hit-man and a drug dealer that terrorized the D.C. and Harlem area:

Hands down got the best flow, sound I’m so special
Sound boy burial, this my Wayne Perry flow
Y’all know nothing about Wayne Perry though
District of Columbia,
guns on y’all Tumblrs

Then first thing that came to mind was great, Jay Z is glorifying a demon, and now I’m sure the new millennium babies and a little bit of the young 90 babies are going to Google the hell out of the name “Wayne Perry”. They are going to know off hand that Jay Z did not name drop the leader of the Boy Scouts, but someone who is quite sinister. Sure enough, as I was on Twitter that is all one could read the idolization of a man who should never be mentioned.

Rappers have been name dropping drug lords, killers for decades, but now these people should be forgotten souls. I mean the kids of today do not really know about the Pappy Mason’s, Frank Lucas’ and the late Larry Davis’ of the world unless they watch BET’s American Gangster (that’s glorification on steriods) or have dug through the crates. Nowadays, some youngsters do not give rap veterans any love, so if they were to dig in the crates, that would be rare.

Wayne PerryWayne Perry was a notorious cold blooded hit-man that racked up so many body counts around D.C. and Harlem that he would make Sammy “The Bull” Gravano blush. Perry’s lack of humanity and empathy was something one would envision in a Grand Theft Auto video game. Perry is now in a max prison and will spend the rest of his life there.

Why would Jay Z even mention someone like that? I’m sure the people in prison, whether it is the Correction Officers, inmates, or visitors already informed Perry that he was named dropped on a record by Jay Z. Who knows, maybe that made Perry feel special that now he is being remembered again. Perry has long been forgotten –  the game has changed, and Harlem is no longer the breeding ground for a hit-man of his stature, or pimps, and dealers. Gentrification has taken its place, and the old Harlem hustlers are either dead, in jail, or have moved out of the neighborhood. Sure, one will always have criminals of this nature in their neighborhoods, but not on Wayne Perry’s level. NYC politicians, especially the co-signer of the stop-and-frisk Mayor Bloomberg, and his NYPD henchmen will never allow someone of Perry’s stature to terrorize a city again.

For Jay Z to have made it and at his age, one would think he would demonstrate some sort of responsibility in his present lyrics. That sort of name dropping belonged on Reasonable Doubt, and not MCHG. I thought Jay Z was a grown up, since he is no longer that drug dealer sharing his poison in The Stuy. The influence entertainers have in their lyrics is real. I’m sure someone dropped a mickey in a woman’s drink and she did not even know it, thanks to Rick Ross. Unfortunately, I’m sure his fans who can not even pay their rent on time are also running to buy a Tom Ford suit to show that they have officially made it, but that is another story. Perry has been resurrected – even if it is just for a brief period. Many young people who did not him, especially if they did not grow up during the crack, heroin epidemic in NYC will start researching a man who’s prominence came at the expense of other people’s lives. Good job Hov…good job.

-Ms Scripter

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