Keep Calm! The Knicks Did Good With Obtaining Derrick Rose


Derrick Rose

OPINION- Once the story of the Knicks making a deal to acquire Bulls guard, Derrick Rose, for Robin Lopez, Jose Calderon (good riddance) and Jerian Grant, the array of NBA fans had various opinions of the deal.

The non-Knick fans who, I will deem as shortsighted Knick haters, couldn’t wait to say, “the Knicks always acquire players who are at the end of their careers.” Then the various memes were created, depicting Rose on the ground hurting himself in the airport on his way to NYC. The comments were even made from Knick fans, who stated Rose won’t be healthy enough to finish out the season.

If one were to evaluate this trade, one could use their non-bias analysis (that’s hard to do in sports, huh?) and say the Knicks deal was a win – win situation. The Knicks practically gave up nothing in return, and before we start to say it isn’t fair that Grant a young guard was included, the last time I checked he wasn’t Russell Westbrook so cut the shenanigans.

The deal was good, and if Rose can show a hint of his MVP prowess, the naysayers will be muted on social media, and sports talk radio for quite some time. We are only obtaining Rose for a short period, and he will, therefore, come off the books unless he has an MVP stellar like season (which I can honestly say probably won’t happen) and resign him to another deal. Rose gives us an extra shot at not only making the playoffs, after coming off a disappointing season. It gives the Knicks extra ammunition in a triangle offense I reputably can’t stand, but allows Carmelo Anthony and Kristaps Porzingis to be free to roam the court in a less contested fashion. This is a contract year for Rose, who has only been healthy for over 39 games in 4 years. Rose has something to prove, and what better way to show it by playing in the bright lights in New York City?

Whether this trade comes out successful or not, this deal does not hurt the Knicks significantly. So fellow Knick fans, we should take a long hard look and be excited that we have a rental that can probably bring us back to respectability, even if it is for a short period, until Phil Jackson comes up with another plan.

Now, if only the Knicks can obtain Joakim Noah to finish off some of the offseason moves, I would be satisfied. Dwight Howard’s name has been dropped, and it has been reported that he has shown some interest in coming to the Knicks. I would love for Howard to sign somewhere else because we don’t need a mediocre center, who’s career hasn’t been impressive as of late and is nothing short of a cry baby. To be honest, Noah is a better fit (regardless of his health issues, as well) since he played with Rose ion Chicago.

If you’re a Knick fan, there is no need to panic. Sure, I wanted Kevin Durant here as a Knick, but reality hit me that he may not have wanted to come to New York in the first place. Durant was a game shy of reaching the finals (until the collapse), and signing with the Knicks may have been like taking a step back for him professionally.

So keep calm, enjoy the short time we will have with a former all-star, MVP and see the results, this trade will bring to the table, instead of the constant whining at every move that this organization makes under Phil Jackson that makes sense. The Knicks consistently underachieving has got old, and I can admit that but the constant bickering from fans every time the team makes a move has also gotten old as well, and I’m officially over it.

-Ms Scripter

Just blogging for the masses, ya dig?