Knicks Owner James Dolan Treated Charles Oakley, Like Donald Trump Would


  Charles-Oakley OPINION – As a lifetime Knicks fan (yes, I know I have issues for continuing to be a Knick fan) the events that led up to retired Knicks player Charles Oakley has resulted in one of the darkest movements in Knicks history under owner James Dolan’s regime.

From the facts that were presented, Oakley walked into the stands at Madison Square Garden (had verifiable tickets), in his usually immaculate style of dress, in a suit that cost more than my monthly rent. Four minutes into the Knick game a few security guards approached Oakley at his seat and asked him to leave.

From various sources, Dolan was seated a few rows ahead of Oakley and didn’t want him in attendance. The request by MSG security resulted into a shoving match between Oakley and security, which also led to a few officers pushing Oakley out of the arena (not before he pushed them off of him like they were mere little bugs), and subsequently resulted in his arrest.

After Oakley was arrested, the Knicks released a statement via Twitter, but the words they used, implied that Oakley is the sole catalyst as to why he was removed in the first place and that he has underlining issues.

The Knicks released a statement calling Oakley’s behavior, “highly inappropriate and completely abusive. …He was a great Knick and we hope he gets some help soon.”

Dolan has always treated Oakley like he never been a Knick or is not a ten year veteran of a franchise that got to the NBA Finals and played great basketball in the 1990’s.  Dolan has decline to extend an invitation to Oakley to participate in the anniversary of the Knicks franchise, regardless of what he contributed in the years he was with the organization. By Dolan summoning his toy soldiers to remove a man because he has often spoken negatively about a joke of a franchise this team has been since Dolan was given the Knicks as a toy reminds me of Donald Trump. Anytime Trump is criticized he throws tantrums and kicks people out. Trump has done it at his rallies and freezes individual media outlets when they don’t agree with him.

I often wonder, if Oakley wasn’t Black, would Dolan have his artificial intelligence security guards escort Oakley out in such an embarrassing fashion? When I bring this up, I often here: “well Dolan loves other Black players, he gave them jobs.” Save that attempt at trying to make Dolan appear to be a man of unbiased integrity, that’s like saying, he can’t possibly be racist, I have Black friends. Trump also appointed Ben Carson as Housing Secretary, and other Black people so I rest my case. As long as ex-Knick players know their place and don’t criticize Dolan he loves them, so to me, this was a move to put the Black guy (Oakley) in his place.

I wish after Oakley was kicked out, that the majority of the fans would have exited, but of course paying for those expensive Knick tickets to watch a clown of a team is hard to do in New York City. What should take place is that every New York Knick legend should turn down every future invitation to assist this franchise with an event in the future. The former players should boycott this organization until Dolan is forced to give up his toy, which is the New York Knicks and fade to obscurity.

How can any future free agent(s) be attracted to this dismal franchise, when an owner treats their legends like they did Oakley and a GM in Phil Jackson that goes on Twitter assaults criticizing and throwing their star player under the bus? It’s time for Dolan to sell this franchise, this is the last straw. The Knicks organization is one if not the only sports franchise that is a sheer disgrace. Some NBA players have already voiced their displeasure on how Oakley was treated and with criticism that should be a warning sign for potential free agents, to not even bother with this joke of an organization.

Will I continue to watch this team for the rest of the season, probably not? The thought of even wishing this team well, makes me want to regurgitate. It has reached a point that I hope superstars decline to come to this organization because how they treat their veterans, especially a veteran like Charles Oakley who was the toughest Knick in the building that night, which we haven’t seen in years speaks volumes.

Boycott the Knicks, if one is a Knicks fan because one is better off until their entire foundation changes (from ownership and management) and the word class is replaced instead of the trash that we are subjected too, on and off the court.

-Ms Scripter

Just blogging for the masses, ya dig?