Madonna & Her Lackluster Billboard Awards Prince Tribute




OPINION – Not many people can pull off tributes because individual artists require a level of skill set to match those who they are replicating. Well, the Billboard Music Awards decided to allow Madonna to pay tribute to the late Prince. When I first heard the news that Madonna was selected, my face had a look of constipation. Madonna doesn’t play any instruments, so either she shares the spotlight with artists who do (Hi Lenny Kravitz) or take a damn seat.

Don’t get me wrong, Madonna is one of our 80’s and 90’s icons who revolutionized the game as one of the architects in shaping a pop culture of her decade. Unfortunately, she wasn’t suited to be selected to pay homage to a fellow icon in Prince. From the rumors I read, Prince didn’t even like Madonna. Honestly, I can imagine Prince’s expression looking down after her heard Madonna was selected. Prince was indeed the Prince of shade, so I knew he wouldn’t have approved.

I wasn’t going to sit here and give the Billboard Awards any ratings. I was going to wait until Madonna’s performance hit the internet so I can ascertain on how she did (even though I had my mind made it up that it would be trash). Well, I was correct, Madonna was a tad hot mess. What kind of vocals were Madonna displaying, when she was belting out Prince’s “Nothing Compares 2 U”? Billboard was better off finding Sinead O’Conner (has she been located yet?) and let her belt out the number; it would have probably done the song justice. Madonna sounded awful, and her vocal range has never been a strong suit to begin with, so I don’t know what happened here. Well I know what happened here, Madonna displayed a form of entitlement to the tribute. The only thing Madonna got right, was the color of her outfit and Stevie Wonder coming out in an attempt to save Madonna from the sheer embarrassment of her performance.

I wasn’t the only one that felt Madonna’s tribute was something that should have been left in rehearsal because BET gleefully sent out a tweet and an FB post with a picture of Prince, with purple rain coming down with the caption: “yeah we saw that, don’t worry we got you.” BET Awards June 26, 2016. The shade was as transparent as an umbrella; the entire social media foundation roared with laughter. I’m sure the BET lineup for a Prince tribute would be a lot better than that farce Billboard attempted to try to pass on us.

One can’t do a Prince tribute, without those who have been the protégés of Prince. From The Time, Shelia E, Sheena Easton, band members of Prince and The Revolution, etc. Then one can use artists who can strum a guitar or play piano, like Stevie Wonder, Lenny Kravitz, Slash (of Guns & Roses), folks with real musical talent with an emphasis on musical instruments.

When it was all said and done, Madonna just wanted to be seen. Madonna just wanted to be what Suge Knight would say, “all in the videos.”  Madonna’s sense of entitlement to the tribute was nauseating. This sorry tribute by Billboard was put together by someone who didn’t have a musical mind in the least and hastily thought this would be a work of art, but it was art that should have been left in the trash. Next time Billboard, do your homework and stop assuming any artists can do a Prince tribute because in this case, you failed miserably.

Check out Madonna attempt at a tribute here, at your own risk.

-Ms Scripter

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