Meet the Lady Riding The NYC Subway with Entitlement Issues



In New York City especially when riding the subways, one has seen it all. From the break dancers, sliding around the pole with their feet in the air, having their Jordan shoes just missing one’s head. Then you have the perverts that feel the need to whip out the tool and begin to torment unsuspecting women. Then one sees a fight on the train (an everyday occurrence) and decide to take out their phones and record it for World Star. The list goes on and on, and I didn’t even scratch the surface on what riding the trains in NYC is like, but if one is from NYC, then my fellow New Yorkers understand.

It is against the law to take up more than one seat on a NYC subway. Our friendly NYPD can tell a strap hanger to get off the train and issue them a summons if one even thinks about taking up two seats. That means if a person decides to put their bags in an empty seat next to them, or relax and take up two seats by acting like their in the living rooms, they can receive a ticket. People do it all the time, and the thought of being issued a summons is not a deterrent, especially to this lady who has been put on blast.

Gothamist posted this story, of a woman who felt that she didn’t have to worry about whether someone else had a long day at work, school, etc. This woman decided to take up not two seats, but three! This unidentified lady sat down, placed her carry-on bag in a chair and the actual dog in another seat! Now, I do find the dog very cute, but this lady clearly has entitlement issues. First of all that dog could have been rolling around in who knows what, and now this four legged cutie has now decided to track whatever his paws picked up on the seat for the next unsuspecting person. If one was wearing a nice suit, the debris from the doggy’s paws will be all over one’s Brooks Brothers apparel.

According to the Gothamist report, the person who took the picture stated that this took place this past Monday, around 4pm in Midtown. They also went on to say that the train was crowded enough, where this lady shouldn’t have taken up three seats. One can clearly see the man leaning up against the door, instead of sitting down. This lady caught the right people on the train that day. I paid my fare like everyone else, she thinks she is an A-Lister with special privileges? First of all, she would have had no choice but to remove that doggy bag so that I can sit my tired butt down. If I were with another person, she would have to slide over where her dog was sitting so that the two other seats would also be available. Otherwise, that lady would have had one of the worse afternoons of her life if she didn’t move.

Hopefully, this lady with her overall snooty disposition and entitlement issues will be so embarrassed by being placed on the summer jam screen, she would think twice next time.


-Ms Scripter

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