Old School Video of The Week: George Michael & Mary J. Blige – “As”



With another shocking loss to the 80’s icons, this time with the departure of George Michael on Christmas Day has left the world stunned. Michael passed away at the age of 53 years old and is added to the list of many artists who have passed on at such a young age in 2016.

George Michael was a prolific singer and songwriter who dominated the majority of the 80’s with his group Wham and as a solo artist, where he became even more successful. I can say that Michael was another artist that was part of my teenage musical years. With intoxicating good looks and sex appeal to coincide with some of the lyrics, George Michael was the full package as one of the most high-profile heartthrobs of the 80’s.

The year was 1999 when George Michael and Mary J. Blige covered Stevie Wonder’s “As.” The song on Michael’s greatest hits album, entitled Ladies & Gentlemen: The Best of George Michael. Michael and Blige’s chemistry was like the rest of the duets Michael has created with legendary artists like Aretha Franklin and the late Whitney Houston. The blue-eyed soul singer and Blige with their many doppelgangers singing in the club, was one of the highlights in the video.

Unfortunately, in the United States “As” did not get exposure due to Michael’s legal issues, when he got arrested for attempting a lewd act in L.A. Even though we can consider that entrapment, but I’ll digress. Even with the lack of marketing for the song in the states, “As” reached the top 5 in the U.K to make up for it.

In closing, George Michael will not only be missed, but the blueprint he left behind in the industry will be hard to match. George Michael had soul that didn’t come across as appropriation like other singers of the blue-eyed persuasion. Like many others who have left us this year, they left being a profound legacy and will continue to leave the floodgates to newer fans for decades to come to discover their music. Rest in peace, George Michael.


-Ms Scripter

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