Old School Video of The Week: Mic Geronimo – “It’s Real”



Mic G

The year was 1994 when Mic Geronimo released the single, “It’s Real”, which is the censored version of “Shits Real” off his debut album The Natural. 1994 was an extensive year for hip-hop and argumentatively one of the best years of the genre.

Mic Geronimo not only contributed to hip-hop in that year, but he also gave us a glimpse of a man who would take over Murder Inc. Records by the likes of Irv Gotti, who produced “It’s Real.” Other artists would be featured, on Mic Geronimo’s The Natural album like DMX, Ja-Rule, Jay-Z to name a few.

It’s unfortunate that Mic Geronimo didn’t have the commercial success of the other artists I mentioned who contributed on his album, but he should still be remembered as a rapper who added his own to the Golden Age of Hip-Hop and will forever be part of that history.

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