Old School Video of The Week: The Good Girls – “Your Sweetness”


The Good Girls

The year was 1989 when the group The Good Girls released the single “Your Sweetness” off of their All for Your Love album. The trio, consisted of Shireen Crutchfield, Joyce Tolbert and DeMonica Santiago.

The group was affectionately called the 90’s version of The Supremes, but that would be a false narrative. Sure the group had a major hit and some notable mentions, but I wouldn’t appoint them anywhere near The Supremes level of talent. The only thing The Good Girls had that was equivalent to The Supremes is that they once shared the same label, which was Motown records.

The group would officially disband, but if one is an 80’s to 90’s baby this group would be remembered for their talent, but the comparisons to the other legendary group did them a disservice at the end.

“Your Sweetness” reached number six, on the R&B Billboard charts.

-Ms Scripter

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