Old School Video of The Week: Yarbrough & Peoples “Don’t Stop The Music”




The year was 1981 when Yarbrough & Peoples released a dance anthem of the early 80’s with the song, “Don’t Stop The Music”. I remember, being a little girl and this was often played every time the radio was on WBLS and KISS FM in New York City in the house. The Dallas duo, released “Don’t Stop The Music” off their album The Two of Us.

Yarbrough and Peoples will go on to release more singles off their The Two of Us album, but it wasn’t as successful as their top charting “Don’t Stop The Music”, which has stood the test of time. “Don’t Stop The Music” reached #1 on the R&B charts.

One can also catch up on what Yarbough and Peoples are doing now, and some of their historic activities during the 80’s with the latest Unsung episode here.

-Ms Scripter

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