Political Endorsements Are Insignificant To Me



(AP Photo/Stephen B. Morton)

(AP Photo/Stephen B. Morton)

OPINION – When I turned on the local or cable news, not a moment goes by when I’m subjected to cheerleading from other politicians endorsing a candidate for office. In this state of the political game as we head into “Super Tuesday” for the Presidential primaries, candidates believe that key endorsements are one of the components to victory.

Back when I didn’t have the political knowledge, I would rely on seeing endorsements from figures that I was familiar with to guide me when it was my time to vote. I used to take endorsements seriously and trusted the politician that was co-signing for the candidate. Better yet, if the politician was of a particular allegiance like a Democrat or an Independent, then they automatically will receive my vote. I didn’t bother to check out Green Party Candidates, or even check out Republican candidates. It didn’t matter if the politician that was running for office didn’t share my ideology; I was listening to endorsements from people I knew. Of course, that style would change a few years later when I took the time to do some investigative work and read more.

Endorsements mean nothing to me anymore, in fact, when I see another political figure endorse a candidate my thought process is what did the candidate promise them. Some politicians that love to support other candidates, either get a promise that they will be in a cabinet post if elected, or some extra funding in their districts (which never seems to reach their current community), or some other private incentive at the voter’s expense.

When I check my Facebook page, I have to read my representative, in my district Hakeem Jefferies every morning like clockwork, praising Hillary Clinton for President. The constant ass kissing is so blatant I want to regurgitate. When asked about why she should even get my vote and what has she done for Black people, all I hear is crickets. Every chance I get I respond to Jefferies Facebook post with a sarcastic condensing tone that I’m surprised the handlers on his professional page haven’t banned me yet.

Recently representative and civil rights icon John Lewis endorsed Hillary Clinton. During the initial endorsement speech Lewis couldn’t wait to take a shot at Sanders. Lewis implied that he didn’t see Sanders during the civil rights movement. I mean how could he, I still find it difficult to locate Waldo in the finding Where’s Waldo book series, so how could Lewis see Sanders during that time? I think Lewis was attempting to inform Blacks to vote for Hillary because Sanders record on civil rights is shady. I mean there isn’t a hidden agenda from Lewis, he is one of our Black icons. Lewis wouldn’t just endorse without being promised anything, right?

[Pause] Maybe I’m missing something, but what has Clinton done for Black people, besides calling Black men/boys “super predators”? Better yet, where was Hillary’s outrage as her husband ensured many Black families were destroyed during the signing of the Crime Bill? Why should I listen to Lewis, Jefferies, Representative Clyburn, The Latino Caucus and others, when they come out and endorse Hillary Clinton?

Sorry, there is too much information out there for me to vote blindly for candidates because someone told me too and like a sucker I should follow. We are in the new age of social media, where I don’t have an excuse to be politically ignorant and vote for a candidate just because of name recognition, endorsements, or because someone told me too and if I don’t Trump will be President (folks like that are attempting to force one to vote out of fear). I rather think for myself independently than to rely on voting for someone based on endorsements.

Lastly, to all the other politicians that endorse other candidates and expect one to fall in line, guess what? I’m just not that type of voter, and if a lot of voters were to do their independent research, they would realize that these key endorsements aren’t worth anything because it’s not to the benefit of the electorate, but the benefit of those who are doing the endorsing.

Happy Super Tuesday!

-Ms Scripter

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