Rappers Are Dying Young: Time To Focus On Preventive Healthcare


Sean PriceOPINION- Another rapper has died who did not reach the age of 50. Sean Price, who I loved, from the rap duo Helter Skelter passed away in his sleep, recently. Rappers dying at a young age has been a reoccurring theme in the hip-hop community for quite some time, but it’s a cause for alarm. I took noticed of rap artists dying at a young age when Eazy-E of the legendary group N.W.A. died of complications from AIDS. Eazy E was only 31 years old. I remember hearing the news of his death and being shocked that the AIDS epidemic has hit hip-hop and took the life of a legend.

The list of hip-hop artists that have all passed away at a young age is problematic. I am a strong believer that record companies should provide health benefits to their artists like other jobs and if one is an independent, Obamacare should be one of the things that these artists should consider and use.

Here are just a few artists who have died at such a young age, thus far:

  • Heavy D – 44 years old
  • Nate Dogg – 41 years old
  • Ms. Melodie – 43 years old
  • Guru of Gangstarr – 48 years old
  • Lord Infamous of 36 Mafia – 40 years old
  • Sean Price – 43 years old
  • DJ EZ Rock – 46 years old
  • Cowboy of The Furious Five – 38 years old
  • Big Pun – 28 years old
  • Old Dirty Bastard -35 years old
  • Pimp C – 33 years old
  • MC Breed – 37 years old
  • Aoache – 45 years old
  • Tim Dog -46 years old
  • Chris Kelly of Kriss Kross – 34 years old

These are only a few that I’ve listed; I’m sure there are others who contributed to the genre in some fashion would have made this list. These deaths could have been avoided with proper health care and preventive actions. Yearly physicals and staying on top of one’s health is imperative to living a long life. What needs to take place is educating oneself on how to improve one’s health to live a long prosperous life.

Musicians like Keith Richards from the group The Rolling Stones, for example, is still alive and kicking at the age of 7 1 years old. Richards was heavy in the drug scene and hasn’t faced the same fate as a lot of these hip-hop artists have unfortunately faced. Richards has been real coy about how he can still maintain playing on the road and living. If I were to guess, Richards has doctors on his side, but for some reason he isn’t going to reveal too much concerning his routine, as far as his health is concerned. Richards did say this in an interview in 2013 about his past drug use:

“I’ve got to stop now, or I’m going to go in for hard time.” The cocaine I quit because I fell on my head! Due to that – no more coke. Actually, my body tells me when to stop . . . the hard way. It’s a knock on the head – OK. It’s no big deal to me, to give things up.”

Richards knew when to stop living a hard life, and he is the epitome of what an artist resembles concerning drugs and alcohol. Richards is still alive and kicking because he realized at the rate he was going, The Rolling Stones would have a dead member eventually.

I just wish hip-hop artists focus on their health, get educated to avoid being on the list of hip-hop artists dying fairly young. Without the education, and staying on top of one’s health, we are going to have more of these artists facing the same fate. Lastly, this isn’t just in hip-hop, it’s the Black community in general who need to get serious about one’s health. Don’t get mad at the wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend and family members who nagged you about following up on physicals, eating right, minimizing alcohol intake, exercising, and such. Simple routine doctors visits, improving eating habits, and avoiding bad habits in general can save one’s life.

Check out the U.S. Department of Health Services that provides a list of preventive measures to improve one’s health: hhs.gov


-Ms Scripture

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