Stuart Scott: July 19, 1965-Jan 4, 2015


Stewart Scott

“You beat cancer by how you live, why you live, and in the manner in which you live.”-Stuart Scott

I remember when I used to work normal hours in the 90’s how I would begin my morning ritual. After I was done showering, making breakfast, I will then turn on the T.V. bypass the news until I was able to get a dose of Sportscenter first. If Stuart Scott-Ron Olsen duo weren’t the anchors that day, then the depressing news would have to do.

The first time I saw Scott on ESPN, he was giving us highlights of all sports news the night before, is when I became hooked to who I affectionately call the hip-hop sportscaster. Scott had a personality that I have never seen before in a sports element. The words and phrases Scott used to say when he would describe a play made it even more exciting to watch. From phrases like: “Boo-Yah”, “he is butter because he is on a roll”, “as cool as the other side of the pillow”, and last but not least he described a play by utilizing Pookie and Ray Ray in a sentence. That was unheard of; it was like talking to my friends about the outcome of the game the next day. It reached a point that even when one was to play the latest NBA video game on one’s XBOX or Playstation, one would use Stuart’s catch phases, – he was that influential! Stuart also displayed his Blackness to us every morning and was unapologetic about it, and I loved that about him.

Scott brought an entire new dimension to ESPN and, it was something exciting, hip and downright fun. Scott gave me the recaps and even when he was giving a recap I watched that, as well. Scott made me want to watch hockey. We all know hockey was never my interest, so to watch that was mainly due to Scott’s energetic and coolness when he broadcast the hockey segment. Stuart style, which I’m sure, and it was well documented that the “suits” didn’t like too much set a trend. Whether his bosses like Scott’s style or not, they had to confess that he was a winner, and it only boasts the ESPN’s ratings. Not only did the ratings soar, but many young people gravitated toward Sportscenter like I did because of Scott.

After I heard the news, that Scott passed away to one of the most demonic illnesses on the face of the earth in cancer. My thoughts ran on to those early mornings and being excited at what Scott was going to say next. Scott influenced so many future broadcasters, but they can copy him for eternity, but they can never be him. We are not immortal, but if one can pass on and leave an infinite legacy like Scott has done where others have used his style then we can thank him for doing just that. Remember, it isn’t about living life by just existing. It is also about leaving behind a legacy for many decades to come, and Stuart Scott did just that in more ways than one – Boo-Yah!

-Ms Scripter

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