Cardi B May Want To Get Rid of Her Security Team



Cardi B

(Imagine Courtesy of Black Entertainment Television)

OPINION- There is a brief video clip (see at the end of this post) that went viral of Cardi B being groped by a douchebag fan while she was being escorted by her security team. More than likely the groper felt that because of Cardi B’s past occupation as a stripper, he is entitled to a quick feel. Of course, on social media that is the excuse that some are using to justified why the man committed sexual assault. They are also saying, Cardi B had on an outfit that screamed touch my rear end. It’s worst when Black women are showing up with their font capes in hand, displaying their “pick me” attributes.

Not only was rape culture in 3D during that video clip, but it was also an extreme level of toxic masculinity by Cardi’s own staff, which was her security personnel. Cardi’s security decided to hold her back after she was groped, instead of grabbing the perpetrator and ensuring his face was shattered in multiple places. The holding back of Cardi B during that time showed the devaluation of the person who they were supposed to protect. Why is she paying these guys, when they can’t even do their jobs correctly?

Many women with an emphasis on Black women have often said that we are the least protected, and the most disrespected and this is true. Cardi B’s security didn’t defend her, therefore should be dismissed. The security team Cardi B had in place, were just a waste of DNA and didn’t earn their paycheck that day and more than likely may do the same thing, which is nothing if that happens again (let’s hope not).

I can’t imagine Julius (Beyonce’s bodyguard) allowing Bey to be grope without repercussions, nor grope at all. I’m sure if one would try it, the assailant may be sipping through a straw for an extended stay at the local hospital. Cardi B’s security looked amateurish in that clip and displayed the same toxic energy that Black women have to deal with in our personal lives when faced with the various tiers of rape culture and toxic masculinity by those who should be protecting us. They can’t even protect us when we aren’t celebrities, and prominent Black women can’t even get protection when they pay for it.

After what took place, Cardi B needs to fire that entire security staff who was there and did nothing. Often, those who are supposed to be so called bodyguards are hired based on brawn and not much else. Sometimes they are hired based on their reputation in the hood as an enforcer and don’t have the intellect to create a firm security plan together, where Cardi B wouldn’t be subjected to what she had to experience.

An adequate bodyguard must have an arsenal of credentials, and that includes a past clientele list that should be part of their references they submit to show that they know what they are doing, before being hired. One can’t afford to hire anything without vetting the personnel properly to ensure that the VIP is confident that the security detail knows what to do in any situation. It’s time for Cardi B to cut ties with these useless bodyguards, before next time an assailant may do more than just palm her behind.

-Ms Scripter

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Beyonce Should Have Stayed In Her Seat at the Grammys



OPINION – The Grammy Awards are finally over, and it took every ounce of me to remain awake, throughout the show. At some segments, I was fighting sleep until a few moments throughout, like Mary J. Blige and Sam Smith’s performance of “Stay With Me”.  By the way, Sam Smith’s awards were well deserved. Paul MaCartney, Kanye and Rihanna’s performance  of “FourFiveSeconds”, also kept me alert. Madonna kept me awake, as well. We all know Madonna sat in the tub full of Epsom Salt after that performance on her elderly body. It also gave me pleasure to see the rap award given to the better artists, this time. Too bad the folks who place their votes, when it involves the rap category didn’t share those same sentiments when Kendrick Lamar had an opportunity to win last year. Either way, we don’t need white validation, nevertheless, but we all know the deal. Other than that, it was hard for me to maintain my alertness throughout the show, but I prevailed.

One glaring factor, that is causing a buzz all over the internet is Beyonce, who allegedly asked to sing the gospel song, “Take My Hand, Precious Lord”, off of the soundtrack to the movie Selma. Ledisi sang the rendition in the movie, and sung it well, which causes one spirit to move. If one didn’t see Selma by now, my advice is for one to go check it out and take the family – it’s that important. Beyonce’s rendition didn’t move me like Ledisi’s did; my spirit didn’t even twitch. When I hear a gospel song, it usually does something to my spirit, but not in this case during Beyonce’s performance. Don’t get me wrong, Beyonce can sing, but certain songs would have been better suited for the artists who were getting recognized for it in the first place, which was Ledisi. In addition, Ledisi’s version was a lot better than Beyonce’s, but some fans are clearly in denial about that, since being a stan of Beyonce can block one’s judgment and common sense.

All over social media I read an overabundance of comments from Beyonce fans and just folks who want to be different (they also have a complex) who found nothing wrong with Beyonce performing the song. It was wrong of Beyonce to ask Common and Legend even to perform it (if those allegations were true). At first, many entertainment fans, were thinking the Grammy’s themselves asked Beyonce to perform the song, but that may not appear to be the case. Beyonce was better off letting a sister (Ledisi) gain additional fans and for Beyonce herself to take a seat, for once. It appears to me that Beyonce can’t stand anyone gaining some attention.

Beyonce should know when to take a back seat, especially when a song like “Take My Hand, Precious Lord”, wasn’t even a rendition she sang in the movie Selma. Beyonce had nothing to do with the music there, so why did she feel the need to take it upon herself to be the center of attention at Ledisi’s expense? That’s what happens when folks like Beyonce, who appears to think the Grammy’s won’t be the same without someone like her performing, year after year. Does Beyonce believe she needs to be center stage in everything? What about Beyonce so called feminism? I guess Beyonce caught amnesia, when it came to showing Ledisi sisterly love, which clearly escape her consciousness, in this case.

I also read on social media from folks who said, that we are talking about Ledisi and that people will now know who she is and will look her up. Save it, people would look Ledisi up when they hear her sing, and that was an opportunity lost thanks to Beyonce. Just like when many fans didn’t know who Missy Elliot was until she performed at the Super Bowl thanks to Katy Perry. Missy’s performance equated to album sales on Itunes afterwards. Ledisi lost that opportunity in front of millions of viewers if she would have performed. If Ledisi had performed and move some spirits like I know she can, that would have equated into album sales. Let’s stop with the politically correct statements, millions of viewers will not be looking up Ledisi compared to the ones who would have if she actually performed.

I don’t care what one thinks; Beyonce was flat out wrong for even asking (if those allegations are true) and some of her Beehives should admit to that. It’s one thing to be asked, but to go out of one’s way to take the spotlight from another artist reveals a lot about one’s character. Beyonce was shady in every sense of the word for that, and critiquing her should not be looked upon as hating, but she should be evaluated and critique like any other person who oversteps their boundaries. Beyonce used her power and influence to take away an opportunity for another artist to shine. It’s even more despicable that she took that opportunity away from a fellow sister. Here is a quote from Ledisi she she was asked about the controversy:

The Grammy-nominated Ledisi said she understands why Beyonce was chosen, but admitted to being “a little disappointed.”

“But I got over that and I had to look at the positive and empower women,” she told The Associated Press on the Grammy red carpet on Sunday before the show started. “We have to empower each other. It’s a great thing. And one day I’ll be on that Grammy stage. Every artist wants to be on the Grammys stage. That’s part of our career is to be there. So my time will come when it’s time.”

And Ledisi said she is glad more focus is coming to “Selma.”

“I was able to portray an iconic gospel singer, the queen of gospel Mahalia Jackson. I sang the version she sang, take my hand as well with Thomas Dorsey writing it and now we get to see Beyoncé sing a song that’s been living forever and to her generation,” she said. “It’s great. I’m part of a legacy of great women and the Queen of Soul (Aretha Franklin) sang it as well. So I’m a part of that.”

Ledisi was gracious during this controversy, which showcases her character. Common and John Legend had every right to show some integrity and backed Ledisi up, by suggesting Ledisi should get the opportunity. I guess Beyonce placed Common and Legend in that Beehive trance, and they couldn’t say no to the Queen and that’s a shame. Too bad Beyonce didn’t put a lot of folks in a trance with her rendition of “Take My Hand, Precious Lord”, more like awaken folks up to the fact that Beyonce can’t do it all.


-Ms Scripter

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Kim K Take Note: Solange Can Break the Internet With Class


Image by Rog WalkerOPINION- When I saw those photos of Solange and Alan Ferguson’s wedding in New Orleans (shout out to one of my favorite vacation spots) the first words that came to mind was: this is the epitome of dopeness and sheer class. Solange broke the fashion rules, where the bride is the only one that should wear white (Kelly Rowland did it as well for her wedding). Forget obedience, forget tradition; it’s Solange and Ferguson’s wedding they can do whatever they want, and they brought the fashion heat to the ceremony.


Solange wore a nice cream jumpsuit for the ceremony, and that was the outfit that I completely loved. Don’t be surprise this fashion move will set the wheels in motion for others who plan to get married to evoke the same fashion techniques – and forget tradition completely. Solange also asked the bridesmaids to pick their dress. I love when people can become independent thinkers and not be a follower and decide to dismiss tradition because of rules.

I couldn’t help but notice, Momma Knowles looking extra fierce and they even had the current Queen of them all (as far as entertainers go) sitting on the floor. Beyonce posing on the floor, at a wedding? Yeah, that’s how you break the internet. The twitter comments shown nothing but love (of course one does have the haters, but they are muted by the overwhelming positive comments).

This is how one breaks the internet; they don’t have to reveal their naked body for the world to see, in order for us to talk about them like Kim Kardashian. In all honesty, revealing your naked body and then bragging that the photos are going to break the internet is a sign of desperation. Solange, her family and friends broke the internet in classy and elegant fashion. There was no need to reveal buttocks, breasts, and full frontals in order for one to talk about them. All I saw was class, black beautiful sisters, handsome brothers dressed top notch and that is again how one breaks the internet. Maybe Kim K should re-group, and think of a classier way of doing things in order to have us talking about her, and more in a positive fashion. I won’t be holding my breath, because Kim K appears to not think outside the box when it comes to that department.

I don’t think Solange realizes, (or maybe she does) that the imagery alone was a win for Black people; the culture and our roots were highlighted like no one’s business. Black people are trendsetters, we are the most copied culture of them all. If one wants to debate that theory go right ahead, I’ll be here all day supporting that claim with facts! The entire wedding photos was filled with beautiful Blackness. It highlights Black love, and family. Black people do get married you know. The misconception that we don’t evoke Black love in one’s family is totally misguided. This only makes me love Solange more and disregard Kim K as nothing but a novelty act that is getting old and tired.

-Ms Scripter

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Stop Waiting For Celebrities To Be Social Activist – Just Stop!



OPINION-Last week was Beyoncé’s birthday and the Beehives, and some of the calmer fans were tweeting birthday wishes to one of their favorite entertainers. I happen to notice the overabundance amount of love Beyoncé was receiving, but I also noticed the shade that was being tossed in the cyber air like a beach umbrella.

One tweet in particular peaked my interest:

Wait, I must have missed the memo when celebrities are obligated to partake and get involved in social issues. There were many other high profile entertainers who made statements and even went down to Ferguson to show support. If one was looking for a bunch of A-listers in the sports and entertainment business to start competing to overtake the legacy of Harry Belafonte or Ruby Dee on social issues, then one will be waiting as long as I have for Dr. Dre to release Detox.Let’s get one thing straight, this is not an entertainer’s job to march, make statements, demand change, advocate for economic boycotts, etc. They do not make music, act, play sports to jump into the fray when the hot topic issues are getting attention like police brutality, domestic violence, gang and gun violence, the Gaza conflict, etc.

Take, for instance, both, Dwight Howard and Rihanna, who simply tweeted, “Free Palestine”, during the conflict in Gaza. They both deleted their tweets and Howard took it a step further and issued an apology. Why might one ask should Howard apologize for standing up for the citizens of Palestine? I mean let’s call the act of violence over there what many of us are not afraid to say, which is occupying territory and genocide where children and women are the primary targets of the Israelis. Howard has to retract because more than likely a Palestinian is not signing his Houston Rockets paycheck. The same with Rihanna, the one’s that run the record companies and ensure that she receives the marketability needed to continue with a luscious career, would make things very difficult for her and will find her next replacement, who understands their place so to speak. Therefore, one has to worry about their lively hood, and social issues will have to take a back seat.

Back to Beyoncé, there has been a picture circulating with Beyoncé surrounded by her back up dancers and all of them raising their fist in a salute. I don’t know when that picture was taken, or what it actually means to the entertainer. That image caused some rumblings. Many critics stated that she is making a mockery of the Black power salute and commercializing it. As much as I make fun of Beyoncé for not sitting down (not taking a break), I think many people get some excitement out of criticizing her would get even more upset even if Beyoncé issued a statement, and said she stands for the people of Ferguson as the caption. Then it would be the same individuals criticizing her for that picture, to say she knows nothing about social injustice, and that she needs to keep her opinions to herself, etc. Beyoncé can’t win and that applies to a lot of high profile celebrities who aren’t known for their socially conscious views. Beyoncé donated millions to open up homeless shelters in her hometown, I didn’t see many people mention that, but waiting for her to make a statement about issues in Ferguson like she is the President of the United States is misguided. That’s the President’s job and he should be the one making statements, especially after we witness the response by the police in Ferguson, like the residents were terrorist or something.

We need to stop looking up to entertainers to take a stand and having them speak on social issues. How about looking within our own communities? How about leading by example and become activists ourselves since we are so quick to talk about others who aren’t doing enough. The same community that has been victimized over and over again, should come together collectively and do something about it, instead of sitting and waiting for someone like Jay-Z for instance to take a stand. Jay-Z sure took a stand alright when Barney’s New York racially profile Blacks who visited their stores, by continuing to do business with the company. Jay answered his critics by his actions, which is that he is currently a businessman, and that the Mohammed Ali philosophy is not a part of his agenda. That is fine; I wouldn’t have done that, but we aren’t cut from same cloth.

If one is upset with an entertainer that do not fit one’s ideology and they feel that they are quiet when something comes up that affects the Black community. How about stop supporting them? How about stop going to their concerts and paying rent and mortgage money so one can say they were close enough to see their favorite entertainer’s sweat glands. Stop supporting their movies, going to their sports games. Just stop! The word stop should apply to everything that involves these celebrities who one feels should be doing more for the community. The word stop should also apply to the criticizers. Stop looking up to these celebrities to take a stand for anything; the only thing they will take a stand for is their next paycheck. Now it’s up to the community to take a stand among themselves and by the looks of things many of us are standing idle waiting for a celebrity to take a stand with a tweet.


-Ma Scripter

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What We Learned from Solange and Jay Z: Speculation is a Mother…




OPINION – I wasn’t aware of the fight that occurred between Beyonce’s sister Solange and Jay Z until social media alerted me.  It only took about 5 minutes when TMZ released a video for it to go viral all over the internet like it was some sort of catastrophic explosion. From the video, one can clearly see Solange doing her best rendition of fighting in a heavyweight bout, and Jay Z was showing restraint by not attacking her back. I am not a fan of violence unless one decides to get physically stupid first. No one should place their hands on an individual, (but all bets are off if one touches my family member in my presence).

Once the video was released, countless memes (some of them were downright hilarious), and speculation ensued as to why Solange snapped (and even I was part of the clique that was speculating). Here are a few theories that I heard and contributed too thus far:

  • Jay Z was caught cheating on Beyonce, and Solange found out and went HAM!
  • Jay Z put his hands on Bey and Solange retaliated (which I would have done, I protect family by any means necessary). That could be a possibility because I was noticed Beyonce’s body language throughout the entire ordeal, and how she appeared almost shocked in a way. Beyonce just stood still like a statue. Once those elevator doors opened, Bey and Solange went into their car together, and Jay went into another ride.
  • Jay Z asked for an unorthodox three-some and that didn’t go over well with baby sis.
  • Jay Z said something slick and disrespectful to either Bey or Solange and that made the kid sister blackout.
  • Jay Z is sleeping with Solange and emotions got involved. I am not buying that theory too much (unless it was Rihanna the one doing all the  swinging). 😉
  • Solange forgot to take her medication (rumors that she suffers from bi-polar disorder has been running rampant all over the net).
  • Then  finally, because of the upcoming Bey and Jay Z tour, this controversy was staged fooling all of us in the process.

Solange, Jay Z, and Beyonce choose to be in the spotlight, and with being famous, comes with consequences – like the lack of privacy. Furthermore, Beyonce with such a cult following will always have someone in her business and that’s nothing anyone of us can do about it – it comes with the territory. Then one has to add an element of being a power couple, and that also adds to folk’s curiosity. It’s funny, the same people who watch endless reality shows like Love & Hip-Hop are the same ones telling us not to analyze this situation. That’s on the hypocritical side, isn’t it?

Either way, once that video went viral speculation and one’s attempt to dissect each frame of that attack was on and popping. We weren’t there, but it was so strange seeing a family who takes privacy to an NSA level, be exposed more than likely by some security personnel who got paid handsomely by TMZ as finally being seen as human. Both the Carters and the Knowles should seek legal action for the tape leak, nevertheless.  Family fight all the time, that is what we all know, but it always seems fascinating when we see something of this magnitude coming from the Knowles and Carter’s. Only the  parties involved know why Solange lost her cool, and resorted to  physically attacking Jay Z, but it sure makes a great story in the  speculation department, which can be a mother…

It is also interesting that TMZ always seems to obtain an exclusive. Celebrities have to be put on notice that ordinary people (including police officers) will sell one’s story to TMZ  for money. TMZ has become the King of the exclusive when they want to catch a celebrity in their most vulnerable moments. I have always said, I rather be rich than famous.  If I lose it, the world will never know and they surely wouldn’t care. It’s too bad TMZ can’t dedicate their saturated desire in putting celebrities on blast instead of using their financial resources  to find out where those missing girls are in Nigeria, or better yet, maybe find out where all the missing girls right here in the United States have gone. I wouldn’t mind TMZ catching one of these political figures doing something they have no business doing that would taint some of their so called immaculate images. TMZ probably knows better, than to get into politics, because Mr. “I’m a lawyer” Harvey Levin may not live too long to tell the tale if he starts trending in those uncharted waters. I guess asking Harvey to find out who killed Biggie and Tupac would be pushing it, as well…

-Ms Scripter

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Did Beyonce Assimilate Into a Brooklynite?


beyonce-jay-z-coachellaThe nostalgia should have left Beyonce fans, stans and just downright psychotic fanatics aka Beehives (they are worse than the stans, just ask the writers of SNL) by now since she surprised us by dropping her 5th studio album simply entitled Beyonce. The album was released without marketing or even a hint that she was working on a new one in December 2013. I’m still playing the album among other tunes during my commute to work and downtime. What stayed on my mind, from the one of the great many tracks off of the album are the songs “Yonce/Partition”. Beyonce and Jay Z stayed on my mind a little longer than expected after they announce they will be performing a concert series together. Folks abandoned paying their mortgage and rent to spend an outrageous amount of money to see the power couple. I’m worried about my future and I don’t live in the now, so Bey and Jay are too rich (literally and figuratively) for my blood so I’ll pass.

Something about “Yoncé/Partition” appeared different from Beyonce’s emergence as a sex symbol when she literally bounced around during the video for “Crazy in Love” a few years back. This time it had nothing to do with her overall sexiness, since it has never left, but has been steadily more erotic than ever. What made me analyzed “Yoncé/Partition” more closely is because if I didn’t know better I would have swore a certain Brooklynite wrote some of the lyrics to “Yoncé/Partition”. The Dream, and other names alongside Beyonce, received writing credit for the song, nevertheless.

It’s just that parts of the lyrics screams Hov had a hand in the development. For example:

See me up in the club with 50-leven girls
Posted in the back diamond fangs in my grill
Brooklyn brim with my eyes sittin’ low

Come on, when has Beyonce ever played a part in writing lyrics like that? She was too busy writing lyrics like:

I don’t think you ready for this jelly. I don’t think you ready for this jelly. I don’t think you ready for this cause my body too bootylicious for ya babe.

Grills, rolling with over 50-leven girls and a Brooklyn brim sitting low? That sure sound like something Hov would ghost write for his wife and there is nothing wrong with that, I’m just supporting my theory is that Beyonce has accepted as being an honoree Brooklynite. Shall I continue?

And why you think you keep my name rolling off the tongue
Cause when you wanna smash, I just write another one
I sneezed on the beat and the beat got sicker
Yoncé all on his mouth like liquor

The lyrics sounded like something a female rapper that used to be relevant, could pull off (hi Foxy Brown). Well we all know Hov ghost wrote for Brown early on in her career, so those lyrics were eerily familiar to me. Lastly, this verse clearly was not something I could see Beyonce being comfortable with a few years ago, especially this last verse:

Now my mascara runnin’, red lipstick smudged
Oh he so horny, yeah he want to fu*k
He popped all my buttons and he ripped my blouse
He Monica Lewinski’d all on my gown

Oh, there daddy, daddy didn’t bring the towel
Oh, baby, baby be better slow it down
Took 45 minutes to get all dressed up
And we ain’t even gonna make it to this club

Everything has dramatically shifted as far as her music is concerned, since she has been married to Hov. If I didn’t watch Beyonce as a little girl on Star Search, I would have called folks a liar if they would have told me she was born and raised in Houston, Texas. Her swag (I hate that word) is the blueprint of a Brooklynite. From the some of her urban fashion, the sexually enhanced explicit uncaring what one thinks style of lyrics that one would find on Lil’ Kim’s Hardcore album, and the overall confidence in her sexuality that has taken on great proportions. It is clear to me that Beyonce has changed and has assimilated into a Brooklynite.

Now, I’m not saying us Brooklynites are full of sexually explicit verbiage that comes out of our mouths (well some of us, on a good day). I mean Brooklyn is probably one of the realest boroughs in NYC and I’m not just saying this because I’m from Brooklyn – but it’s the truth. If one does not keep it real, one can just keep it, that’s the Brooklyn way. A Brooklynite can never escape the fact they were raised in Brooklyn. I can go to any other part of the states and for some reason, folks can pinpoint that I am from NYC, but they can always guess I’m from Brooklyn. They claim that we all have an aura of sheer confidence that is pretty much unmatched, the rest of the boroughs have it too to an extent, but this isn’t about ya’ll. From our style of dress, accent, to the way we carry ourselves (sometimes we can be too real), but folks can see us coming a mile away. That Brooklyn aura is starting to shine through when pertaining to this new version of Beyonce, because she appears more authentic, and confident than ever before. This is not a knock on anyone from Houston, but I noticed a huge difference in Beyonce and most notably with this 5th album.

In any relationship, whether married or not someone will surely assimilate into their partner’s characteristics. I was in a relationship with someone from Long Island for several years, and they didn’t have an ounce of street intelligence. When it was all said and done, they were starting to become more street wise than me. Let’s be honest, unless one is from Wyandanch, or even Ammityville, I think Long Island is full of mini Lindsey Lohan clones and folks running around at the Roosevelt Field mall looking for sales and Oxycontin connects from the neighborhood doctor.

Beyonce has been criticized for this new looks so to speak, mostly due to her lyrics. I personally like it – Beyonce appears to be comfortable in her own skin and not so guarded like she was early on in her career. Beyonce back then appeared to be afraid to really let loose. Many people feel that this new Beyonce isn’t being a role model. I have advice for folks who feel that way, stop having celebrities play a role in your child’s development. Be a role model to your child, my mother was a role model for me, even though I thought I was Janet Jackson – Ms. Jackson if you nasty. 😉 Beyonce is taking risks now and being a grown woman while doing so. Just as long as she doesn’t take this Brookynite assimilation too far, and start walking around hitting people with cell phones, and stealing $800 weaves. Then I would gladly revoke her Brooklyn pass and tell her to take a seat right next to Foxy Brown.

-Ms Scriper

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Episode 13: The Masses 2013 Year End Awards


FTM_logo2(2)Debbie and Chris ended the year with their first annual Masses 2013 awards. Some of our lucky and unlucky winners won in different categories to reflect on 2013 and the many highlights of the year. We are no longer on Blog Talk Radio (only archive episodes), but you can listen to us on soundcloud going forward. You can also download our radio show in the future from the same location, as well. Thanks for listening for the past 6 months, thanks to our guests who assisted us in some of our memorable episodes. Next year we will be showcasing a lot of snippets of  interviews that I have done and my writing partner Ben have completed for the upcoming book Fans of Hip Hop: The Diary Vol 1. Our podcasts will not be as frequent as before, but still memorable and entertaining just the same.

See you in 2014, Happy New Year!

Songs used for this episode:

  • Prince – 1999
  • Beyonce – Partition


-Ms Scripter

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Esp 12: Beyonce Explosive Album Sales & R-Kelly the Talented Pedophile



In this 1hr and 30 min episode, Debbie and Chris discuss events that occurred in the news like the sudden passing of Three Six Mafia member Lord Infamous, Georgia woman who won the lottery, crime in NYC, Kanye and Eminem turning down the NFL, etc. The main topic of discussion is Beyonce’s album sales and her lack of marketing, which has set a new precedent. Lastly, we touch on R-Kelly and as fans of R&B music are we guilty in giving him a pass? We touch on the fact that he continued his assault on Black women and his enablers and even the parents of the victims turned a blind eye and settled instead of pursuing criminal charges. We had a technical problem when we touched on the lottery winner, but came back on within 2 minutes. We will be back next week to give out our 1st annual Masses end of the 2013 awards.  Thanks for your continued support.

Songs used in this episode:

  • Three Six Mafia – “Stay Fly”

-Ms Scripter

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I Just Knew She Couldn’t Keep Still – Beyonce Releases Her 5th Studio Album


beyonce-fifth-studio-albumIf one had their warm milk and cuddle under the covers and went to sleep, then one missed out on Beyonce releasing another album simply titled BEYONCÉ. Her 5th studio album was released just before midnight with zero promotion. Bey decided to show the entertainment world one can do it without marketing help. Beyonce released this album with videos to coincide with it, as well. The thing that will probably make this album successful without the marketing blitz is that the competition out there is scarce. Not many prominent artists have released albums for this month, if one counts the Christmas albums that will surely take a back seat now that Bey has captured our attention again, then so be it – but I know better.

The simple black background with Beyonce’s name across the album cover is reminiscent of her husband Jay Z’s the Black Album. The release was covert, simple, but created a thunderstorm as to how it was delivered to her fans. With guest appearances from Frank Ocean, Drake and Jay Z this definitely will be the most talked about as we slowly reach the end of the year. One thing for sure, I just knew Beyonce wouldn’t be able sit down for the rest of the year. Her tour is here and so is this new body of work. Here are the track listings for BEYONCÉ and one can download her album on Itunes.

1. Pretty Hurts
2. Haunted
3. Drunk In Love (feat. Jay Z)
4. Blow
5. No Angel
6. Partition
7. Jealous
8. Rocket
9. Mine (feat. Drake)
10. XO
11. Flawless (feat. Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche)
12. Superpower (feat. Frank Ocean)
13. Heaven
14. Blue (feat. Blue Ivy)

 -Ms Scripter
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Side-Eye Alert: Beyonce Wants You to Bow Down B*tches


“I took some time to live my life, but don’t think I’m just his little wife,” Beyoncé growls. “Don’t get it twisted, get it twisted, this my s*it, bow down b*tches.”

I do not know what to call this new single Beyonce released yesterday entitled “Bow Down/I Been On”, but I will call it desperation. I listened to this track, and I assume that it belonged to Rhianna and was mistakenly given to Beyonce. The track is produced by Hit-Boy, who also was behind the boards for Jay Z’s and Kanye’s song, “N*ggas in Paris”. This song is to me is a horrible attempt at trying to be hood. Once again, Beyonce is trying to shed her image and make it edgier, which I do not agree with.

The profanity laced singing does not fit the mold that we are accustomed to hearing from Bey. Then I thought, in order to stay on top she needs to push the envelope (so she thinks). I dislike the song for her and the image of ghetto trash that Beyonce is trying to manifest in her lyrics. It would be better if she continues to be herself and not try to go the “hood rat” mold – that should be beneath her. Judge for oneself, but I can assure my readers this is a single I’m not feeling.

-Ms Scripter

Just blogging for the masses, ya dig?