Note To Janet Jackson: Just Cancel The Concert Already!


Janet Jackson Unbreakable Tour

OPINION – By now, many of Janet Jackson fans have heard the great news (well for some not so great, but we will get to that in a minute), that she is “postponing” her Unbreakable tour to start a family. When I heard the news, I thought it was great she is having a baby, and since this would be the 2nd time, Janet has reneged concerning her tour that I purchased tickets for, then, this time, I’m surely getting a refund right?

Well, there are some good news and bad news for those who purchased concert tickets. There were reports that Janet Jackson is not refunding those who bought tickets to her show through Ticketmaster. Well, social media was not playing that game with Mrs. Jackson. Sure, Janet is very iconic in every sense of the word and is music royalty, but that doesn’t mean Janet Jackson’s “Velvet Rope” will not get dragged all over social media by the millions with emphasis on those who purchased her concert tickets.

After a few days, the word is that Ticketmaster will be refunding tickets. I didn’t call Ticketmaster to seek a refund as of yet, but all of that remains to be seen.  Scanning social media, not everyone will receive their money back thanks to Janet Jackson’s use of the word “postponement”. The dilemma that I have and others are that not only did I purchased tickets through Ticketmaster, I also went and purchased a pair through StubHub. If one has any experience with StubHub, that means that if the artists don’t say an event is cancelled, but postponed then the ticket holder is stuck with the ticket(s).

I don’t know what planet Janet Jackson thinks we are on, but no one (unless one is a rabid fan) is going to sit here and wait for her to make up her mind when she decides to get back on the stage. Live Nation is reporting that the concert will take place in 2017, and therefore this is one of the reasons why Stubhub refuses to issue out refunds. Let’s be real; Janet isn’t going to get on that concert stage to say I love you, much less sing songs from her Unbreakable album and her greatest hits. By the time Janet hits the stage again, her baby will be 18-years-old and on his/her way to college.

Does Janet expect us to believe that she is either giving birth this year, or if she is even projected to have a baby in 2016 and get ready to hit the road and leave her freshly born baby in 2017, so she can parade around on the stage? We know good and damn well Janet is done, she isn’t coming back in 2017, it’s a wrap, so why not say the concert is cancelled so everyone can get their money back and not just some ticket holders?

Anything can happen in 2017, concerning those that can’t obtain a refund. Let’s see; death comes to mind, or other scenarios that will cause those who can’t make it.  What makes things more aggravating is that fans purchased tickets in 2015 and now they probably won’t see her until 2017 (don’t hold your breath). Janet needs to understand; people paid money (large amounts of money) to see her perform and are sick and tired of the postponements.

Do us all a favor Janet and show some integrity; we won’t think any less of you, but if you keep up with the shenanigans, you going to lose a lot of fans for being selfish. Many people can use that refund money to see El Debarge in concert for instance (no shade, just being honest he is performing soon) or attend another event. Now it’s beyond ridiculous now, after so many delays and it’s best just to announce a cancellation.  I don’t think the avoidance of using the word cancellation has anything to do with keeping people’s money (she is already a billionaire) it is to save face because her concert ticket and Unbreakable music sales were already dismal.

Janet Jackson needs to stop playing with fans money and get with the program and use the word cancellation. If not, she is risking hurting her legacy as the curtain draws to a close to her past illustrious career. I guess, she rather risks that, than to appease her fans who supported her for decades.

-Ms Scripter

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