Old School Video of The Week: King of Swing – “Nod Your Head To This”



King of Swing

The year was 1990 when the group King of Swing released the track, “Nod Your Head To This” off their only album entitled Strategy. The group consisted of Sugar Kay, Mike Master, and DJ Cocoa Chanelle. One couldn’t travel in NYC, without hearing this track blaring out of Volvos, Nissans and Wrangler jeeps. “Nod Your Head To This,” was part of the 1990 summer anthem.

King of Swing may have had a head nodding single, but their success was minimized, and Sugar Kay and Mike Master fell off to obscurity. One can’t find too much info on King of Swing, they appeared and contributed to the golden-age of hip-hop in a flash, and was gone as fast as they arrived.

Unlike her group members, DJ Cocoa Chanelle made a name for herself, as a DJ in the New York scene. Chanelle was the first woman to DJ for BET’s Teen Summit (whatever happened to that show?), and she secured a gig at Hot 97. It is a rarity that a woman spun for a group of men who rocked the mic. In fact, I don’t think that has been done after Chanelle (where are my hip hop scholars who dispute this?) Chanelle is hip-hop royalty, and even though King of Swing didn’t have a longevity on the hip-hop scene, their contribution to the genre should always be recognized.

-Ms Scripter

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