Keep Calm! The Knicks Did Good With Obtaining Derrick Rose


Derrick Rose

OPINION- Once the story of the Knicks making a deal to acquire Bulls guard, Derrick Rose, for Robin Lopez, Jose Calderon (good riddance) and Jerian Grant, the array of NBA fans had various opinions of the deal.

The non-Knick fans who, I will deem as shortsighted Knick haters, couldn’t wait to say, “the Knicks always acquire players who are at the end of their careers.” Then the various memes were created, depicting Rose on the ground hurting himself in the airport on his way to NYC. The comments were even made from Knick fans, who stated Rose won’t be healthy enough to finish out the season.

If one were to evaluate this trade, one could use their non-bias analysis (that’s hard to do in sports, huh?) and say the Knicks deal was a win – win situation. The Knicks practically gave up nothing in return, and before we start to say it isn’t fair that Grant a young guard was included, the last time I checked he wasn’t Russell Westbrook so cut the shenanigans.

The deal was good, and if Rose can show a hint of his MVP prowess, the naysayers will be muted on social media, and sports talk radio for quite some time. We are only obtaining Rose for a short period, and he will, therefore, come off the books unless he has an MVP stellar like season (which I can honestly say probably won’t happen) and resign him to another deal. Rose gives us an extra shot at not only making the playoffs, after coming off a disappointing season. It gives the Knicks extra ammunition in a triangle offense I reputably can’t stand, but allows Carmelo Anthony and Kristaps Porzingis to be free to roam the court in a less contested fashion. This is a contract year for Rose, who has only been healthy for over 39 games in 4 years. Rose has something to prove, and what better way to show it by playing in the bright lights in New York City?

Whether this trade comes out successful or not, this deal does not hurt the Knicks significantly. So fellow Knick fans, we should take a long hard look and be excited that we have a rental that can probably bring us back to respectability, even if it is for a short period, until Phil Jackson comes up with another plan.

Now, if only the Knicks can obtain Joakim Noah to finish off some of the offseason moves, I would be satisfied. Dwight Howard’s name has been dropped, and it has been reported that he has shown some interest in coming to the Knicks. I would love for Howard to sign somewhere else because we don’t need a mediocre center, who’s career hasn’t been impressive as of late and is nothing short of a cry baby. To be honest, Noah is a better fit (regardless of his health issues, as well) since he played with Rose ion Chicago.

If you’re a Knick fan, there is no need to panic. Sure, I wanted Kevin Durant here as a Knick, but reality hit me that he may not have wanted to come to New York in the first place. Durant was a game shy of reaching the finals (until the collapse), and signing with the Knicks may have been like taking a step back for him professionally.

So keep calm, enjoy the short time we will have with a former all-star, MVP and see the results, this trade will bring to the table, instead of the constant whining at every move that this organization makes under Phil Jackson that makes sense. The Knicks consistently underachieving has got old, and I can admit that but the constant bickering from fans every time the team makes a move has also gotten old as well, and I’m officially over it.

-Ms Scripter

Just blogging for the masses, ya dig?


Note To Janet Jackson: Just Cancel The Concert Already!


Janet Jackson Unbreakable Tour

OPINION – By now, many of Janet Jackson fans have heard the great news (well for some not so great, but we will get to that in a minute), that she is “postponing” her Unbreakable tour to start a family. When I heard the news, I thought it was great she is having a baby, and since this would be the 2nd time, Janet has reneged concerning her tour that I purchased tickets for, then, this time, I’m surely getting a refund right?

Well, there are some good news and bad news for those who purchased concert tickets. There were reports that Janet Jackson is not refunding those who bought tickets to her show through Ticketmaster. Well, social media was not playing that game with Mrs. Jackson. Sure, Janet is very iconic in every sense of the word and is music royalty, but that doesn’t mean Janet Jackson’s “Velvet Rope” will not get dragged all over social media by the millions with emphasis on those who purchased her concert tickets.

After a few days, the word is that Ticketmaster will be refunding tickets. I didn’t call Ticketmaster to seek a refund as of yet, but all of that remains to be seen.  Scanning social media, not everyone will receive their money back thanks to Janet Jackson’s use of the word “postponement”. The dilemma that I have and others are that not only did I purchased tickets through Ticketmaster, I also went and purchased a pair through StubHub. If one has any experience with StubHub, that means that if the artists don’t say an event is cancelled, but postponed then the ticket holder is stuck with the ticket(s).

I don’t know what planet Janet Jackson thinks we are on, but no one (unless one is a rabid fan) is going to sit here and wait for her to make up her mind when she decides to get back on the stage. Live Nation is reporting that the concert will take place in 2017, and therefore this is one of the reasons why Stubhub refuses to issue out refunds. Let’s be real; Janet isn’t going to get on that concert stage to say I love you, much less sing songs from her Unbreakable album and her greatest hits. By the time Janet hits the stage again, her baby will be 18-years-old and on his/her way to college.

Does Janet expect us to believe that she is either giving birth this year, or if she is even projected to have a baby in 2016 and get ready to hit the road and leave her freshly born baby in 2017, so she can parade around on the stage? We know good and damn well Janet is done, she isn’t coming back in 2017, it’s a wrap, so why not say the concert is cancelled so everyone can get their money back and not just some ticket holders?

Anything can happen in 2017, concerning those that can’t obtain a refund. Let’s see; death comes to mind, or other scenarios that will cause those who can’t make it.  What makes things more aggravating is that fans purchased tickets in 2015 and now they probably won’t see her until 2017 (don’t hold your breath). Janet needs to understand; people paid money (large amounts of money) to see her perform and are sick and tired of the postponements.

Do us all a favor Janet and show some integrity; we won’t think any less of you, but if you keep up with the shenanigans, you going to lose a lot of fans for being selfish. Many people can use that refund money to see El Debarge in concert for instance (no shade, just being honest he is performing soon) or attend another event. Now it’s beyond ridiculous now, after so many delays and it’s best just to announce a cancellation.  I don’t think the avoidance of using the word cancellation has anything to do with keeping people’s money (she is already a billionaire) it is to save face because her concert ticket and Unbreakable music sales were already dismal.

Janet Jackson needs to stop playing with fans money and get with the program and use the word cancellation. If not, she is risking hurting her legacy as the curtain draws to a close to her past illustrious career. I guess, she rather risks that, than to appease her fans who supported her for decades.

-Ms Scripter

Just blogging for the masses, ya dig?



A “Goodell” of Waiting leads to a Disappointing Decision…


“Decisions” have recently become the new ‘It Girl’ in sports. First sports fans were forced to endure some serious hemming and hawing from Brett Favre while awaiting his decision to retire—the first time, and the second time, after that I lost count. Then we had the courtesy to behold “King” Lebron James’ “Decision 2010.” I deduced there was one of two reasons ESPN allowed such a debacle to be broadcast. First, network execs were handcuffed and duct taped in their offices unable to alter the programming; kind of like ‘The Outer Limits’, “You are no longer in control of your television.” Or my second theory, which is probably closer to the truth, sports execs think sports fans actually care about player(s) decisions to choose a team which will make them a millionaire whether he performs or not. In truth we watch merely for the sake of hoping the hometown team can become champion with the addition of exceptional players. Because let’s face it, the truth is athletes are already winners, simply look at their paycheck, then look at yours.

Sports decisions have become more important than political decisions which tend to lack both the suspense and the requisite consulting agent, who gets 10% of your earnings, required for any good athlete to make an informed decision regarding his future. Spur of the moment decisions now belong to politicians, while well thought out processes of what works, why it works and how it will benefit ‘me’ are the true sign of the politics in sportsmanship. It is now the athletes whom will make us hold our respective breaths, gamble on what we think, and taste victory or defeat depending on what decisions they make.

It is with this newfound passion for decisions that lead me to eagerly await Roger Goodell’s decision on how the league would discipline Brett Favre given his tendencies for free text, and new found interest in pornographic photography which he so kindly shared with unsuspecting Jets employee, Ms. Jenn Sterger back in 2008. Upon waiting and waiting for this decision Brett Favre suffered an ankle injury, an elbow injury, a shoulder injury, and most recently a head injury all while Commissioner Goodell took a seat next to ‘The Thinkers Statue’ and considered what the best course of action would be. At one point I was even convinced that the Commissioner was waiting for someone to permanently put Brett on the disabled list in order to prevent tarnishing the record of the shoe in, soon to be Hall of Fame Quarterback.

Needless to say my disappointment was only second to finding out that Mike Vick used some of his relatives in the actual dog fighting arena. After three months of investigation, NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell “could not conclude” that Favre violated any of the leagues policies and thus the one time impeccable ironman of the NFL remained untarnished, albeit the grey cloud of suspension which was unfounded by NFL investigators. On the bright side for the Sterger camp, Favre did walk away less $100,000 dollar slap on the wrist, mere chump change to a millionaire athlete with nearly 20 years in the NFL.

Whether there is a double standard in the NFL (Eagles head coach Andy Reid went unpunished after his two drug addict sons got arrested in his home with drugs, or Raiders Head Coach, Tom Cable got away with breaking the jaw of one of his assistant coaches) remains to be seen. The one thing I am certain of is decisions, whether from the athlete or commissioner of a league, can often be nothing more than fluff, not worth a feather from my pillow. At least I can sleep at night knowing the one truth in sports will always be that scores don’t lie, unless an Official screws up—another topic for another time.