George Karl Is Blaming Absentee Fathers, Instead of His Mediocre Coaching


kenyon-and-georgeOPINION – There are always occasions when people write autobiographies and “spill the tea,” so to speak, where they highlight things that occur in their lives while blasting others in the process. In the case of former NBA coach George Karl, he attempted to do the same thing in his latest autobiography, entitled Furious George.

In the excerpt of his book, a controversial passage has made its rounds:

“Kenyon and Carmelo carried two big burdens: all that money and no father to show them how to act like a man,” Karl wrote.

Let me get this straight, in other words; Karl’s blaming his mediocre NBA record and lack of an NBA championship on his resume on Kenyon Martin and Carmelo Anthony? When does a head coach show accountability for the process of drafting X’s and O’s, motivating, putting a team together that values leadership and has stellar chemistry? I guess the easy way out, is blaming losses on Black players, who didn’t have a father figure in their lives.

I can name several NBA players, who didn’t have their fathers to guide them and they have gone on to become successful players, who also were able to win a championship and even get into the Basketball Hall of Fame. One player comes to mind is Lebron James, and countless others who have won or who have gone on to the Hall of Fame, like Allen Iverson.

Karl is playing the victim here, and his mediocrity should be scrutinized more than his players. One will never hear great NBA coaches like Greg Popovich of the San Antonio Spurs make a statement like that because I’m sure he had players who didn’t have a father figure in their lives. By the looks of things, Popovich did something that Karl didn’t do, probably didn’t care to do, or don’t know how to, and that is to become a father figure to his players if he felt that they needed it.

It also appears to me that Karl’s little excerpt that I highlighted has some racial undertones, that says that Black men can’t be successful in the NBA because their fathers aren’t around. Karl had tons of talented players at his disposal for the most part that didn’t like him. Instead of blaming that on absentee fathers, maybe George Karl needs to look at himself in the mirror.

Kenyon Martin responded on Twitter to Karl recently:




Then Karl used another word that is underline with racial undertones concerning J.R. Smith:

Of Smith, Karl wrote that he had “a huge sense of entitlement, a distracting posse, his eye always on the next contract and some really unbelievable shot selection.”

Most of us are quite aware the words, “posse” and “thug” are part of the covert class of racist language that is replaced instead of the N-word. No one isn’t stupid, and if one thinks otherwise one is probably being willfully ignorant to Karl’s content when talking about Black players. Karl isn’t slick at all and the more I hear his quotes, the more that I come to the conclusion he is probably a covert racist (well not covert any longer). We are no longer sugar coating this, it’s time to start blasting these racist, privilege individuals.

With a career record of 1175 wins and 824 losses and a winning percentage of .432, is not impressive.  Sure Karl has surpassed Phil Jackson in wins, but Jackson has something Karl doesn’t, which is a championship and a better winning percentage. Karl’s head coaching record is dismal, he has no NBA championships under his belt. Lastly, with his last termination by the Sacramento Kings, this should cement his legacy as a coach, who isn’t that good and utilized his white privilege to continue to yield head coaching jobs, even if his performance and record continue to be mediocre. Karl needs to stop blaming everyone else and change the title to his book from Furious George to Incompetent George: The White Privilege Edition. 


-Ms Scripter

Just blogging for the masses, ya dig?


Now That The Knicks Season Is Over…


OPINION – Just maybe now the anti-Knick fans can stop talking so much. I have never seen so many anti-Knick fans in my life; one would think we won as many championships as the Lakers to garner so much attention and hate. The people that are spitting venom were either not in the playoffs or went fishing after a 1st round exit. At least now, only Heat fans remain, right? I do love Heat fans because they do not exist. The only Heat fans that exist are those who been around since Rony Seikaly, and I can count those fans with one hand. We also can get rid of these Knick bandwagon fans that found our way on social networking sites. Good riddance!

Now, that I got that off my chest, what should the Knicks do in the off-season? Many Knick fans may or may not agree, but I would make a bold move and fire Mike Woodson. We all became aware that Woodson was out-coached the entire series. I do not know how many times I screamed at my television set because Woodson placed Jason Kidd in the game, who had not recorded a field goal in a month! Players like Copeland were sitting on the pine, where they could have been contributing to the team. No one with the exception of Carmelo Anthony could hit a field goal.  The Knicks need to hire a coach that understands what it takes to get out of the 2nd round. A coach that makes great adjustments to counter attack the opposing team’s defense. Woodson is a first round coach, nothing more, and it is time to get rid of him while we got the chance. Woodson forgot the players; that contributed during the regular season to get to the playoffs in the first place. He failed to included them in this series, and that is all the evidence the front office needs to make the call and fire him.

I read and heared the whispers concerning Carmelo Anthony. He was not the reason why we lost this series. If anything, Anthony is the reason why we were in the playoffs in the first place. We get the jokes he has not won a championship, but I did not see him jump ship to try to play with two other superstars like that man-child in Miami – just so he can win a ring. Anthony wanted to come here with the bright lights via trade and the criticism that the press loves to give to stars in New York City – just ask Patrick Ewing. My buddy Will thinks it is more to the criticism of Carmelo Anthony than many people are reluctant to admit too.

“Why does the city hate Melo, racism? I don’t get it! He is the new age Ewing to me. If he plays great people give him a half ass compliment and when they don’t win they blame him.

It has to be! The city turned on other black stars before; Strawberry, Doc Gooden, etc.

Media and fans don’t think Jeter is black or as Sheffield called him all the way black so he gets a pass.

Seems like Melo is more hated in this town then Mark Sanchez and A-rod.”-Will Kirimca

The overabundance of criticism that Anthony has taken all year is comical, especially since we have not had a superstar of his caliber since Ewing. Unfortunately, Anthony’s luck in the NBA has not been great, and his supporting cast has been dismal. One forgets that championship caliber teams have had great supporting cast. Does one think Lebron James could have won a ring without the help of Wade and Bosh? That is why James left the Cavs in the first place. Kobe Bryant won his championships with Shaq and for the second time with a cast of Ron Artest, Lamar Odom, Pau Gasol. So please do not tell me Anthony is not a winner, that argument is getting old and tired. I think Will is correct; the criticism is probably blatant racism and is why many Black NBA superstars do not even bother to come here as a free agent or via trade.  Anthony had a hell of a great season and winning the scoring title also added to his accomplishments, but the criticism still fell at his feet. Anthony can opt out of his contract before the 2014-2015 season, and if he decides to leave, I would not blame him. Serves many ungrateful fans and sportswriters right, I would leave too if I felt unappreciated.

The faster J.R. Smith can pack his bags and get out of town the better. He needs to sign with a team that has a night club that closes at 2am, where Rihanna would not dare venture. It appears Smith got distracted this entire post season. JR was was staying up late partying trying to holla at Rihanna, maybe he should have dedicated that time practicing his jumpers. He was non-existent in this series and to be quite frank; JR was one of the reasons why we lost in the first place. It is okay that JR could not make shots, but to not contribute in other areas to help his team win is another thing. J.R. Smith only thinks about J.R. Smith and the fact he is now a free agent, makes me smile – get lost.  Other teams evaluating him and trying to figure out what to offer him, should keep in mind, he is not worth much. His stock has dropped faster than Facebook and even in that sense I’m being generous. There is a team that will pay him big bucks, but he is not worth it. His ego is way too big, and his game did not match his big ass mouth.

Tyson Chandler got abused the entire series: Chandler could not catch a rebound if it were velcroed to his jersey. Maybe all those missing rebounds that he failed to grab was stuck in his thick beard somewhere, begging to be released into his hands instead. Then one hears the excuses that he was playing hurt.  Chandler was better off pulling a Derrick Rose; then that would have given someone else a shot to battle for loose balls. Chandler was a huge disappointment and another reason why we lost this series. I would not shed a tear if the invisible man, is invisible for this team starting next season.

Amar’e Stoudemire attempted to make a comeback in this series, but he was better off riding the pine, as well. The 100 million dollar bust, who can not guard a stop sign does not make me excited when he graces the garden floor. Too bad he was overpaid because no team in their right mind would take on that balloon of a contract. That is the Knicks pattern, always signing damage goods or they play one season before unceremoniously retiring with a check and a bum knee.

With all my venting, I have to admit there are many bright spots concerning this Knicks team. To Copeland and Shumpert we have a few young players that can play an integral part next season. In all honesty, the Knicks exceeded my expectations. Either way, the Knicks organization, has some serious soul searching to do. This team should have beaten the Pacers because I think they are still better than them. They decided to dumb down their play, and it showed, with all the miss jumpers, non-existent rebounds, poor defense and just stupid plays, which included stupid fouls.  Many fans believe they could have won game 6 and bring it back to the Garden for Game 7 for the win. It is too bad only the real Knick fans believed in them, but the Knicks did not believe in themselves and it showed.

-Ms Scripter

Just blogging for the masses, ya dig?