Cardi B May Want To Get Rid of Her Security Team



Cardi B

(Imagine Courtesy of Black Entertainment Television)

OPINION- There is a brief video clip (see at the end of this post) that went viral of Cardi B being groped by a douchebag fan while she was being escorted by her security team. More than likely the groper felt that because of Cardi B’s past occupation as a stripper, he is entitled to a quick feel. Of course, on social media that is the excuse that some are using to justified why the man committed sexual assault. They are also saying, Cardi B had on an outfit that screamed touch my rear end. It’s worst when Black women are showing up with their font capes in hand, displaying their “pick me” attributes.

Not only was rape culture in 3D during that video clip, but it was also an extreme level of toxic masculinity by Cardi’s own staff, which was her security personnel. Cardi’s security decided to hold her back after she was groped, instead of grabbing the perpetrator and ensuring his face was shattered in multiple places. The holding back of Cardi B during that time showed the devaluation of the person who they were supposed to protect. Why is she paying these guys, when they can’t even do their jobs correctly?

Many women with an emphasis on Black women have often said that we are the least protected, and the most disrespected and this is true. Cardi B’s security didn’t defend her, therefore should be dismissed. The security team Cardi B had in place, were just a waste of DNA and didn’t earn their paycheck that day and more than likely may do the same thing, which is nothing if that happens again (let’s hope not).

I can’t imagine Julius (Beyonce’s bodyguard) allowing Bey to be grope without repercussions, nor grope at all. I’m sure if one would try it, the assailant may be sipping through a straw for an extended stay at the local hospital. Cardi B’s security looked amateurish in that clip and displayed the same toxic energy that Black women have to deal with in our personal lives when faced with the various tiers of rape culture and toxic masculinity by those who should be protecting us. They can’t even protect us when we aren’t celebrities, and prominent Black women can’t even get protection when they pay for it.

After what took place, Cardi B needs to fire that entire security staff who was there and did nothing. Often, those who are supposed to be so called bodyguards are hired based on brawn and not much else. Sometimes they are hired based on their reputation in the hood as an enforcer and don’t have the intellect to create a firm security plan together, where Cardi B wouldn’t be subjected to what she had to experience.

An adequate bodyguard must have an arsenal of credentials, and that includes a past clientele list that should be part of their references they submit to show that they know what they are doing, before being hired. One can’t afford to hire anything without vetting the personnel properly to ensure that the VIP is confident that the security detail knows what to do in any situation. It’s time for Cardi B to cut ties with these useless bodyguards, before next time an assailant may do more than just palm her behind.

-Ms Scripter

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