Old School Video of The Week: Prodigy – “Keep It Thoro”



“When you see me in the streets soldier, salute me. You just a groupie, oh, you gangsta, then shoot me”

The unexpected death of Prodigy at the age of 42, of the group Mobb Deep, has rattled the hip-hop communities’ nerves. It’s starting to become normalized when we lose hip-hop icons at such a young age, and it also brings once again heath awareness with an emphasis on Black men in general. The exact cause of death has yet to be determined, but it is also well known that Prodigy has been battling sickle cell disease since he was an infant.

Prodigy’s entire aura, his voice, his lyrical delivery to coincide his street tales was intoxicating and Havoc’s lyrical contribution alongside with his stellar production, meshed well with Prodigy’s persona. Mobb Deep was an important duo when they emerged in the 90’s with a New York style, which left the bubble gum rap style in its dust, but came out and gave listeners a front row seat to the heart of the dark New York streets.

I was always fascinated by Prodigy’s voice, and I would state if he was at a supermarket and simply ask the cashier if an item was on sale, they would more than likely give him the items for free. Prodigy’s voice was one of the most intimidating voices in hip-hop, and it has Queensbridge all over it. When the duo disbanded, that didn’t stop Prodigy from continuing to get busy on the mic by representing hip-hop on his terms.

The year was 2000 when Prodigy released “Keep It Thoro” off his debut solo album H.N.I.C. “Keep It Thoro” is tough, a production banger, and it represented the Prodigy that we come to know and love as a member of Mobb Deep. Once again, leaving a legacy behind is just as important when we are no longer here in the physical. Prodigy did just that, in many ways. Another fallen hip-hop legend gave us a brief time on this earth, but left an infinite legacy behind that will be quite difficult to duplicate in the future. Rest in peace.

-Ms Scripter,

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