The Many Tiers of Rape Culture


end_rape_img-fRape culture has many forms and not just the sexual assault kind one sees on the news, where the perpetrators are given 25 years to life for brutal attacks if caught and convicted. Rape culture has an array of forms, and the tiers can go from subliminal and advance to critical levels.

The lowest layer on the rape culture chart starts off with victimization, which has several forms alone. Victimization shows up as unwanted touching in a non-sexual way, the disclosure of private details about one’s sexual life that one didn’t ask to be a part of, could be deemed as inappropriate. Rape jokes, homophobia/transphobia, locker room talk, sexist attitudes, and victim blaming. I’m sure we all know someone whether in the work place, or in our private lives that have been known to exhibit the victimization tiers of rape culture.

Level II of rape culture is degrading someone, like catcalls. When someone is in public, that person should not be subjected to catcalls. Let people go to their destination, without others impeding on them by flapping their gums. I can’t stand when the weather gets a little warm, and that give individual(s) (men) the license to start the enhancement of cat calling to monumental levels. If one does participate in catcalling, one is also participating in rape culture. Sending someone an unsolicited picture of one’s sexual anatomy is another form of rape culture. If they didn’t ask to see a picture of one’s private parts, don’t send it! Of course, the situation in the club or any other public space where one thinks it’s a good idea to grope someone, without his or her consent is also a part of rape culture.

Level III of rape culture intensifies, this tier represents the phenomena that have been around for a while now, but has been recently getting a lot of attention, which is when a man covertly removes a condom during sexual intercourse, without the consent of the person they are having sex with at the time. Condom removal without the other person’s consent is never okay. In the present, politicians are looking to put laws of this nature on the books, to address it. Statutory rape is also an action that we should know is part of the intensifying levels of rape culture. The excuse that one didn’t know that he/she was 15 at the time of sexual intercourse is not going to fly. One may be convicted of statutory rape and will be required to register as a sex offender for the rest of their lives, even after serving time in jail if applicable. One better makes sure that the person that they are engaged in sexual intercourse with is of legal age, in their state (which varies). Sexual coercion is also part of level III of rape culture. Pressing someone to have sex is part of the dimension of rape culture. If one has to pressure someone to have sex, then it says a lot about you, and mainly that you are a sexual predator.

Level IV is the last level of rape culture, which is explicit violence. Actions like rape are the most violent out of the definitions. I also want to make it clear, that having sex with someone who is intoxicated and can’t give clear consent is also rape. When one commits acts of battery, incest, and murder that can also be characterized as part of rape culture.

Now that one has understood (hopefully) all the definitions from lowest to highest; it’s important that no matter how low the tier is, participating in any of these actions means one is contributing to rape culture. Lastly, if one sees their friends groping, cat calling, making rape jokes, talking about having sex with intoxicated victims, one should check their friends, etc or you also become part of the problem.

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-Ms Scripture

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Black Women Aren’t Safe Rejecting Black Men Advances…


Man Shoots At DoorNEW YORK-A narrative slowly becoming viral is about a few Black women who were out at the Bee Hive Lounge in Brooklyn has made its way on social media. To obtained a grasp of the theme, it is related to a lot of incidents concerning Black women, who reject a Black man’s advances and are subsequently assaulted and even killed for simply saying they aren’t interested. Before I get to the story, recently before this incident there was another incident where a Black woman rejected a Black man in Philadelphia on July 1, 2016, which resulted in violence. It was caught on tape, but in this case, luckily no one got hurt:

The incident began 2:30 p.m. Thursday inside the Rite Aid at 1334 Windrim Ave., police said. A woman told police she was approached by the suspect who attempted to start a conversation with her.

When woman told the suspect that she wasn’t interested, police said, the man followed her around the store as she shopped. He then followed the victim out of the store when she left.

She entered the Safe Haven shelter, located a few blocks south of the store, where cameras recorded the suspect drawing a handgun from his right pocket and firing three times into the doors.

Some men appear to have trouble with rejection. I don’t think they realize that not everyone wants their entitled self-serving ass and that one needs to stop acting like little boys when their feelings get hurt, by rejection.

Now, here is what allegedly happened recently at the Bee Hive Lounge in Brooklyn, in the words of the victim with some editing:

Last night (July 1, 2016), my home girls and I decided to go this bar on Atlantic Avenue. We honestly did not want to go here in the first place but it was in the neighborhood. So as we are sitting down smoking hookah and talking. These rachet a** dudes kept coming over to us trying to talk to us. We politely told the men “We are not interested” they kept on harassing us until one of my home girls was like “stop touching me” home boy got upset and sucka punched her right in the eye. After that the people he came with started swinging on us and in the middle of it all I got punched in the nose by one of the other guys!!!!!! Please do not go to this ghetto spot unless you looking to get punched in the face. Oh and the owner was useless. He was useless because after I called the cops. He closed his gates down and was more concerned about his business than making sure us ladies were okay. This tells me that he probably condone men punching women in the face. I cannot fathom enough how hurt I am for both my friends and myself. We were just trying to have a good time and we got into it with some ghetto people just because we were not trying to talk to them. Some of these dudes now a days are cowards and rather hit their sisters before they hit another man. The guy who punched my friend in the face knew exactly what we was doing and the same thing goes for his friend that punched me. Our black men got to do better because any of us could of been their sister, mother or aunt. Ladies protect yourself when you are out and about because this could happen to you. All because you do not want to talk to a man. Please share this and spread the word. This place needs to get shut down.

So, the Bee Hive Lounge in no way shape or form is safe for Black women. Clearly, the owner is incompetent when it comes down to safety. No one should patrognize a business establishment like that, where women are beaten up for saying no to advances by men. Every night that I pass by that lounge in the safe arms of a vehicle, I see cops sometimes parked in the vicinity. Clearly, this lounge has a problem, where they can’t control the behavior of their customers. Maybe a lawsuit will set the wheels in motion to force the owner to focus on safey. Men like this clearly believes that violence, is the answer because their crusty ass can’t accept rejection and the manager who does nothing is the co-signer. This type of behavior has become an epidemic, where I suggest any Black women who lives in an open carry state and can obtain a hand gun should get their gun permits to protect themselves from the likes of these individuals.

Before I get complaints, that not all Black men are behaving like this (no one said this is appointed to all Black men), white men are just suspectible with the form of entitlement. Take Jaguars linebacker for instance who threw a violent tantrum because he couldn’t get a woman’s phone number:

According to a police report, Jacksonville Jaguars linebacker Dan Skuta was flirting with a woman at a bar before allegedly shoving her face and throwing her into a glass window because she refused to give him her number.

With that being said, I’m focused on my interest, which is Black women. Who is teaching these little boys on how to treat women? Behavior like this is learned in the home, and it’s starting to get so bad it’s an everyday occurrence. Why would any woman with sense talk to a man, who has a violent outburst, when they can’t get their way? Apparently, men that fit that profile have participated in domestic violence in the past and if one accepts his advances, may become the next victim.

Men need to learn to control their emotions if a woman doesn’t want to be bothered with entertaining one’s attempt at trying to “holla” at them; just leave us alone. It’s becoming so bad; it is downright dangerous for a Black woman to be out in about, without the protection of other men, to keep the savages at bay. We shouldn’t have to live in fear, when going out in public because little boys don’t understand how to react in a grown up manner to the words “I’m not interested”.

-Ms Scripter

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Stop calling Black women Black females. I. AM. A. WOMAN!


Black WomenI can’t stand it when men call us Black females. I am a human being and damn it I am a Black woman. Yes, female is a biological term but any animal can be a female. As Black Women Think Tank aka Breukelen Blue pointed out, there are even terms to differentiate female animals. Her point was that a dog can be a female and we call it a bitch. A cow can be a female but we call it a heifer and a horse can be a female but we call it a mare. Why can’t you call “Black females” Black women? What is your problem?

Poster Announcing Sale and Rental of Slaves, Saint Helena (South Atlantic), 1829 as shown on

I believe it is dehumanizing because when I was in the service the military called women “females.” It was purely psychological. They did this to strip you of your identity, individuality and humanity. You were no longer you.  You became part of a group. I was known  and treated by my rank, job and my social security number.  The military didn’t care about me be being a mom, a wife, a writer, a dancer or just a happy person. I fulfilled a contract, wore a uniform, said “yes sir”, filled a slot, got the job done and that was it. Sounds like a mule right? Well the same thing happened during slavery and it occurs in prison today. During American slavery, Black slaves were listed as males and females. The slaves were stripped of their cultures, language, identities and religions. They were given European slave names and Christianity. They were listed as livestock and bred for performance and money.  In prison you are known by your inmate number. You are put in a male or female prison and you are seen a state or federal expenditure for a small town or the private prison industry. In these instances, they didn”t call you Mr. Peters or Ms. Jones for a reason. The purpose is to strip you of your dignity and humanity. You must conform. Calling you a male or female says you have no identity and reduces you to just a caged animal or in my case just a service member. This is what you are doing to Black women when you call Black women “Black females.”


I believe a lot of Black men call Black women “females” because they do not see us as women. Listen to rap or watch TV.  Hell,  I even get called Black bitches all the time for simply writing posts or saying I can’t stand misogyny. By the way, I, in no way, resemble or sound like a female dog. I also believe it is also because of the spread of the prison culture in the non-institutionalized population. Let’s be honest. This is what happens when 30% of Black men have been in prison. They are institutionalized and that mentality has infuriated our communities.

One day go on twitter and type in “Black female.” The tweets mostly refer to Black women and animals. Next type in “White female” and you will see mostly animals up for adoption. Why is this? It is because those who call Black women “Black females” do not see our humanity.

I have to ask those men, especially Black men, who think it’s OK to call Black women “Black females” even when Black women say it is disrespectful, a question? How would they feel if White men called them a “boy” even if they were grown men? They’d feel humiliated and rightfully angry. Imagine how we feel when someone who looks like us does the same thing to us. Like you, I feel, think, dream, love and live. I am more than a breeder for the Black race, a sister soldier, a mule, a reality show actress, a youtube video beat down and music video prop. I am a mother, daughter, sister, sister girl, friend, singer, dancer, dreamer and lover of life. You will see my humanity because I am a human being.  I. Am. A. Black Woman.

-Bougie Black Girl




5 Reasons Men Avoid Being Your Friend


Most of you reading this right now read my articles on a regular basis and are aware of my philosophy of becoming friends before lovers.

In many cases, if a man can’t be a friend to a woman he certainly can’t be anything romantic. For me, friendship is the foundation of a great relationship and love. Far too often people jump from relationship to relationship seeking a feeling, but they are truly operating out of lust. There is a lot that goes into a relationship, but the foundation has to be friendship. However, today I want to address the reason why men may not desire to be your friend. I do realize some of the reasons I am about to share may seem judgmental or unfair; however, some of them will be common sense.

1. Questionable past with men. Many men are quick to judge women for their past, because secretly men like the fun girls. However, when he is ready to settle down he wants nothing to do with the woman who drinks, clubs, or anything else that reminds him of his player past. However, this doesn’t mean you should lie about your past, because the right man will understand and love you regardless.

2. On the other hand, if you are a woman who is “practicing abstinence” and the guy has casual sex intentions, he will not want to be your friend if it won’t lead to sex (which is strictly his intention). As I always say, the character of a man matters more than anything else he brings to the table. So, a guy like this who doesn’t want to be your friend is a good thing.

3. You use the words “let’s start as friends.” For some men this is code speech for “I am not interested in anything, but a friendship”. Ladies, allow the man to set the pace and learn to maintain healthy relationships without getting emotionally involved too soon. If he truly desires something real with you, he will seek a friendship with you. If he wants to have something more down the road, the friendship will allow both to know if it’s possible or even a wise move.

4. The way you act or behave in public. If a man has a hard time seeing you as classy, sophisticated, stylish, and graceful it will be hard for him to pursue even a casual friendship with you. I remember, about three years ago or more, I was out with a female friend celebrating a new job. Little did I know, she was so loud and completely without manners. In every other situation I shared with her, she was always the model lady. I guess in restaurants and after a few glasses of wine, she changes. I still remained her friend even after feeling embarrassed.

5. You major in pushing men away and having shallow relationships. A man wants to know you have strength, meaning he can be flawed and your love doesn’t change. Nothing scares a man more than knowing, if he fails or something happens, the woman he loves will walk away from him. You can be a ride or die lady without losing yourself.





A Few Red Flags Men Should Never Ignore..


Women are just as capable of hurting a good man as a man is a good woman, but it’s rarely discussed. In this article, I will discuss basic red flags men need to consider when getting to know a woman.

(1) Fresh out of a relationship: Avoid dating a woman who is fresh out of a relationship. Allow her to close one door before opening another.  Learn more by reading The Shocking Truth About Rebound Relationships.

(2) Jumps from one relationship to the next: This type of woman moves from one lustful and emotional experience to the next. She is motivated by fantasy and the next “emotional high” she can experience from a man. Once the “in love” phase has ended, she believes the relationship has gone bad. She is not willing to face the reality that we are all flawed and no relationship is perfect.

(3) Clingy: Women who are clingy are simply insecure. Also, they are trying to gain control through being clingy. When dating this type of woman you have to establish clear boundaries with her. If you don’t, she will try to wreck your world in an attempt to make you feel the pain she perceives you have caused her.

(4) Looking for perfection: This type of woman goes from man to man because she is demanding perfection. You often hear this type of woman saying things like, “I need a man worthy of me,” “There are no good men,” etc… This is the type of woman who is likely to leave a man instead of standing by his side when he hits hard times. She lacks the ability to allow a man to be human.

(5) Gold-digger: Simply put, this woman is looking for a free ride. She is not seeking to contribute to the life of a man unless she is benefiting financially. Her love will be conditional and based completely on the financial standing or power of the man she is with. This woman will be high maintenance and require expensive gifts along with financial assistance.

(6) Nothing in common: Contrary to popular belief, opposites do not attract. Of course, two people can be different and have a beautiful relationship. However, the relationship is usually safer when you have a lot in common.

(7) Seeks to find happiness through you: If she feels you are the reason she is happy, when things go wrong she will blame you for her unhappiness. This is called “codependency,” but I will address this in a future article.

(8) Blames all relationship failures on her ex’s: This type of woman never takes responsibility or accountability for the role she has played in her relationship failures.

(9) Expects her needs/desires to trump everything: This type of woman believes nothing is more important than her… no matter what your responsibilities may be. She will lack understanding of your goals, dreams, etc… and force you to sacrifice everything while she sacrifices very little.

(10) Emotionally or physically abusive: Yes, women can be physically or verbally abusive towards a man.

(11) Emotionally unstable and leans toward being in constant high conflict over the minor things: Remember there is nothing wrong with emotions. God gave us emotions to balance us. However, emotions are not for decision making or framing our life around. Living this way can be dangerous and will always foster relationship problems.

(12) Stalks you on social media: She will make a fake account to stalk you and follow every woman who follows you. She will also just check your posts and comments in an attempt to check on you. Of course this behavior is rooted in insecurities.
(13) Selfishness and Pride: Selfishness is the opposite of love and is anti-Christ. Although we are all born selfish because of the original sin of man we have to work daily to die to self so our spirit of Christ can live within us. If this is something you struggle with it starts with a renewed heart in Christ Jesus and a desire to share your life with others. Today make a decision to receive Jesus Christ in your heart and turn back from what is keeping you from having the love God has for you.

Closing Thought:
These red flags don’t mean the woman is hopeless or that she can’t heal and overcome these issues. This is just a basic guide to look out for certain behaviors that will hinder building a healthy relationship with a woman. Remember, these women are all loved by God and many of them just need love, healing, and a healthy focus on God. This is not a list of elimination, but a list of being mindful of starting a relationship with a woman who is simply not ready.

-Quentin M




New Birth Control For Men – That Does Not Require Surgery


Researchers, are actively creating a birth control regime for the fellas, that may give Maury Povich less guests on his show. Wait, that will never happen – some guest will always claim they are not the father until Maury opens up that envelope. Then the female guest falls into a church faint, crying and wailing and runs to the back of the stage after hearing the negative results. Either way, for the fellas that are responsible and do not want to spread their DNA around like lotion, wait that is somewhat of a taboo analogy. 😉 Here is an excerpt from Mens Health:

Researchers had 99 healthy men apply a daily gel treatment to their bodies over the course of 6 months. One-third of the guys applied a gel containing testosterone and a placebo, while the remaining two thirds applied a gel with testosterone and either 8 or 12 milligrams of Nestosterone, a synthetic hormone that’s been found to increase the contraceptive effectiveness of testosterone in men. (Feeling weak? Tired? Less confident? Reclaim your mojo and complete a total-body Testosterone Transformation in just 12 weeks!)

The results: Out of the guys who were using the testosterone-Nestosterone combination, 88 to 89 percent had a sperm concentration of less than 1 million sperm per milliliter. (Normal sperm concentration is more than 15 million sperm per milliliter.)

How does it work? When testosterone and Nestosterone hit your skin together, the mixture shuts off the hormones that control production of sperm in your testes, Dr. Wang explains.

This cream should not even remotely replace condoms.  It is designed for unwanted pregnancies – not battling the growing epidemic known as HIV and STD’s, so wrap it up!

-Ms Scripter

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F-T-M Most Eligible Bachelor #3 – Marcel


Name: Marcel

Age: 41
Occupation: Account Manager
Hometown: Bronx, New York
Zodiac Sign: Pieces

  • What are three things that your ideal woman should have? Great conversation, be open minded, and fun.
  • What is your idea of the perfect first date? I like to make a woman say wow, on her first date. I like to go to great restaurants.
  • What is your romance style? I love to make a woman feel like she the most important person in the world.
  • What are the most important things that make a relationship successful? Communication.
  • If your friends could describe you in five words, what will they say? Friendly, Outgoing, Respectful, Fun, Still learning.
  • What qualities in a women are you attractive to the most? A beautiful woman that is approachable.
  • What is your 5 year game plan in life? To be in a great relationship, finding the perfect woman I can grow with.

To contact this available bachelor send an email to and place Bachelor #3 – Marcel in the subject line.

Look out or more of our eligible bachelors this week! 🙂

-Ms Scripter

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Ladies: Are YOU The Reason Why You FAIL at Relationships?


So I’m sitting here watching this really bad TV play, for no other obvious reason except boredom; and the main character just dumped the “GOOD GUY”, because the bad guy she has been chasing for the last 17 years told her that he changed. hahahaha! Knowing better, we all know that this man hasn’t changed but of course, she wants to have faith that there was a change. I guess that problem with that is, why would you wait around for 17 years for this man to change? Seventeen years isn’t like 10 minutes go by and bam here it is. I was starting to think that maybe she just didn’t know how long 17 years was, because there is NO way that any one person should stick around waiting for a person to change for that long. That is absurd. Hell even waiting 30 minutes for an oil change is ridiculous these days. Time is precious, something that you can’t get back. Sooooo, what was so great about this particular man that you straight up cut off the good guy? I don’t get it. But here I am being called crazy by my five year old daughter because I’m rolling my eyes and yelling at the TV that this girl is making a HUGE mistake. I guess I was thinking that the girl could hear me on the other side of the TV.

First off, pay attention to the red flags and weed out all the losers before you get stuck with a person for longer than you should. I believe that is the reason why we have the saying “Some people are only supposed to be in your life for a season,” for exactly this very reason. Know when to turn the emotions off,  let go, and move on. A guy doesn’t become a douche bag overnight and he doesn’t need to become your baby daddy or husband either. No need to feel like he will change or that you can change him. You can’t change anyone without their consent and quite frankly why even put in the work? So what he’s got that Ginuwine baby hair or that Jay Z money. You can’t find the person that’s right for you by entertaining the ones that are not worth your time. Let that be someone else’s issue. Why should it have to be yours? How hard can it be? If the shoe doesn’t fit, take it off and find another one that does!

Secondly, ladies we have to do better to value ourselves more and give ourselves credit where credit is due. We sit up and complain about how we are being treated and not appreciated, not realizing that we are the ones that are really in control of how we are treated. The first step in getting that control back is teaching people how to treat you. Of course you don’t have to be super aggressive and mean, but everyone needs boundaries; including men. A man shouldn’t be allowed to disrespect you one day and then turn around and ask for sex the next day. Not only that, at this point he should be cut off for the mere fact of disrespecting you. Only the weak minds prey on the weak. A real man already comes equipped with the skills to handle you. There isn’t any crash courses he will need to take about women. Real men like strong women, women they can respect, they already know how to treat women, and loves a woman that can stand up for herself. If you can’t stand up for yourself, no one else will.

Stop torturing these men with mixed signals. It is totally confusing. One minute you are riding on Destiny’s Child coattails about being an“Independent Woman” and how you don’t need a man. But then somehow you end up crying your eyes out to your friends about how you can’t find or keep a man. HA! Every woman needs a man honey; it’s whether they want one at the moment that is the question. If you are going to have a man, let him be a man. Don’t walk around like you are Bill Gates but still want your man to act like Warren Buffet. Furthermore, we have to stop expecting these men to do everything for us. You can’t be the Lead Fry technician at Burger King and expect for your man “The Successful Lawyer”, to waltz into your life after ordering his No. 2 combo and wife you up. Absolutely NOT! You have to stop being complacent, consistently be on your grind, and get your hustle on. Also, there is absolutely nothing wrong with sitting back, shutting the F up, and letting your man run the show. It should give you a break from having to do it all the time by yourself anyways. Submissive should be the new word of the day. Learn the word, learn the meaning, and KNOW how to do it. Being submissive doesn’t mean that you are his servant or that you have to cater to his every need, but if you take care of him; he will take care of you. Men need to know that they are needed. Otherwise, why is he there?

Remember, men are very consistent with what they want. They are visual creatures. If you offer them sex, more than likely they are going to take it. I mean, he IS a man. However, even with men being visual creatures more than anything they like challenges. That is why all of your pretty dumb friends are single and it has everything to do with personality. Don’t feel the need to have sex with the guy just so he will like you or even because you like sex. Really? You still fall for that? WOW. Have at least a little bit of willpower. When you have sex with a guy before you really want and need to, you are risking him losing interest. The intrigue is gone, especially if he is looking for a long term relationship. At this point he is thinking; “Why do I have to be with her to get the prize, clearly I can get it whenever I want”. In a couple of hours, spreading your legs made him re-access what he really wanted from you. Trust me, it is NOT a relationship! =( Always keep in mind that men can sleep with a million women and feel nothing, but the woman he makes his wife is special. (In most cases, LOL)

Women always say they want a good man, but a good man could be staring them in the face and they won’t even recognize him.” This is what the “Good Guy” in the play told the lady after he was dumped, and I totally agree. You can’t expect to have greatness if you are going after the failures. Are you even allowed to complain about NOT having a man at this point? On a normal day this wouldn’t bother me as much if the chick wasn’t off her fcking rocker. Why complain that the men you get are crappy but you still act like a giggling school girl when you get in his face. Better yet, how many woman do you know of that is completely sane, has a great personality, is a looker, has all her ducks in a row; and is not in a relationship? Minus the women who claim to be single by way choice, but even that is another story, and a very long stretch. If you know one, its probably because she is crazy. Or maybe are you that woman? If only I could write a book about what the real deal is.

The real issue here is knowing when to end the chapter on a book that should have been closed a long time ago.  Being the outside looking in on any situation; I can always say how wonderfully stupid you really are without knowing the other side. But do you ever just sit back and ask yourself “Am I serious right now?”. I am absolutely tired of giving relationship advice on things that to me is basic common sense. I also don’t understand the logic in torturing yourself with someone that just isn’t right for you. I know that things can be a little rocky in relationships, but there HAS to be a line somewhere. It’s like making your size 14 body fit into size 5 jeans, its impossible. Yeah, I know its harsh, but why sugarcoat the truth? I get that I may be a little biased because I go harder on women than I do men, but thats only because I hold women at a higher regard than men. I just wish that women would hold themselves to a better standard in life and relationships. I am not here to put women down, but really WE HAVE TO DO BETTER and stop putting our happiness on hold!

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Ladies: Warm Weather Is Upon Us and So Is The Enhancement of Street Harassment


NEW YORK – The warm weather is officially upon us and my fellow New Yorkers are extremely happy since we had such a long horrendous winter. Those heavy coats are now put away, and if you were working out all winter you can’t wait to show off the results. Some of us will receive more attention from people more than before. With that being said it does not mean we worked out or dress a certain way to be subjected to disrespectful comments. A lot of us do it to stay healthy, to feel good about ourselves, to look good, but not for anyone else. As a woman I have to start utilizing a strategy when walking around the streets of New York City to avoid the enhancement of “street harassment”. Street harassment is when someone is walking in the street, and are subjected to lewd comments, cat calls, and sometimes groping. The main target of this behavior are women. I try to keep my head phones in my ear, many times music is not even playing. That is just one of my strategic attempts to zone out any comments made when passing by men in the street.

Fellas this has to be said, because some of you can be some classless individuals and it is more glaring during the warm months where street harassment is 10 times worse. I see some of you park your behinds on your stoop or hug the corner, and you just have to say something to every female that walks past you. It is even worse when you are in a group, because one is always trying to one up the other on who can be the most vulgar. One of the most annoying street harasser is the person that sits in his car honking their horns at us. That sort of behavior is address at prostitutes. Lets be honest here, if a female responds to that and walks up to your car, then you know what type of female you are dealing with.

I do not even acknowledge the hisses, or the following lingo that some of you considered as a term of endearment: “Hey Ma, shortie thickness, chocolate, light skin”. Or better yet the more demoralizing comments like “Shortie got a fat ass, let me holla at you Ma?” Not only is that downright disrespectful it just goes to show you men like that view women as objects and nothing more. No one should be subjected to that. We really wish you would cease and desist that sort of behavior, altogether. Or you have the more aggressive type of street harasser who walks up to women and grab their arm as a charming attempt in their mind to talk to them. You grab my arm, their will be a nice burst of red hot pepper spray that will cascade across your retina. Their is a difference between a compliment and just plain old lewd comments; so fellas please do not get that misconstrued.

The ladies that I have spoken to for this article have said plenty of times they have crossed the street or skip the block that you are known to congregate just to avoid you. What gets me is that some of you demonstrate no self-control, because you just can’t seem to help yourself and you feel you have to say something. Don’t get me wrong their are plenty of gentlemen that just want to say hello or good morning, etc. Unfortunately for the gentlemen, at times you do not receive an response because some of us have in our minds that if we acknowledge you then a follow up comment will ensue. Or the classic “Hey, let me talk to you for a second?” We said good morning, we said hello, some of us are not interested in any follow up conversation, and just want to get to our destination. If we are interested, I’m sure you will know it when we stop to talk to you.

It has been so bad that lawmakers were probing this issue in hearings in October of 2010. Councilwoman Julissa Ferreras the Chair of the Women’s Issues Committee out of the East Elmhurst Queens district is leading the cause. The most troubling factor to me is when I observed young teenage girls being harass in the street especially by adult men. Just over the weekend I observed a grown man grab his private parts and started hissing at a teenager, who was no more than 15 years old. That sort of behavior belongs in the zoo because you clearly are demonstrating animalistic tendencies, and you’re  nothing more than a child molester. So I welcome any legislation that may be passed in the future to put a curb on this type of behavior, and protect our children at the same time. Even if a law is passed it will not stop this behavior entirely, but at least it will address it and hopefully some men will get the picture.

Also it would help if women stop responding to the non-sense then maybe the street harassment will decrease. I also observe women laughing and thinking the vulgar comments are cute. Sorry it is not, and you making it bad for the classy ladies, because men expect us to respond in a positive manner to their lewdness just like you have. When we do not then we get the classic “bitch” comment.

Just remember guys if you have a daughter(s) all those cat calls, disrespectful comments, and animalistic behavior that you demonstrate toward us may one day be directed at your daughter. Not a good feeling right? What goes around comes around, so be careful what you send around. Try to implement some traits of a gentlemen, and address a lady you are interested in a classy way, you never know you might even get a positive response.

-Ms Scripter

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3 Fundamentals To Appeal To Women


Here are 3 fundamentals that you cannot get wrong, if you want to appeal to a woman:

1. You have to learn how to make woman curious.

If you don’t know how to intrigue a woman and fill her with curiosity, then you are going to have to work much harder to create attraction with her. Everyone is naturally drawn to whatever sparks their curiosity, and yet most guys remove this from the start. They immediately feel as though they should be an open book to a woman, and this does more to make her find you less attractive than it will to escalate her attraction.

2. You have to be able to “hit” the right spot.

No, not in the bedroom, although that is a MUST as well. But you also have to be able to turn a woman on through her emotions as well. You don’t have to become a passive, wimpy kind of guy. What you do have to do is to learn how to read a woman, so that you know what she is feeling. Of course, this does not always happen right away, but over time, any guy can learn how to read a woman.

3. As a man, she has to find you sexually attractive in some way.

Of course, women are not quite the same as men, so you don’t have to look like a professional athlete to make her feel sexually attracted to YOU. With the right amount of charm, charisma, and magnetism, you can easily make a woman feel sexual attraction for you. You would be surprised at how many unattractive men are able to make a woman feel sexual tension and make them feel turned on just being around them. You can too.

-R. Hill

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