The Many Tiers of Rape Culture


end_rape_img-fRape culture has many forms and not just the sexual assault kind one sees on the news, where the perpetrators are given 25 years to life for brutal attacks if caught and convicted. Rape culture has an array of forms, and the tiers can go from subliminal and advance to critical levels.

The lowest layer on the rape culture chart starts off with victimization, which has several forms alone. Victimization shows up as unwanted touching in a non-sexual way, the disclosure of private details about one’s sexual life that one didn’t ask to be a part of, could be deemed as inappropriate. Rape jokes, homophobia/transphobia, locker room talk, sexist attitudes, and victim blaming. I’m sure we all know someone whether in the work place, or in our private lives that have been known to exhibit the victimization tiers of rape culture.

Level II of rape culture is degrading someone, like catcalls. When someone is in public, that person should not be subjected to catcalls. Let people go to their destination, without others impeding on them by flapping their gums. I can’t stand when the weather gets a little warm, and that give individual(s) (men) the license to start the enhancement of cat calling to monumental levels. If one does participate in catcalling, one is also participating in rape culture. Sending someone an unsolicited picture of one’s sexual anatomy is another form of rape culture. If they didn’t ask to see a picture of one’s private parts, don’t send it! Of course, the situation in the club or any other public space where one thinks it’s a good idea to grope someone, without his or her consent is also a part of rape culture.

Level III of rape culture intensifies, this tier represents the phenomena that have been around for a while now, but has been recently getting a lot of attention, which is when a man covertly removes a condom during sexual intercourse, without the consent of the person they are having sex with at the time. Condom removal without the other person’s consent is never okay. In the present, politicians are looking to put laws of this nature on the books, to address it. Statutory rape is also an action that we should know is part of the intensifying levels of rape culture. The excuse that one didn’t know that he/she was 15 at the time of sexual intercourse is not going to fly. One may be convicted of statutory rape and will be required to register as a sex offender for the rest of their lives, even after serving time in jail if applicable. One better makes sure that the person that they are engaged in sexual intercourse with is of legal age, in their state (which varies). Sexual coercion is also part of level III of rape culture. Pressing someone to have sex is part of the dimension of rape culture. If one has to pressure someone to have sex, then it says a lot about you, and mainly that you are a sexual predator.

Level IV is the last level of rape culture, which is explicit violence. Actions like rape are the most violent out of the definitions. I also want to make it clear, that having sex with someone who is intoxicated and can’t give clear consent is also rape. When one commits acts of battery, incest, and murder that can also be characterized as part of rape culture.

Now that one has understood (hopefully) all the definitions from lowest to highest; it’s important that no matter how low the tier is, participating in any of these actions means one is contributing to rape culture. Lastly, if one sees their friends groping, cat calling, making rape jokes, talking about having sex with intoxicated victims, one should check their friends, etc or you also become part of the problem.

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-Ms Scripture

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Book Recommendation: I Am Troy Davis




September 21, 2011, is the date of execution of one of the most controversial capital punishment cases that created national attention. I Am Troy Davis is a book written by Jen Marlowe and Martina Davis-Correta and Troy Davis. It documents the story of Troy Davis and his childhood, and what led up to the moments that were captured during his conviction for murder, and his subsequent death by the state.

Troy Davis was accused of shooting police officer Mark MacPhail, who was moonlighting as a security guard when he attempted to break up a fight with two other men. Davis was placed at the scene of the crime and was accused of being the shooter, by eyewitness testimony. A manhunt ensued, and Davis turned himself in and didn’t realize that the criminal justice system would convict him and put him to death. When reading how Davis was convicted based on no DNA evidence (even the gun that was used was never found), would frustrate the reader. One knows that the criminal justice system was about to give Davis a raw deal that would lead to his death, based on reading how unethical the case was handled from the very beginning.

After Davis’ conviction, his sister Martina Davis-Correta did everything remotely possible to prevent the state from killing her brother. The chapters discuss the stay of execution for Davis, as he was preparing to take a walk to his death. The back and forth that the state put this family through was torture until the end, where he was finally put to death, proclaiming his innocence to the bitter end.

This book highlights capital punishment and makes one thinks how many potential innocent defendants, are placed on death row, and executed. We read it every day how many defendants that are on death row are exonerated because of their innocence. The Troy Davis case made me look at the death penalty differently. Some would say they should get rid of capital punishment entirely. I would go on to say, no one should be put to death based on only eyewitness testimony, which includes only circumstantial evidence.

There are special cases that I wouldn’t mind seeing a needle embedded in the human flesh. For example the killer (who we won’t name) that entered a church in South Carolina and executed the majority of the people inside, while at bible study. I’m sorry, I’m still stuck in the middle of the capital punishment argument, but again, circumstantial evidence is unacceptable when evoking the capital punishment on defendants. The risks of innocence is too great to appoint the death penalty based on weak evidence.

I Am Troy Davis is a very emotional piece of non-fiction, and it’s become one of my favorite books that I’ve read in 2015. Not only does the reader gain incite on Troy Davis’ life, but it also highlights his family and their fight for the truth, while the alleged killer gets away with the murder. It also makes one angry at the bias police department, that coerce eye witnesses into framing their stories, just to lock up any Black face imaginable, without having integrity when performing their jobs. Lastly, the sad ending of those involved should resonate with the reader and make one seek an end to the corrupt system. Black Lives Matter is a new movement, but it started centuries ago. In Troy Davis’ case, Black lives didn’t matter to those who sought to give Davis the ultimate punishment, no matter how flimsy the evidence.
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars.

-Ms Scripter

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Learn To Leave The Hood Behind: The Chinx Story



OPINION – I was up bright in early this past Sunday morning when my newsfeed on social media declared Queens rapper Lionel Pickens who goes by the stage name Chinx was shot and killed in Queens. As a trapped in the 80’s and 90’s hip-hop/rap fan, I wasn’t familiar with Chinx’s body of work. All I knew was that he was part of French Montana’s “Coke Boys” crew. Once one is associated with the likes of French Montana, then I have zero interests from hearing any music from that circle, thus my reasons for being unfamiliar with Chinx’s music.

The victim, shot multiple times in the torso, has been identified as 31-year old Lionel Pickens of Ozone Park, who performed as Chinx.

The incident happened just after 4 a.m. at Queens Boulevard and 84th Drive in Briarwood.

Police say the victims were driving a Porsche westbound on Queens Boulevard when a second vehicle pulled up to them at 84th Road, where a gunman from the second vehicle fired multiple rounds inside the first car, striking the driver and the passenger.

While hearing the early circumstances surrounding his death, I started to question several things. Who knows the reasoning behind the murder of Chinx, but I pose a few points for those who are on the come up. Too many new artists have the illusion that one can go back to the place where it all started – which is the hood. One can’t go back to the hood, not even for a millisecond. The dynamics have changed dramatically; there are people out there still unemployed, or just keeping themselves afloat that see a Porsche in the neighborhood and get jealous. They know the person they used to grow up with back in the hood, who in their eyes made it, and deemed that as a sign of disrespect for driving around with a nice car. Yes, there are folks who have irrational thinking.

Jealousy is another element to the devils playground. Some may feel that they can rap and are frustrated that they aren’t on the come up like Chinx and decide to take him out, and the killer feels good about himself in the process, because they eliminated the competition. There is a recent posting by someone on social media, who was actually celebrating Chinx’s death. I won’t name this individual, but I’m sure law enforcement is analyzing him, nevertheless.

Another element that may be the cause of Chinx’s demised is the contents of Chinx’s lyrics. I stated before, I am unfamiliar with the young man’s body of work, but doing research it was full of gangster street tales. If one is not living a life of crime, rapping about it only draws that unwanted attention from those who are living that life.

It can also be other hidden reasons (until police find out the motive), as to why this unfortunate murder took place. The facts do not change nevertheless, as far as the location where the murder took place. When one makes it, going back in the hood should, unfortunately, not be an option. Sometimes, one’s circle can set someone up, and this isn’t an accusation until the police can prove otherwise, but one never knows. That crime scene resembles a hit, in fact, a contract killing.

Take Biggie Smalls as an example. The west coast vs. east coast beef was too hot, why did P-Diddy feel the need for Biggie to be out there on the west coast? We have to think ahead that outside forces, want to put an end to success or any potential success.

There is nothing wrong with trying to stay in touch with the hood, but there are ways to do it. One can stay in their state, but it would be wise to live in an area where the demographics change and implementing security procedures at the same time. We all can show the hood some love, without going back in the physical realm if that is what one desires to do. From what the media is currently reporting, the murder may have been a result of a car jacking. If one doesn’t learn to stay away from old neighborhoods when on the come up, then Chinx, Stack Buddles, and countless others can become a victim to the same hood that birth them.

-Ms Scripter

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George Zimmerman is Still Winning, Now at DMX’s Expense


Zimmerman and DMXOPINION- At first I thought it was some joke, created by some internet hoaxer who envision murderer (don’t care if he was acquitted) George Zimmerman wanting to fight DMX in a celebrity boxing match. According to the Daily News, Zimmerman came up with the concept himself.

According to published reports, Zimmerman stated that he has been training for months and boxing is his hobby – even before he murdered Trayvon Martin. Let’s see here if Zimmerman stated he was boxing before he murdered that child, it was quite evident that Martin beat his ass and that he didn’t learn to develop much skill when he was focusing on that “hobby”. Since Martin was whopping his behind, the only way he could win was to shoot that child to death.

Besides the fact Zimmerman considers in his sociopathic mind that he is some sort of celebrity, he has the audacity to try to embed himself in the spotlight again, without a care in the world. Many people will say that Zimmerman isn’t calling himself a celebrity per say, but is calling his opponent, who happens to be rapper DMX one. If one believes that, I have used car to sell you that is missing an engine. Zimmerman believes that when he was acquitted of murdering Martin he could capitalize on that new found fame in a smug and remorseless way.

What I find disturbing is a few things: celebrity boxing promoter Damon Feldman does not have an empathy trait in his body. What human being will advocate a child killer to gain money off of the fact he murdered a child in the first place? Feldman has no respect for the Martin family and clearly is nothing more than a greedy demon and if one were to look deep enough a racist. Feldman knows what Zimmerman represent, and that is a man who oppressed and lynches a Black man for walking in a neighborhood that he felt Martin shouldn’t have been in after dark. Feldman should call himself the grand wizard and not a celebrity boxing promoter. In reality, all Feldman is doing is ensuring that Zimmerman continues to rub our noses in the fact, he got away with murdering a Black child and DMX represent part II of that saga as the victim of that oppression.  Feldman and Zimmerman are the symbol of white America and how they treat Black people in this country. Not only does Zimmerman need to be dealt with, his co-signer Feldman should reap the benefits of advocating white supremacy by being dealt with, as well.

I have asked publicly and privately why is Zimmerman still allowed to live. Where are these so called gangsters that will rather shoot their brothers over, sets, colors, etc and allow Zimmerman to chill and be arrogant about killing their brother? Zimmerman has been posing at gun shops, selling paintings, just chilling. It made me realize some Black men in this country would rather show their frustrations toward each other at all the oppression that has impact them, than show it towards one’s that represents the reason why they are in the predicament that many of them find themselves in. We used to be revolutionaries and advocate for social change, now we are just doing the job the Klansmen have done in the past. When we realize unity is the answer to a lot of the Black community problems, the better we will be.

It’s unfortunate that DMX also does not see that uniting is one of the answers to suppressing guys like Zimmerman and not participate. DMX should gather whatever sense he has left that has not been destroyed by drugs and back out of this fight. Did the drugs fry his brain so bad that he thinks participating in this clear case of the white man dancing on the grave of a Black man Is the right thing to do? DMX is being used as a mascot regardless if he wins or loses. No man and I want to emphasize Black man should even participate in this so called boxing match and give Zimmerman more financial gain. DMX represents a Black man that is fighting in a ring like they did to many men of color during slavery. The owners will force men to fight till the death and make money off of the bout, and that is what Feldman represents. Owner advocated that their slaves be vicious in a gladiator style fight, which were white entertainment during that time, and still represent that same form of entertainment.

It’s Black History Month and to kick it off, DMX decides to be a mascot and be used all for the love of money, and not think of what the damages psychologically he will be inflicting on himself, and his brothers and sisters. DMX is going to be humiliated regardless of the outcome of this fight, by agreeing to do it.  Instead of using his celebrity for good, like getting clean, and becoming a role model because it is obvious that he is not. I witnessed his concert a few weeks ago and he looked like a crack head that thinks he was still in his glory days, riding high figuratively, and literally. DMX was even doing knuckle pushups and rambling walking back and forth in crack head fashion, where his fans had enough and began to leave the concert. It was sad to watch, and this fight if DMX elects to do it will be another embarrassment added to his resume. I guess that child support bill will make one lose their integrity…

No other ethnic group has been subjected to centuries of abuse at the hand of the man with the whip than Black people. Every day one reads and hear stories of degradation and abuse and oppression at the hands of the police, neighborhood watchmen, the criminal justice system, lawmakers, the education system, and economically.  That form of abuse and white supremacy is continuing to be played out and unfortunately, DMX and the rest of the thousands of applicants who are of color who applied to fight that racist are unconscious and are unable to take notice.

-Ms Scripter

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Will Justice for Trayvon Martin End Up Like Latasha Harlins?


On March 16, 1991, a 15 year old African-American girl named Latasha Harlins – enter Empire Liquor Market store in Compton, California and proceeded to grab an orange juice – and place it in her back pack. Before she could pay for the item, Korean store owner Soon Ja Du confronted her – and accused her of stealing, even though Harlins was carrying the money to pay for the juice in her hand. Du grabbed Harlins’ sweater and tried to grab her back pack, and she fought back by punching Du in the face. The juice fell to the ground during the initial struggle. Harlins picked it up, placed it on the counter – and turned away to leave the store. Du took out her handgun and fired, hitting Harlins in the back of the head. Harlins died instantly – still clutching 2 dollars in her hand.

Du concocted a story that the store was being robbed, which is the reason why she used deadly force. Two eye witnesses and a video were presented to dispute those claims. Du was arrested and charged with voluntary manslaughter. Du claimed it was self-defense (sounds familiar) and was afraid for her life. Her defense counsel went on to say that the handgun used in the crime, was altered and had a hair trigger. The jury of her peers did not buy the story and convicted her of voluntary manslaughter, which the recommended sentence at the time was 16 years in prison.  The Judge, Joyce Karlin who is white, presided over the case and gave Du 5 years probation, community service and a $400 fine. Karlin claimed that she elected to give Du probation because she had a clean record at the time and did not demonstrate any violence in the past. According to this judge she was indicating that Harlins’ death was worth a $400 dollar fine and community service. As a result, of her ruling in the Du case District Attorney Ira Reiner disqualified her from trying anymore felonies. In all honesty, Karlin should have never been given this case in the first place – due to her lack of experience. Looking back, I also think Karlin is just another judge who viewed the death of a Black person as a nonentity. Once you review the video, it is absolutely incomprehensible how this judge can come to the conclusion that this crime was worth probation and a fine.

Just like so many young black men can identify and feel that they are Trayvon Martin, twenty years ago I was Latasha Harlins. I would have been about the same age as Harlins during the time of her death. Who knows what Harlins could have been if given the opportunity to live – but ran into a hot headed Korean woman with a gun – who wanted to play God that day. That hot headed Korean woman is now morphed into George Zimmerman, who also wanted to play God that night – and will use that same story of self-defense, and the stand your ground law as a get out of jail card. Unfortunately, we do not have video of Zimmerman’s actions – but we have the 911 tapes that tell a story of profiling – and stalking and the obvious screams of a young man pleading for help before he was shot to death.

Will this case even see the light of day? Harvard Professor and attorney Alan Dershowitz was animated on MSNBC with his opinion. Here, is what he stated on Hardball:

“Most affidavits of probable cause are very thin. This is so thin that it won’t make it past a judge on a second degree murder charge,” Dershowitz said. “There’s simply nothing in there that would justify second degree murder.”

“I think what you have here is an elected public official who made a campaign speech last night for reelection when she gave her presentation and overcharged. This case will not – if the evidence is no stronger than what appears in the probable cause affidavit – this case will result in an acquittal.”

But it’s worse than that,” said Dershowitz. “It’s irresponsible and unethical in not including material that favors the defendant.”

“This affidavit does not even make it to probable cause,” Dershowitz concluded. “everything in the affidavit is completely consistent with a defense of self-defense. Everything.”

I wonder if Dershowitz is right and special prosecutor sold us out for political aspirations. Or did she provide Zimmerman wiggle room for a plea bargain that will probably result in a few years in prison, instead of life in prison – which he rightfully deserves. Will a jury of Zimmerman’s peers be impartial after this case has been played out in the media – if it even reaches that far. Will the judge presiding over this case handle it impartially as well, or will he also exhibit the same judicial biases like Judge Karlin handed down in the Harlins case and throw it out completely?

I don’t trust the justice system, it is racially bias and has consistently treated victims of color like 2nd class citizens. The system, which failed Trayvon can possibly fail him a 2nd time. I don’t want to sound pessimistic, but history has a sick way of creeping up on you and repeating itself. Let’s hope the result, does not rear its ugly head again, in Florida. But then again, justice for Blacks in America – like in the case of Eleanor Bumpers, Sean Bell, Kathryn Johnston, Amadou Diallo and many others who were killed – and their killers never punished provides a stark reality that in today’s America, a Black life loss – tends to be ignored and go unpunished. Justice should be evenly disperse no matter the race or sex of the defendant or victim, but then again this is a new judicial system that is now called – the New Jim Crow.

-Ms Scripter

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 Originally published 4/13/12



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Mayor Emmanuel: Time For Chicago to Utilize a Curfew & The National Guard


Chicago ViolenceOPINION – Recently some people of Chicago displayed a total disregard for human life, when 7 people died and over 41 people were wounded over Fathers Day weekend. A few weekends before that, 5 people were killed, and 18 others were wounded in less than 24 hours. Many people think this is the norm for a lot of residents in Chicago to read and hear about gun violence and death, which is gripping the 3rd largest city in the United States.

Mayor Rahm Emmanuel, President Obama’s former right hand man has been absolutely brutal in his leadership of the city. The constant killings in Chicago is genocide and this ambitious Mayor does not appear to care, maybe because most of the victims who are dying, and doing the shootings are Black. Emmanuel did not even bat an eyelash when Hadiya Pendleton, 15, who was murdered in January, and was a part of President Obama’s inauguration celebration.

The teenager had just performed at one of the events surrounding President Barack Obama’s inauguration in Washington when she was shot dead in a park a mile from his Chicago home.

One would think Emmanuel would have used Pendleton’s murder to react accordingly, but he did nothing – even after the First Lady made an appearance at Pendleton’s funeral. If Emmanuel started to see victims become less constant in the South side of Chicago, creep in white neighborhoods, would he make sweeping changes as far as law enforcement is concerned to address the problem? If Emmanuel did care, he would go to extreme measures to address  the violence.

The people who are inflicting this type of violence should be called urban terrorist. They are inflicting terror on the good people in the community and many families worry about their children going, and returning to school might be shot. Now that they are closing tons of schools in Chicago, this will only add to many parents dilemma. It is not just one’s Politician that should get the blame; it is the community at large. By sitting idle and remaining silent as gangs start a war in one’s community and do nothing is doing a great disservice to the community. If the people that are doing the killings were white, we would demand change and protest every day. It appears to me, when Black on Black crime takes a strangle hold on a community, we accept it, and do nothing.

The media also conveniently avoids making the violence in Chicago national news, unless violence occurs in upscale neighborhoods. Al Jeezera provides coverage of the violence in Chicago more than one’s own major news outlet and that is a sign of covert racism, in this case this is not covert it is pretty obvious. The main stream media does not care that Blacks are killing each other and they made that pretty obvious by the lack of media attention that they are providing. One has to be Jodi Arias, Casey Anthony, or a missing white baby to get some main stream media attention.

Gun control should be a priority to address this issue as well, but that has not happen neither. If a group of cute little kindergartners can be killed by a mad man with an assault rile, and no legislation to even get background checks is passed, what does that say about one’s government?  Politicians are not going to animatedly address gun control, especially when Black people are the ones being killed.

National GuardA city wide curfew should be inflicted in Chicago because it is obvious the residents are in danger, when they step out of their homes. Emmanuel’s police department are way over their head and known corruption that has grip that department is still rampant, solving that issue is another entity of its own.  Anyone who complains about the curfew should be asked do one prefers an open casket or a close one for a member of their family or oneself?

Emmanuel should also ask for state and federal help in obtaining the services of the National Guard to patrol the neighborhoods. Yes, it has become that drastic and protecting citizens is part of Emmanuel’s job and he is not doing that well. This is what takes place when voters (especially Black voters) consistently vote along party lines and not do research on the candidates. Before Emmanuel got elected he should have had a comprehensive plan on how he was going to address this issue of violence in the urban community. Mr. Ambitious only cares about himself and his future as a politician who is probably using his current position to seek more power.  Emmanuel is a horrible Mayor and should be held accountable for his lack of a vision.

One may think my stance on inflicting a curfew and the National Guard is radical, but what else is being done about the violence that has plague Chicago? Don’t count on Civil Rights leaders to help. Civil Rights leaders only show up when a safe character victim is killed by the police, otherwise they will never make an appearance. Furthermore, stop waiting on leaders and take back one’s own community. The majority of the gun violence is being administered by young people. One has to look at these inadequate parents who have lost control of their children. The children are running the show, parents are either spectators or participates of all the violence and disrespect of each other.  Black on Black violence has resulted in almost calmness from the people in the community. That type of attitude only devalues a Black life and continues the cycle of violence.

To curb the violence in Chicago requires a group effort from everyone involved and drastic measures must take place in order to safe keep lives. One thing is for sure, federal funding is needed more than ever to address this issue, so if Emmanuel can call up his buddy pal, the President of the United States and get something done that would be a start – but Emmanuel’s record alone should indicate he does not have a care in the world – only when it involves himself and his personal goals.

-Ms Scripter

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Will Christopher Dorner be the LA version of Larry Davis?


OPINION – Christopher Dorner the former LAPD officer, who was fired and sought revenged by killing three people, including a police officer is still on the run. Dorner’s source of his outrage stems from an August 2007 incident.

When Dorner, a Naval reservist, returned to LAPD after deployment to the Middle East in 2007, a training officer became alarmed by his conduct, which included weeping in a police car and threatening to file a lawsuit against the department, records show.

Six days after being notified in August 2007 that he could be removed from the field, Dorner accused the training officer, Sgt. Teresa Evans, of kicking a severely mentally ill man in the chest and left cheek while handcuffing him during an arrest.

However, his report to internal affairs came two weeks after the arrest, police and court records allege. Civilian and police witnesses said they didn’t see Evans kick the man, who had a quarter-inch scratch on his cheek consistent with his fall into a bush. A police review board ruled against Dorner, leading to his dismissal.

Since Dorner has been on the run, he has been developing folk hero status among social networking site followers. Many people believe the LAPD has something to hide, why else would they have a million dollar bounty on his head? Furthermore, the language that the LAPD is now using, calling Dorner a domestic terrorist is also giving people indication that the LAPD is up to their normal sinister ways. How come the words domestic terrorist was not used to describe Adam Lanza, who murdered kindergartners at Sandy Hook. We could have also given that label to James Holmes, who shot and killed people at a movie theater?  The words domestic terrorist applies to folks who commit crimes, which causes hysteria. Sounds like Holmes and Lanza to me. Whenever a Black man commits a crime, they are treated differently in the media, and through their respective police departments.

What Dorner did was completely wrong and unjust. I’m not advocating or condoning the violence he inflicted on his victims and their families. I do wonder since we love to appoint the mentally ill label when white offenders commit murder, if Dorner’s prior military service had something to do with his mental state. I wonder if Dorner had enough of the racial biases in the police department and snapped. Who knows, but I do find his story having similarities to another Black man, who also experience an intense man hunt.

Dorner’s story reminds me another street folk legend, but this time in NYC named Larry Davis  – who shot 6 NYPD officers in 1986 during a raid at his sister’s home, in the Bronx.  According to the NYPD at the time, they wanted to question Davis about four suspected drug dealers who were found murdered. Davis was also a drug dealer. Davis was caught after a manhunt that lasted 17 days where he took several hostages, but was assured of his safety thanks to the presence of journalist during hostage negotiations.  During the trial, Davis’ defense attorneys revealed that the raid was designed to murder him. Davis’ defense attorneys went on to say, he knew too much about the NYPD operations as drug dealers, and even forced Davis to sell drugs for them.

Davis was exonerated in the attempted murder of the 6 NYPD officers, but was found guilty of weapons possession and for the killing of another separate individual. Davis was sentenced to 25 years to life, but was murdered in prison in 2008. Davis is still named dropped in rap songs and is often talked about when discussing the crime plague era, of NYC in the 80’s.

Davis and Dorner have striking similarities. Both Black men who have participated in shootings where the targets were police officers, which resulted in an intense manhunt.  Both of these men accused their respective police departments of corruption and are now street folk legends. I think both men are not to be looked upon as a heroes at all, but murderers. I do believe that they may have also been a victim of the never-ending saga, of police corruption.

Who knows how Dorner’s story will conclude and if he will bring the LAPD back into the corruption spotlight. The LAPD has not been a department of ethics; they have been known for their police brutality and their unethical practices, especially against minority men and women.

The LAPD appears to be hiding something and are acting nervous. They are even shooting innocent citizens in cars, thinking it was Dorner. I did not know Asian women resemble a solid build Black man. I just find it rather odd, that the LAPD will utilize all this much man power, and money to protect 50 families of the NYPD. They even added a million dollar bounty, which now includes drones and all other resources in this case. Drones? One would think they were hunting Bin Laden and his crew, the way the LAPD are acting. This is the first of its kind that a drone is used on US soil (that we know of) to look for a murder suspect. This may be the start of many more drones being used on US citizens.  Maybe they are hoping they find him, to silence him, once and for all.

I’m sure many working class families would love  protection in LA, where gang violence, and now a race war between Mexicans and Blacks are formulated in their communities. I guess spending all these resources on one man is more beneficial than protecting regular citizens, whose tax dollars pays for their salaries. In this case, the LAPD does not care about protecting their citizens, but protecting their own “assets”.

History always seems to repeat itself, and in this case, it is eerie familiar.


-Ms Scripter

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Weekly Recap in Rants: Kansas City Chiefs Jovan Belcher Murder-Suicide & Jordan Davis’ Murder


It has been a while since I wrote a recap; well time has not been on my side as of late, but I’m sure you guys and gals can understand.  Two stories, that caught my attention last week, and no it is not Lindsey Lohan’ inability to stay out of trouble, or the fiscal deadline Two tragic events concerning gun violence. Let’s get right to it:

Kansas City Chiefs Jovan Belcher: Just another Coward Domestic Abuser

As many of my readers have heard the tragic story of Kansas Chiefs Linebacker Jovan Belcher who killed himself, after shooting Kasandra Perkins – the mother of his daughter, multiple times.

I’ve had discussions with friends and associates after this tragic event took place, trying to figure out why this man would kill himself. My thought process was, maybe it was part of the head trauma that many of the NFL players have sustained. Linking suicide to head injuries has always come up for discussion, especially after the recent and shocking suicide concerning Junior Seau. All that changed after I found out he murdered his girlfriend.

I believe Belcher was more than likely putting his hands on Perkins, for a while now. It was reported that the couple had what relatives labeled, a strained relationship.  Belcher argued with Perkins after she returned late from a Trey Songz concert. It was reported that he wanted her to stay home with the baby instead.  That is part of the demeanor of someone who is controlling, fits the profile of a domestic abuser to me.

I also cannot phantom, what kind of person, would do something that heinous in front of their own mother. Someone that comfortable, gives me the indication that his own family members knew he either had put his hands on this young lady before, and had a volatile temper. He had no respect to calm down, even in presence of his own mother.

Belcher, 25, and Kasandra Perkins, 22, were “the only people who knew what went on in their relationship,” Belcher’s sister, Charmaine Shepherd, said outside their childhood home Sunday. “And both of them are gone.”

I do not believe that for one second, that folks who are in relationships, do not tell their family their business. If anything, family tends to stay in one’s relationship business, in the first place.  Perkins family is calling the relationship, strained – so they have a general sense it was not picture perfect. That is just Belcher’s family shielding the fact that he was nothing but a cold murderer.

Belcher is a coward for killing the mother of his child. After realizing what he has done, like most cowards who can not face the repercussions on their actions, they take their own life.  His actions are unconscionable, his 3 month year old daughter will never know her parents, and when she gets older, she will go through the painstaking task of reading about her Dad’s actions – now that is a triple tragedy.

Jordan Davis – Killed for Playing Loud Music

Jordan Davis, black 17 year old from Florida was shot and killed, after he and his friends got into an argument with Michael Dunn, a 45 year old white man, after he wanted them to turn down their music because it was too loud. This story sent shock waves to my system. Teenagers will play loud music; that is what they do. What made Dunn the authority over them, and demand that they turn it down. Far as I know he was not the sheriff in town, more like a drunk man who wanted to establish some authority over 4 black teenagers.  If Dunn was so agitated, he was better off calling the cops and say that they was disturbing the peace. Instead, he argued with the group of teens and decided that since they were not going to listen to his demands, he will shoot up the vehicle, which resulted in Davis death. Pure senseless, which is exactly what I can chalk that up as.

Dunn of course claims that he was defending himself and that someone in the vehicle pointed a shot gun at him (which has not been found). I wonder if that were a group of white kids in a car, listening to music, would Dunn argue and shoot them, as well? Dunn’s actions resemble nothing short of what a white supremacists would do, and if I was the prosecutor in this case, I would charge him with a hate crime. The police know that is a absolute hate crime, but they are just as bad as Dunn, they love to cover up the obvious.

Florida, who has lawmakers who seem absolutely clueless, are once again thrown in the spotlight for their horrible statutes. ‘Stand Your Ground’ should be repealed, and the people of Florida should demand it. If they don’t, their child could be murdered next, and the person who pulled the trigger may simply say, “I was just standing my ground”.

We need to stop getting comfortable, thinking that race relations in America has improved. We are living in a world where racism is more covert and subtle. That makes it even more dangerous to a lot of people of color because one will not know if their boss, neighbor or that a stranger will one day attempt to kill them based on the color of their skin. White supremacist no longer where sheets over there heads.

We also need to teach children, and ourselves that arguing with strangers, no matter the subject can result in deadly consequences. One can never know what the person that one is arguing with will do. They can have  mental illness, or be under the influence, or has some biases against that person. It is not worth it, to even accept an invite to argue.

We are comparing Davis’ case to the tragic events that led up to Trayvon Martin’s death. This crime has the same similarities, where a black teen is shot and killed by someone that is not white, and they evoke ‘stand your ground’. Let’s hope both cases, results in infinite prison time to the aggressor and Florida finally does the right thing, and repeal that law, which only seems to be taken into consideration, when the victim is black.



-Ms Scripter

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Prosecutors Got It Wrong: Homicide is Simply Not Felony Hazing – The Robert Champion Case


OPINION – Florida prosecutors have filed charges against 13 individuals who participated in the beating death of Florida A&M drum major Robert Champion, during a hazing ritual. 11 of the 13 will face felony hazing charges while the 2 remaining defendants will face only misdemeanor charges. Champion was discovered unresponsive abroad a bus after the beating. The cause of death was due to internal bleeding, which led him to go into shock.

Felony Hazing? What kind of charge is that? Beating someone to death isn’t hazing, it is murder. To add insult to injury if found guilty, they will face less than six years in prison. Not only is this insulting, but it is a miscarriage of justice and one should feel empathy for Champions mother. No parent should have to bury their child, but then suffer a 2nd time by allowing his killers to get away with a slap on the wrist. If Champion wasn’t a FAMU student, nor were his killers, the suspects would surely face charges of at least 2nd degree murder or manslaughter.

One most analyze why felony hazing was handed down to these suspects in the first place. One being that it occurred at FAMU, and it would be in the best interest of the college if charges were minimized. Politics is also playing a pivotal role in allowing these individuals, whom have literally got away with murder. If one does not think a university like FAMU is powerful and can provide security blankets to those who break the law – just look at the scandal at Penn State for guidance. The 2nd reason is that the victim is black, we all know what the criminal justice system thinks of victims when they are of color. Lastly, Champion’s sexual orientation, which has come to light also may have played a part in why he was beaten so severely in the first place. If Champion were a straight man, would he have received such malicious abuse by the hands of his band mates? If that’s the case not only is this murder, but it is a hate crime.

The 11 of the 13 students charged with felony hazing possibly squandered their future. A parent sends their child off to college, but one doesn’t come back home and a few others are in a predicament that will follow them for the rest of their lives. Both cases are tragic, but this will have all been averted if colleges crack down on hazing, which is nothing more than an excuse to bully and in this case kill someone.

The state of Florida is sending a clear message that you can murder a college student if he/she goes to a prestigious university and just chalk it up as simply hazing.  What kind of message are we sending other colleges who participate in vicious hazing, across America?  The entire band program should be suspended as punishment for taking another life. Why are they still allowed to function is beyond me. Florida still can’t seem to get it right, maybe they don’t want too – especially when the victim is someone of color.

-Ms Scripter

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This is not America: The Murder of Anastasio Hernández-Rojas


OPINION – America the home of the brave and the land of the free – where we are held at high regard and standards verses those other nations like Syria and Iran. Yeah right! One must be delusional to think the United States of America has standards that require that we treat everyone humanely when someone breaks the law, no matter their race, or sex.

Take the case of Anastasio Hernández-Rojas, 42 an illegal immigrant from Mexico – who resided in the United States for 20 years – was caught by Border Patrol agents trying to sneak back into the country on May 28, 2010. During his time in custody with Border Patrol agents – he ended up in the hospital and later died. The medical examiner ruled his death a homicide – but no one was arrested for his murder.

A video of the incident has showed up 2 years later, detailing the final moments of Rojas’ life.

Watch I think I witnessed someone being murdered’ on PBS. See more from Need To Know.


The image of approximately 20 Border Patrol agents surrounding a defenseless Rojas as he is hand cuffed, kicked in the head, punched and taser was disheartening. The video quickly made me think of another minority who was surrounded by police and beaten – in Rodney King. Fortunately for King, he lived to tell his tale –  Rojas didn’t get that opportunity. Ashley Young who was crossing the bridge back into America video taped the incident and would later state that she felt as if she witnessed someone being murdered. The Border Patrol agent who taser Rojas was overheard yelling, “stop resisting!” Which is an old law enforcement ploy when they know they are doing something wrong, and when witnesses are around. Young went on to say that Rojas was handcuff during the entire episode and was not resisting. Two other witnesses, who were videotaping the incident were confronted by a Border Patrol agent and were told to hand over their cell phones – or erase their footage. If the Agents did nothing wrong, why elect to destroy evidence?

Homeland Security should be heavily criticized for their lack of an investigation concerning Rojas’ death. All of these Border Patrol agents who participated or did nothing to stop the execution of this defenseless man should be arrested. We also hear that countless Border Patrol agents are not trained properly or not given an adequate background check. The Department of Homeland Security appears to be hiring anyone to be a Border Patrol agent now a days out of desperation and are dropping their standards. It also appears it is going through a free fall without proper leadership, which resulted in cases like Rojas.

Furthermore, the Obama administration should also be held accountable. All these politicians want our vote in countless elections, but what are they doing about the social injustice that are occurring in this country. Questions concerning the way minorities are being treated by the many men and women who are supposed to protect and served should be directed at President Obama and candidate Mitt Romney. Enough is enough with these politicians acting like slick oil sales men when they want our vote. When they do get in, they do precisely nothing to address problems of police brutality, racial profiling and the mass incarceration of minorities in this country.
Rojas’ case should outrage you – whether you are white, black or brown. Yes, he broke the law by trying to gain entry into this country, but it does not mean he should have been killed for all the trouble and forgotten.  Just imagine if no one had the courage to video tape it – Rojas would have been another forgotten dead man. There are many, Anastasio Hernández-Rojas out there that are murdered by Border Patrol agents under the cover of darkness and impunity – and did not have video to tell their side of the story.  According to Huffington Post, approximately eight people have died under disputed circumstances when confronted by Border Patrol agents. Why even bother trying to come into this country? This isn’t America my friends, where we are held to a higher standard – not by a long shot.

-Ms Scripter

Just blogging for the masses, ya dig?