The Starting 5 Podcast Guest Appearance – HBCU Drama, NBA Playoffs, Etc




Once again, I made a guest appearance on Dan and John’s epic sports podcast The Starting 5. In this episode, we discuss the NBA Playoffs, HBCU drama which includes the school Bethune-Cookman University, John Edward’s death by the hands of the police, racist moments in wrestling, Curt Shillings waste of space behind, and BBB shoes. Special guest Katara from her Tru Radio Network and music by Toni Steelz were on hand to make this episode complete. From serious topics to pure, unapologetic laughter this an episode you shouldn’t miss.

-Ms. Scripter

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George Karl Is Blaming Absentee Fathers, Instead of His Mediocre Coaching


kenyon-and-georgeOPINION – There are always occasions when people write autobiographies and “spill the tea,” so to speak, where they highlight things that occur in their lives while blasting others in the process. In the case of former NBA coach George Karl, he attempted to do the same thing in his latest autobiography, entitled Furious George.

In the excerpt of his book, a controversial passage has made its rounds:

“Kenyon and Carmelo carried two big burdens: all that money and no father to show them how to act like a man,” Karl wrote.

Let me get this straight, in other words; Karl’s blaming his mediocre NBA record and lack of an NBA championship on his resume on Kenyon Martin and Carmelo Anthony? When does a head coach show accountability for the process of drafting X’s and O’s, motivating, putting a team together that values leadership and has stellar chemistry? I guess the easy way out, is blaming losses on Black players, who didn’t have a father figure in their lives.

I can name several NBA players, who didn’t have their fathers to guide them and they have gone on to become successful players, who also were able to win a championship and even get into the Basketball Hall of Fame. One player comes to mind is Lebron James, and countless others who have won or who have gone on to the Hall of Fame, like Allen Iverson.

Karl is playing the victim here, and his mediocrity should be scrutinized more than his players. One will never hear great NBA coaches like Greg Popovich of the San Antonio Spurs make a statement like that because I’m sure he had players who didn’t have a father figure in their lives. By the looks of things, Popovich did something that Karl didn’t do, probably didn’t care to do, or don’t know how to, and that is to become a father figure to his players if he felt that they needed it.

It also appears to me that Karl’s little excerpt that I highlighted has some racial undertones, that says that Black men can’t be successful in the NBA because their fathers aren’t around. Karl had tons of talented players at his disposal for the most part that didn’t like him. Instead of blaming that on absentee fathers, maybe George Karl needs to look at himself in the mirror.

Kenyon Martin responded on Twitter to Karl recently:




Then Karl used another word that is underline with racial undertones concerning J.R. Smith:

Of Smith, Karl wrote that he had “a huge sense of entitlement, a distracting posse, his eye always on the next contract and some really unbelievable shot selection.”

Most of us are quite aware the words, “posse” and “thug” are part of the covert class of racist language that is replaced instead of the N-word. No one isn’t stupid, and if one thinks otherwise one is probably being willfully ignorant to Karl’s content when talking about Black players. Karl isn’t slick at all and the more I hear his quotes, the more that I come to the conclusion he is probably a covert racist (well not covert any longer). We are no longer sugar coating this, it’s time to start blasting these racist, privilege individuals.

With a career record of 1175 wins and 824 losses and a winning percentage of .432, is not impressive.  Sure Karl has surpassed Phil Jackson in wins, but Jackson has something Karl doesn’t, which is a championship and a better winning percentage. Karl’s head coaching record is dismal, he has no NBA championships under his belt. Lastly, with his last termination by the Sacramento Kings, this should cement his legacy as a coach, who isn’t that good and utilized his white privilege to continue to yield head coaching jobs, even if his performance and record continue to be mediocre. Karl needs to stop blaming everyone else and change the title to his book from Furious George to Incompetent George: The White Privilege Edition. 


-Ms Scripter

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Jason Kidd Shows The Nets That Loyalty Is Obsolete


KiddOPINION- I am going to get straight to the point. Jason Kidd, who should be a first ballot hall of famer, was literally traded to the Bucks by the Nets for 2 second round draft picks (one in 2015 and another in ’19) and a quarter water (well not really) in order to sign on as head coach of the Bucks. Kidd who was a 1st year coach last year for the Brooklyn Nets wanted to take career matters into his own hands and demanded more of a role in decision making seeking control of basketball operations.

I would be the first to say; I love a person who demonstrates ambition, but Kidd’s demands have a sense of entitlement and ungratefulness to it. First off, he wasn’t that impressive as the Brooklyn Nets coach in the first place to even demand that much power to run his own show concerning basketball operations. The last time I checked, under Kidd’s control the Nets didn’t make the finals. The only thing Kidd should be running is X’s and O’s and his mouth to keep the staff morale up and motivated. Secondly, he is only a first year coach, is he taking this hall of fame player persona to the clipboard a little too far. Kidd is nowhere near a brilliant basketball mind with championship rings to prove it as head coaches like a Pat Riley, Phil Jackson or Greg Popvich to demand so much in so little time. These three coaches paid their dues first, before becoming more than head coaches.

Kidd went power hungry right in front of our eyes. What is disappointing is that he appeared to be so ungrateful to an organization that gave him a crack as a head coach, without starting at the bottom as an assistant first. Other former players who have dreams of becoming a head coach have been appointed an assistant coach title for years and still can’t get a head coaching job (see Patrick Ewing).  If I were John Hammond, I would be concerned about my own job security with the Bucks.  I would never bring someone on board that would eventually want and take my job. Kidd doesn’t just want to be a head coach, he wants to be President and by allowing him to join the Bucks sets the wheels in motion for that to happen since I know Kidd wouldn’t have agreed to join the Bucks if running basketball operations was his ultimate goal.

If I were the Brooklyn Nets, I wouldn’t have given Kidd jack, make him quit. Then again, from a PR standpoint, I guess they just wanted to end that chapter and make it all go away. I’m sure Kidd aka Mr. Entitlement does not even feel a bit of remorse (Kidd has a history of getting coaches fired), that the Bucks unceremoniously  fired Larry Drew just to reach an agreement with a still inexperienced head coach in Kidd. Kidd must think he is so good that he can bring the Bucks a championship in the near future, which I don’t see that happening anytime soon (the Knicks will win one first, don’t laugh).

I do wonder if Kidd was a tad bit jealous because other point guards who promptly retired like him and received a head coaching job, received a lot of money. For example, Derek Fisher agreed to come aboard as head coach for a cool 25 million, but that’s because he was co-sign by Phil Jackson. Even though Steve Kerr has been out of the game for quite some time, he also racked in over 25 million with his new deal with the Golden State Warriors. Did Kidd think he was better than them which warranted a request to being the man in all entities in terms of running the Brooklyn Nets? Or did Kidd’s ambition was not about jealousy, but the fact he believes in his mind that he knows how to run a franchise on the clipboard and off of it. Time will tell, nevertheless.

Well, I wish Kidd the best in his new sense of entitlement role as the head coach for the Bucks. He is going to need all the luck he is going to get because that franchise is stuck on neutral ,and will not be taking off anytime soon. As for the Nets, if all rumors are true then they are on the verge of signing Lionel Hollins. Nets fans shouldn’t worry that Kidd left, I think the focal point should be not the head coach, but the players that they have now on their roster that might receive an endorsement deal for AARP instead of winning the title in the future.  Kidd just showed everyone he is an ungrateful man, he has no loyalty to the same people who gave him an opportunity, and backed him when he looked like a clueless coach. Lastly, Kidd also demonstrated that when opportunity knocks no matter how many people will feel the pain, his integrity will always take a back seat, just as long as Kidd comes out on top.

-Ms Scripter

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Now That The Knicks Season Is Over…


OPINION – Just maybe now the anti-Knick fans can stop talking so much. I have never seen so many anti-Knick fans in my life; one would think we won as many championships as the Lakers to garner so much attention and hate. The people that are spitting venom were either not in the playoffs or went fishing after a 1st round exit. At least now, only Heat fans remain, right? I do love Heat fans because they do not exist. The only Heat fans that exist are those who been around since Rony Seikaly, and I can count those fans with one hand. We also can get rid of these Knick bandwagon fans that found our way on social networking sites. Good riddance!

Now, that I got that off my chest, what should the Knicks do in the off-season? Many Knick fans may or may not agree, but I would make a bold move and fire Mike Woodson. We all became aware that Woodson was out-coached the entire series. I do not know how many times I screamed at my television set because Woodson placed Jason Kidd in the game, who had not recorded a field goal in a month! Players like Copeland were sitting on the pine, where they could have been contributing to the team. No one with the exception of Carmelo Anthony could hit a field goal.  The Knicks need to hire a coach that understands what it takes to get out of the 2nd round. A coach that makes great adjustments to counter attack the opposing team’s defense. Woodson is a first round coach, nothing more, and it is time to get rid of him while we got the chance. Woodson forgot the players; that contributed during the regular season to get to the playoffs in the first place. He failed to included them in this series, and that is all the evidence the front office needs to make the call and fire him.

I read and heared the whispers concerning Carmelo Anthony. He was not the reason why we lost this series. If anything, Anthony is the reason why we were in the playoffs in the first place. We get the jokes he has not won a championship, but I did not see him jump ship to try to play with two other superstars like that man-child in Miami – just so he can win a ring. Anthony wanted to come here with the bright lights via trade and the criticism that the press loves to give to stars in New York City – just ask Patrick Ewing. My buddy Will thinks it is more to the criticism of Carmelo Anthony than many people are reluctant to admit too.

“Why does the city hate Melo, racism? I don’t get it! He is the new age Ewing to me. If he plays great people give him a half ass compliment and when they don’t win they blame him.

It has to be! The city turned on other black stars before; Strawberry, Doc Gooden, etc.

Media and fans don’t think Jeter is black or as Sheffield called him all the way black so he gets a pass.

Seems like Melo is more hated in this town then Mark Sanchez and A-rod.”-Will Kirimca

The overabundance of criticism that Anthony has taken all year is comical, especially since we have not had a superstar of his caliber since Ewing. Unfortunately, Anthony’s luck in the NBA has not been great, and his supporting cast has been dismal. One forgets that championship caliber teams have had great supporting cast. Does one think Lebron James could have won a ring without the help of Wade and Bosh? That is why James left the Cavs in the first place. Kobe Bryant won his championships with Shaq and for the second time with a cast of Ron Artest, Lamar Odom, Pau Gasol. So please do not tell me Anthony is not a winner, that argument is getting old and tired. I think Will is correct; the criticism is probably blatant racism and is why many Black NBA superstars do not even bother to come here as a free agent or via trade.  Anthony had a hell of a great season and winning the scoring title also added to his accomplishments, but the criticism still fell at his feet. Anthony can opt out of his contract before the 2014-2015 season, and if he decides to leave, I would not blame him. Serves many ungrateful fans and sportswriters right, I would leave too if I felt unappreciated.

The faster J.R. Smith can pack his bags and get out of town the better. He needs to sign with a team that has a night club that closes at 2am, where Rihanna would not dare venture. It appears Smith got distracted this entire post season. JR was was staying up late partying trying to holla at Rihanna, maybe he should have dedicated that time practicing his jumpers. He was non-existent in this series and to be quite frank; JR was one of the reasons why we lost in the first place. It is okay that JR could not make shots, but to not contribute in other areas to help his team win is another thing. J.R. Smith only thinks about J.R. Smith and the fact he is now a free agent, makes me smile – get lost.  Other teams evaluating him and trying to figure out what to offer him, should keep in mind, he is not worth much. His stock has dropped faster than Facebook and even in that sense I’m being generous. There is a team that will pay him big bucks, but he is not worth it. His ego is way too big, and his game did not match his big ass mouth.

Tyson Chandler got abused the entire series: Chandler could not catch a rebound if it were velcroed to his jersey. Maybe all those missing rebounds that he failed to grab was stuck in his thick beard somewhere, begging to be released into his hands instead. Then one hears the excuses that he was playing hurt.  Chandler was better off pulling a Derrick Rose; then that would have given someone else a shot to battle for loose balls. Chandler was a huge disappointment and another reason why we lost this series. I would not shed a tear if the invisible man, is invisible for this team starting next season.

Amar’e Stoudemire attempted to make a comeback in this series, but he was better off riding the pine, as well. The 100 million dollar bust, who can not guard a stop sign does not make me excited when he graces the garden floor. Too bad he was overpaid because no team in their right mind would take on that balloon of a contract. That is the Knicks pattern, always signing damage goods or they play one season before unceremoniously retiring with a check and a bum knee.

With all my venting, I have to admit there are many bright spots concerning this Knicks team. To Copeland and Shumpert we have a few young players that can play an integral part next season. In all honesty, the Knicks exceeded my expectations. Either way, the Knicks organization, has some serious soul searching to do. This team should have beaten the Pacers because I think they are still better than them. They decided to dumb down their play, and it showed, with all the miss jumpers, non-existent rebounds, poor defense and just stupid plays, which included stupid fouls.  Many fans believe they could have won game 6 and bring it back to the Garden for Game 7 for the win. It is too bad only the real Knick fans believed in them, but the Knicks did not believe in themselves and it showed.

-Ms Scripter

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Now that Jason Collins Has Come Out, So Did the Homophobes


OPINION – One must have not been watching television or reading a newspaper if they did not hear that Washington Wizards Player, Jason Collins came out as a gay man in Sports Illustrated. He became the first active athlete to do so.

“I didn’t set out to be the first openly gay athlete playing in a major American team sport. But since I am, I’m happy to start the conversation,” Collins wrote. “I wish I wasn’t the kid in the classroom raising his hand and saying, ‘I’m different.’ If I had my way, someone else would have already done this. Nobody has, which is why I’m raising my hand.”

My recollection of an NBA player who came out was John Amaechi in 2007, but he was no longer playing in the league at the time.

“It’s hugely important for the kids so they don’t feel alone in the world. We’re role models. We’re adults, and we know we’re not alone but kids don’t know that,” she said. “He will definitely help a lot of kids growing up to feel better about themselves.”

Just like Collins, Amaechi also had the homophobes expressing some distasteful comments. One player in particular was former NBA player Tim Hardaway. Lebron James had also commented that he did not think an openly gay man can survive in the league. Here, is what Lebron James was quoted as saying:

“With teammates you have to be trustworthy, and if you’re gay and you’re not admitting that you are, then you are not trustworthy,” James said. “So that’s like the No. 1 thing as teammates — we all trust each other. You’ve heard of the in-room, locker room code. What happens in the locker room stays in there. It’s a trust factor, honestly. A big trust factor.”

It gets better; here is NBA player Shavlik Randolph comments after hearing about Amaechi:

“As long as he don’t make any advances toward me I’m fine with it,” he said. “As long as he came to play basketball like a man and conducted himself like a good person, I’d be fine with it.”

I doubt Amaechi was even checking for Randolph as a matter of fact; no one is checking for Randolph in the league and outside of it. Back then, freely expressing one’s homophobic views did not get these athletes in trouble. One comment did get retired NBA player Tim Hardaway kicked out of the all-star festivities by the Commissioner after he communicated the most hateful comment to date:

“You know, I hate gay people, so I let it be known,” Hardaway said. “I don’t like gay people and I don’t like to be around gay people. I am homophobic. I don’t like it. It shouldn’t be in the world or in the United States.”

Twitter has captivated minds and has been a social networking dream and a nightmare for some. Homophobic athletes no longer go on radio shows as Tim Hardaway did, they just go, on their personal Twitter account to express their views.  Let’s fast forward to 2013 when other players like the NFL’s very own Mike Wallace, tweeted his subliminal thoughts about Collins:

“He did not mention Collins by name but said that he was shaking his head that “guys wanna mess with guys” even though there are “all these beautiful women in the world.”

Of course, Wallace realize his mistake and promptly deleted his tweet and added another apologizing, which more than likely someone in his PR camp manufactured. The last comment was even more disturbing when ESPN’s very own bible thumper Chris Broussard wanted to let the world know that Collins being a gay is a sin.

“Personally, I don’t believe that you can live an openly homosexual lifestyle or an openly … like premarital sex between heterosexuals. If you’re openly living that type of lifestyle, then the Bible says ‘you know them by their fruits.’ “And if you’re openly living in unrepentant sin, whatever it may be, not just homosexuality — adultery, fornication, premarital sex between heterosexuals — whatever it may be, I believe that’s walking in open rebellion to God and to Jesus Christ. So I would not characterize that person as a Christian because I don’t think the Bible would characterize them as a Christian.”

One thing is to say that Broussard did not believe in homosexuality, but to go in the way he did,  like he was giving a Bishop Long sermon was inappropriate. Wow, did I say Bishop Long? Bad comparison. Since we being honest, does  Broussard feels the same away about the many NBA players that he covers that have an array of baby mothers, infidelity while married, arrests for domestic violence, DUI, weapons possession, and drugs. Or how about that demented pedophile that was able to rape children at Penn State for years. I would like to know if the Bible would characterize those individuals as Christian?

I am proud of Amechi and Collins who faced the world and let them know that they are gay.  Collins have received tons of support, but I want to point out the many ignorant beings that continue to express their hate and also the ones that hide behind the Bible while doing it. I personally could not care less about one’s sexual orientation, but the homophobes appear to have an opinion on that. I do often wonder about people who are so quick to criticize someone for being gay if they are even gay themselves – and using that opportunity to deflect attention away from their own closet issues. When a gay man or a woman comes out, the evidence is clear – so do the homophobes.

-Ms Scripter

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Nets Fans Heartbroken, Knick Fans Gloat, As Dwight Howard Goes to the Lakers


OPINION  – When I heard the news that the Orlando Magic essentially traded Dwight Howard for a Quarter Water, and a bag of Cheetos to the Lakers. I had a prodigious smirk on my face. Not because he was traded to the Lakers (I still can’t stand you guys),  but because he didn’t go to the Brooklyn Nets to open up their new stadium.

After the trade was completed, I received a massive amount of text messages from friends, especially my pal JD – in the middle of the night, who I had to talk down from jumping out of his 1st floor window – yes it was that serious. They were so angry and disappointed they didn’t know what to do with themselves. Of course, as a loyal friend I talked all of them down from the ledge, but was secretly giggling in delight at their misfortune. The Nets are like that annoying kid brother, who we enjoy bullying at home.

This entire spring/summer I had to hear from my friends who are Brooklyn Nets fans, how they are going to open up the stadium with the new big three in Howard, Deron Williams and recently acquired Joe Johnson. And how they are going to have the most high profile basketball player in New York, and Carmelo Anthony will be an afterthought. Look at the bright side Net fans, you have Brook Lopez, and Kim Khardashian’s former jump off, for the opening of the new stadium (which is such an eyesore in my neighborhood, by the way). Nets fans were counting their chickens before they hatched and now are looking like a jilted lover left at the altar.

Maybe Howard would have been a Net if he had handled himself like a professional last season. Howard’s character was revealed when he threw his former coach, Stu Van Gundy under the bus and acted like everything was all gravy. The entire drama, made Howard look like a selfish cry baby. Howard should have taken a page out of Melo’s book, and demonstrated humbleness, while the trade to the Nets was being worked on. When Howard finally received his wish, he could have released a heartfelt statement to the Orlando fans, thanking them for everything.

I know deep down inside, Howard wanted to go to the Nets, but Orlando wanted to screw him. In actuality, Orlando may have screwed themselves for giving up a big man for next to nothing, unless of course their future picks will turned out to be gems. That entire trade appeared to be something that the evil Queen from Snow White would have completed as a way of getting her kicks down there in Disneyland – to torture the towns people (Orlando fans).

Now we have to hear all the Laker fans talking smack and beating their chest this season, which I don’t mind one bit. I’m used to Laker fans gloating. Laker fans been gloating, even during the time they had Sedale Threatt :lol:. They aren’t in my conference and my team will face the smack talking, narcissistic Laker fans, only twice a year. The team who is probably upset more than anyone with the exception of the Nets, is the Thunder.  It will be interesting to see if Howard has the mentality to win the big one and bring the Lakers another championship. I’m not going to lie, I’ll be checking out the Lakers. I’m not just saying this because they got Howard, it is because of Steve Nash,

Howard now has a new spouse, after this “arrange marriage” was completed. It will be nearly impossible for the Nets to sign him after this season, which would place the Net over the luxary cap  – dreaming of D12 in a Net uniform is over and I couldn’t be even more happier. mrgreen

-Ms Scripter

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Weekly Recap in Rants: The NBA Edition – Jeremy Lin’s Crazy Price Tag, Jason Kidd’s DWI


The Jeremy Lin Love Affair is Over and I’m not Mad – Adios

Knick fans are now aware that the New York Knicks, may not match that outrageous contract that the Houston Rockets made for Jeremy Lin – who only played 25 games for the Knicks without Carmelo Anthony and Amare, for the most part. According to Marc Berman, the following allegedly took place:

“The Knicks were bitter because they told Lin immediately the club would match the original offer and Lin apparently shared the information with the Rockets. Lin and Houston then plotted to redo it. Lin secretly flew into Las Vegas without informing the Knicks to renegotiate the contract and sign it.”

New York was ready to match Houston’s initial offer of four years, $28.9 ($19 million guaranteed), but the re-negotiated deal will pay Lin $15 million in the third year, which would put the Knicks into prohibitive luxury-tax territory.

Sorry, the price Houston is willing to pay for a certified back-up, because that is all he will ever be is an act of desperation by the Houston – I guess they need to capitalize on the large Asian community in the area. Lin’s head obviously got tremendous, and he is starting to feel himself. Holding secret meetings, in order to change the initial contract Houston offered him is shady – especially toward a team who gave him a opportunity. If it wasn’t for the Knicks, Lin would have had so many splinters in his tush, that one could make a replication of Pinocchio. Then Lin, would have resorted to playing overseas down the line. No one in the NBA wasn’t trying to show him love when he started his career, but again, when you’re feeling yourself this is exactly what usually takes place – underhandedness.

Let’s be honest here, the Knicks have no business paying a humongous amount in luxury tax just to hold on to what Larry Brown stated, as “a terrific back-up”. Lin is an erratic point guard, who excelled for the most part, when he was the focal point of the offense. This was when Carmelo Anthony was out due to injury. He is turnover prone and does not have the discipline to protect the ball. Lin’s overall defense is not where it should be to defend against the elite – like a Deron Williams. The Miami Heat exposed him, by intensifying their play with suffocating defense, and Lin failed the test miserably. Lin panicked under pressure by coughing up the ball, time and time again, and demonstrating offense that couldn’t get anything going. So, if the Knicks decide not to match, (which all indications have pointed that they will not) that would be a wise move.

Steven A. Smith made a good point in his most recent article, that all Lin cared about was the money, which is why he sat out during the playoffs, when he was healthy enough to help the team. Lin didn’t want to risk a substantial pay day as the Heat would have exposed his overrated game, again. Harsh maybe, but we will all soon see if me and the rest of the naysayers are proven right. I’m not mad at him for taking the money, Lin just needs to realize, with that sort of payday – expectations will be at an all-time high.

Raymond Felton, who did quite nicely for us during his 1st run as a Knick, who, by the way, average 17.0 points a game and 9.0 assists when we had him, should be on his way back to us. Felton is also a better defender and now will be mentored by Jason Kidd. Let’s hope that basketball is the only thing Kidd will teach him and I will get to that later.

Lastly, Lin and Knick fans had a brief love affair, and it is coming to an end, since he wanted us to “pay” for it. Bye Bye boo boo, trust me – the pressure is on now for Lin to perform at the level of that contract. I’m confident when it all is said and done, he will be known as a very expensive back-up caliber type of player.

Jason Kidd Welcomed His Return to the Tri-State Area with a DWI

I’m a be honest here and say I never liked Jason Kidd as a person, but I loved his game since his Cal days. I watch him become one of the most prolific point guards in the league, but the praise stops here. I can’t support a man who at one point was accused of harassing and groping a woman at a night club, in New York, committing domestic violence against his wife, and now, DWI. His relationship with woman appears to be on a disrespectful level – when their is smoke, there is fire. My love for him is non-existent. I don’t support women beaters or anyone who think they are entitled to grabbing a lady’s “pum pum”.

With Kidd’s recent arrest for DWI, he could have gotten himself killed and left his three children without a father, but I guess that never ran across his mind –  when he decided to have a few drinks. It was also reported at the night in questioned that Kidd has to be carried out when he was leaving, because he was so intoxicated. I just can’t believe that the people who carried him out, allow him to get behind the wheel. Do they not have a conscious that he could have killed someone, or himself? They allegedly protested, but no one had the balls to rip the car keys from his hands and call him a cab. A millionaire or anyone with that much money, should never have to worry about driving drunk. Kidd knew he was going to party and drank, so he should have made sure, either he had a driver – or call a car service to come picked him up.

If one were to judge Kidd on his professional resume, one would agree that he is will get in the Hall of Fame.  If one were to judge him on his personal life – he has significant issues and has a deleterious overall character that I do not want in New York, but do not have much of a choice, since he isn’t going anywhere.

Kidd can mentor Felton and teach him how to improve his court vision, assists, rebounds, and defense. I’ll take that Kidd, but the personal stuff I genuinely hope he doesn’t teach Felton, that is the last thing we need, which is a team of point guards with characteristics of a certified idiot.

-Ms Scripter

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Commissoner Stern Fights With Jim Rome & Adds To The League’s Negative Perception


NBA Commissioner David Stern has been the ruler so to speak of the NBA for over 30 years – longest running sports commissioner to date. Some would say he is one of the smartest sports commissioners to have ever run a league, but in recent years, the NBA has developed a perception problem – and of course when it happens under your watch, the one in charge is to blame.

Jim Rome of ESPN, who I can honestly say I do not like, received the opportunity to interview Stern on his radio show. Rome asked Stern, since the league owned the Hornets did they rigged the lottery to grant them the number one pick. That was a question Stern should have seen coming, since some fans (including myself) have question how come a team who had the less chance of getting the top pick behind the Wizards, Bobcats and Cavs were able to pull that off.

Here is part of the transcript of the interview:

“You know, New Orleans won the draft lottery, which, of course, produced the usual round of speculation that maybe the lottery was fixed,” Rome said. “I know that you appreciate a good conspiracy theory as much as the next guy — was the fix in for the lottery?”

“Uh, you know, I have two answers for that,” Stern said. “I’ll give you the easy one — no — and a statement: Shame on you for asking.”

After emphasizing that his line of questioning intended no disrespect, Rome noted that he still thought the question valid, since many NBA fans and observers have openly questioned the validity and purity of the lottery. This time, Stern not only bristled — he swung.

“Have you stopped beating your wife yet?” Stern asked.

“Yeah, I don’t know if that’s fair,” Rome responded. “I don’t know that that’s fair.”

Again, one would think that Stern knew a question of this magnitude was coming and would have had his talking points prepared by someone on his communications team. I guess the talking points were something out of GOP Karl Rove’s playbook, since Stern had the unprofessional and shocking (to those who do not know him) response. I always felt Stern was a pretentious jackass who never like someone to challenge him on what decisions he has made concerning the league – or the way it is being run. I wonder if Stern had this tantrum, because he is well aware his reign will be over soon enough and is going out in such an unprofessional fashion, because he can. His response was way too defensive, to say the least. Say hypothetically, Stern did rig the lottery, the Hornets top pick still wouldn’t help that sorry team get out of the abyss.

Stern is rumored to be retiring pretty soon, and it could not come at such an opportune time. It is time for Stern to take a seat – a permanent one, it is just unfortunate that the end of Stern’s ruling over the NBA will more than likely end on a low note – and not end like old NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue when he stepped down as one of the most prominent sports commissioners in all of the sports.

In business, folks will always remember your last act and not what you have done to enhance a brand over the years – because perception is everything including what some fans perceived the NBA to be as an unethical league. From the referee scandal, which I do, question some referees till this day as being on the shady side, to the blocking of the Chris Paul trade to the Lakers, and to this year’s shady lottery results. In this case, Stern will be remembered for all the recent controversies instead of the good times like the Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, and Larry Bird years, so when he officially retires, the message NBA fans may be sending is – good riddance.

-Ms Scripter

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The 100 Million Dollar Quitter – Known As Amare Stoudemire.


The NBA playoffs are here, and the Knicks are continuing their losing streak in the post-season. The Knicks are in the process of being swept by the Heat if they do not win a game at home. We are on a playoff losing streak and haven’t won a post season game since we got back in the playoffs as a franchise – after the Ewing era. Our efforts in Game 1 were horrendous, but a factor that played into our demise occurred in the final 4 minutes of the game. By the 3rd quarter, I was hoping Hue Hollins would have came out of retirement and show these referees how it’s done.

After Game 2, Amare Stoudemire’s dismal play continued where he left off all season long, which is unworthy of a 100 million dollar player. Stoudemire knew he played dreadful, so he decided to show some emotion. According to sources he punched the surrounding glass to a fire extinguisher and in doing so, cut his hand. With that bone head move, he is out for the rest of the series. I am all for players showing emotion, but when it is appropriate and by utilizing it the right way. Maybe throwing your goggles to the ground, trash the locker room, break into a church faint like Chris Bosh did last year in the NBA Finals, would have been appropriate. Even if that public display of emotion may be questionable to many, at least Stoudemire would be able to regroup and play in the next game. Stoudemire used his hands to show emotion, those same hands that pays the bills.

What Stoudemire did was selfish – he bailed on the team when he elected to act like a two year old. He decided he no longer wanted to be embarrassed by the likes of Chris Bosh aka T-Rex. Stoudamire become the new incredible-shrinking man defensively. He was constantly being beat on the boards and making Bosh look like the 2nd coming of KG. He has since apologize on Twitter, which is now a haven for sports entertainers/celebrities when they do something idiotic. Let’s be honest here, when he signed that 100 million dollar contract we didn’t obtain the same player that mesh so well with Steve Nash.

People will say, well his back is hurting, therefore, he isn’t the same player. Stoudemire could have made adjustments to his game and tailor it around his injury. The Knicks had a player that had a bad back and the Knicks obtained him when his career was dwindling –  his name was Larry Johnson. He played with heart, determination and it was contagious which cause his other team mates to play with the same fire. From the 4 point play, to getting into Alonzo Mourning’s girlfriend, I mean Mourning’s head, he did it all. During that time, LJ was a lot older than Stoudemire, so excuses are not tolerated. Stoudemire had an obligation to at least try and he failed.

Now we are left with Carmelo Anthony who we hope can carry us on his shoulders like he did in the NCAA Finals when he was an Orangemen. I’m a be honest and say that is too much to ask of him, We no longer have Jeremy Lin, Iman Shumpert and now Stoudemire. I have conceded that this new challenge Melo faces will be extremely difficult to overcome.

Stoudemire is now known as the 100 million dollar quitter – he quit before he injured himself. He bailed on us when we needed him the most, so we need to repay him by bailing on him in the off season – and send a custom made Knick T-shirt as a parting gift, a token of our appreciation. He can then focus on fashion since he appears to be doing that more than worrying about how to improve his game, since he isn’t the same explosive player. There is a saying, that you are the reflection of the person you are in a relationship with. Maybe we are getting a glimpse of his attributes based on his former flame Ciara. We all know she bailed on her career a long time ago – so Stoudemire may have picked up some of her habits along the way.

Here’s to hoping we pull off a miracle in this series and here’s to the end of Stoudemire’s career as a Knick – we can only hope.

-Ms Scripter

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Blake Griffin & The Reorganization of Kendrick Perkins’ Manhood


Los Angelos -I have seen many dunks in my day, since watching the NBA over 20 years ago. I would have many discussions with my fellow sports fans on what was their favorite dunk ever performed by an NBA player. My personal favorites are KJ over Hakeem Olajuwon and Vince Carter over Federick Weis. The Weis dunk was so bad that when he was drafted by the Knicks, he never played, nor showed up in New York. Last night, Los Angelos Clipper Blake Griffin, performed a nasty dunk over Kendrick Perkins. I had to watched that dunk over and over again, because I could not believe what I was seeing. I have also come to the realization that this particular dunk may play a psychological role on Perkins’ manhood in the future. 😆 I wonder if after the game, did Perkins stay in a fetal position while he was taking a shower.  So without further ado, here is argumentatively the dunk of the year:

-Ms Scripter

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