Colin Kaepernick

We all know Colin Kaepernick is right. So, I will not debate any of you who say the NFL has a right to shun him. Of course they do, but that does not make them right. Kaepernick is being punished for exercising a God-given right, a right that defines Americanism at its core, but one that flies in the face of business and selective patriotism and outright hypocrisy.

The silent collusion against him is the same kind that black people face in business each day. Some of us ignore it and it drives others of us crazy because we are never sure just what is behind the rejection and we always suspect the worst.
Colin Kaepernick is a multiracial man who was orphaned and blessedly landed in the bosom of a God-fearing family who loved him and nurtured his athletic gifts.

And then one day, he realized that he could not separate part of himself from the indomitable soul of his people and that famous or not, rich or not, he could be murdered and the same society that gave him the money and fame would allow his death to go unpunished because of the color of his skin. He could not abide this and not only because he’s black, but because he was raised by a Christian family who taught him better, who told him that he was indeed his brother’s keeper.

All these players telling him to let it go are just the kind of damaged meat the NFL loves, weak, pliable men who do not have a tenth of the principle and nobility in the heart of the man they criticize. I know most people will not turn off the NFL this year, but I will. I know it won’t do a damned thing, but it will make me feel better. The NFL season is 16 games long and so each Sunday, I will watch one of these 16 films instead:

I know you’re thinking “It’s easy for a Detroit Lions fan to give up football.” Well, if you think this is about football, then you haven’t been paying attention.

-Gary Hardwick

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The Super Bowl Half-Time Show Was a Win For Missy Elliot


AP SUPER BOWL FOOTBALL S FBN ENT USA AZOPINION-I finally gotten over (it didn’t take me long, I’m a New York football fan) that horrific play calling at the end of the Seattle vs. Patriots game during the Super Bowl. That last decision to pass instead of Marshawn Lynch receiving the handoff and running in the end zone like a bulldozer, was a way to me to ensure the villain of the media doesn’t get accolades. Imagine if Lynch would have scored the winning touchdown? That would have been a win for Blackness (since the media calls him every codename in the book, like “thug” and we all know what that means). A winning touchdown for Lynch, who is defiant toward the media would have ticked the media off, even more. Lynch still wouldn’t have answered any of their questions, the way they would have like him to answer them. For the entire year, they couldn’t get Lynch to fall in line, and that was making the majority of the white media extremely angry. Silence is golden and not calling Lynch’s number toward the end of that game, appeared to be done purposely in my honest opinion. It appears to be a way of a silent protest to avoid placing Lynch in a good light at being the hero in the end. It cost the Seahawks the Super Bowl and who knows if they will ever get back to it again, but let me digress.

I was hearing and reading some comments after Katy Perry’s half-time show. Perry is not going to give a Beyoncé choreographic performance. The jokes and memes were imminent, nevertheless. For instance, comments like: Perry was taking a page out of the Hunger Games movie (I thought that was funny), with the appearance of that tiger, and that she was rhythmless, etc. Folks failed to realize that Perry attempted to entertain people and by any means necessary, and keep you glued to the television screen. I enjoyed that tiger Perry was sitting on as she sung, and yes, I must admit, she isn’t going to dance like Janet Jacket to keep one’s attention, which was fine. That is one of the reasons why Perry did the best she could, by adding visual effects and bringing out her secret weapons. Lenny Kravitz (which we knew about) and surprisingly Missy Elliot made an appearance with Perry on the big stage. I wouldn’t have guessed, that Missy would have been selected to perform with Perry. Missy’s appearance, was a welcoming acknowledgement, to one of the last to have mainstream success in the rap game as a woman, whom didn’t have to dress half-naked in order to be successful.

Katy Perry has been on a roll for me these past few days. First, donating $5,000 to TLC’s (one of my favorite R&B groups of the 90’s) for their kick-starter campaign, now she decided to bring out Missy Elliot to perform her hits. Some of the new millenniums may not be aware of the hits Missy has under her belt. By some of the comments on social media, some (not all) didn’t know who Missy was, and what she has accomplished in her career in hip-hop over the years.

Missy’s appearance was a win for women and a win for her, who have made contributions to the genre, and in Missy’s case she has been legendary in that aspect. Perry could have brought anyone on stage with her, she could have gave the overexposed Nicki Minaj the grand stage, but didn’t. Thanks to Perry, she presented a woman that not only has held it down since the start of her career, but appears to be forgotten among new hip hop fans. Hopefully, this will have the youth dig in the crates. I also wish, Missy’s appearance in front of millions will resurrect her own career, and gain her additional fans along the way. It appears a lot of parents of the new millennials may not have guided them Missy Elliot’s background and what she has accomplished, and what she embodied for the hip hop genre. Unlike the slightly older generation, who wasn’t even born yet when Al Green was singing “Love and Happiness”. Al Green always played in the house, where we didn’t need to ask who he was, like many of the youth today in terms of Missy and Paul McCartney.

It’s a shame that I am begging for Missy Elliot to come back in the industry and be as popular and successful as she was before. The industry, where it involves a woman in hip-hop, needs to be revamped. I get the sex sells rhetoric, it does sell records, I reluctantly acknowledge that. From the record companies point of view, they prefer sexual imagery over anything else, due to its success. I prefer that hip-hop fans decide what they want to listen too, and give us mainstream options, with the same amount of promotions for all types of artists.

We had options during Lil’ Kim’s emergence when her pornographic lyrics and imagery hit the airwaves. I was still in awe over Lauryn Hill of the Fugees and Eve with her Ruff Ryders crew at the same time Kim was around, and I listen to all three during that time. The entire image of women who receive mainstream appeal must be revamped. It’s becoming more of a single novelty act to me, instead of the presence of pure hip-hop without the shenanigans of half naked bodies parading around the stage, and in videos on my television screen. One can have those half-naked bodies, but can we also have women on the mic that simply want to rock velour suits as they spit out rhymes? I want that old thing back because sometimes bringing back the past, is needed to regain a boost to a genre that I love in the present. A genre that changed the look of the female emcee over the years in the mainstream, where skill set is sometimes set aside, and where overly sexual imagery takes the front seat in the present. That is what today’s mainstream hip-hop, as it involves women, is all about, hopefully Missy Elliot changes that notion, yet again.

Here is Missy’s half-time performance, in case one missed it:

-Ms Scripter

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Ep. 20 Interview with Former NY Jet Rob Carpenter – On Current NFL Drama


Episode 20 is here, and Debbie and Chris dedicate this to the NFL and all the drama that has surrounded it lately. From the former Baltimore Raven Ray Rice domestic violence incident, Vikings Adrian Peterson’s child abuse allegations, Roger Goodell’s handling of the Rice situation and NFL surprises and predictions.  We also give a shout out to the late Amy Winehouse on her birthday, in which she shares with Nas. Last but not least the recent passing of Joe Sample of the Crusaders. We also tackle the current news, like Kanye West’s arrogance, where are we in terms of the Mike Brown investigation and other shenanigans by the police.

Songs used in this episode:

  • Eve – “Love is Blind”
  • Nas feat. Amy Winehouse – “Cherry Wine”.
  • The Crusaders – “Street Life”

-Ms Scripter

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What I Learned About the Ray Rice Domestic Violence Incident…


ravens-rice-footballOPINION-Many are quite aware of NFL player Ray Rice’s released by the Baltimore Ravens and indefinite suspension by the NFL, due to the incident that involved Rice punching his now wife Janay Palmer. We saw partial footage of the video and once again TMZ as sleazy as they are forced the NFL’s hand by releasing more of the video that was inside of the elevator. Before the 2nd part of the video was aired, I felt Rice should have received more than a lousy two-game suspension in the first place. It was an awful decision by NFL commissioner Goodell that has come back to haunt him, and many are now questioning him in regards to his effectiveness as a commissioner. The four-game suspensions and more for having marijuana in one’s system compared to what Rice did should be evaluated after all this is over. What is troubling is what I learned in 24 hours since the 2nd video was released.

I learned that not everyone belongs on social media. Social media have highlighted the folks who are so out of touch with reality on domestic violence issues, that they sound like Cee Lo Green tweeting about rape. They are clueless, and their favorite way of discussing it is to deflect, by shaming the victim like she deserved to be knocked unconscious.  I could summer jam screen a lot of tweets and Facebook comments, but I’ll be here all day. Since the Trayvon Martin murder (because that’s exactly what it was), I had to delete or just un-follow a lot of idiots on social media. They were exposed as unapologetic racist fools. When the Rice incident took place, it exposed their misogynistic behinds for the world to see. What makes this worse is that a lot of these domestic violence apologists have daughters, and carrying on like their daughters don’t exist.  What will they tell their daughter if they become a victim of domestic violence? “Well sweetie, I know you are hurt and all, but what did you do to provoked that punch?” I wonder what their response would have been if Janay would have died after striking her head. My Facebook friends list was cleaned out and the un-follow button was also used, which allows me to ignore their existence (no longer see status updates).

I also learned that many women stood up in Rice’s defense with the “she stayed for that money, now she messed up everything, she going to leave now that the money is gone.” Folks failed to realize that many women stay for many reasons; one of them is psychological. Janay may well truly love Rice and not for his money. Janay may also think that she can change his demonic ways. When one is in a domestic violence relationship, they confused that abuse as a form of love and that is called “battered woman syndrome,” which is equivalent to PTSD. Instead of looking at everything black and white we need to tap into grey areas, and many people refuse to do that. Furthermore, in the poor communities many women stay with men who quite frankly are broke as all hell – so the money issue does not explain the victims in the lower economic brackets, who do not leave abusive relationships.

I also learned that the NFL, the Baltimore Ravens and the police officer’s who responded to the initial incident, may have done a serious cover up job. One can’t tell me they did not see that entire tape, especially the police officer who arrived at the scene and also charged Janay with the same crime. Again, the NFL and even police departments are out of touch with reality when it comes down to domestic violence. To make things worse, the NFL met with both Janay and Rice to discuss the incident, why would Goodell who was playing relationship counselor have the victim tell her story in front of her abuser? That’s ridiculous! Then made (you know they nudge her to sit at the table) Janay sit at a press conference like a good, obedient person and had to listen to Rice apologize to everyone, but her. As a matter of fact, Janay ended up apologizing! The Baltimore Ravens had the audacity to tweet it and kept it up there for months, until the 2nd video surface!

I also learned that Solange’s name has been mentioned to say there is a double standard. For the record, I commend Jay-Z for not responding like Rice did because he could have knocked her out easily. Jay-Z fixed his tux walked off that elevator and kept it moving. As for Solange, if Jay-Z would have pressed charges he could have and I don’t see a problem with that. When one puts their hands on someone expect a reaction, but what I was taught at my old job when one has no choice but to defend themselves to use the same level of force, that has been rendered against you. Therefore, if someone sprays me with a water gun, should I water-board them now? That is called being extreme, if someone pushes me does that give me the right to shoot them? What Rice did was way out of line, he not only knocked his wife unconscious, dragged her on the floor, but left her on the floor like a heap of trash without providing some sort of aid says a lot about him. Rice doesn’t love Janay; he hates her, because no one who claims to love someone would demonstrate such evilness. For the record, Rice initiated the contact, look at the video again apologists and stop that self-defense non-sense. Folks like you make me sick to my stomach.

I also learned that folks want to say that those same people complaining about Rice listen to Chris Brown’s music. Review his album sales (Graffiti) after that Rihanna incident and tell me it didn’t affect his career. It took Brown a while to climb out of the trouble he was in after that domestic violence incident and he wasn’t embraced right away by a lot of people including me! Furthermore, I know many people in the entertainment industry who have blacklisted him and will never work with him again, but ultimately he was punished effectively for it. Brown wasn’t given two-games as a time out aka two days out of the studio, he had to put in the work and that lasted for more than a year to gain his fans back. Brown actually went to counseling to work on his obvious anger management issues.  If Goodell would have done his job right the first time, and issued Rice a tougher suspension alongside mandatory counseling, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

I also learned that some Black men especially, do not have a Black woman’s back when they need support. It’s funny that the one’s that are making slick comments and think the Rice situation is funny, or are being apologists expect support when they get abused. Let me refresh one’s memory. The police are having a field day at a Black man’s expense. They are busting your arse, and even killing some of you without justification. When that happens you expect a Black woman to support you and to be right there marching and organizing for justice. Why should any Black woman support you if you can’t even support them when they are in need? How would you feel if a Black woman said, “I know you got your arse whoop by the police, but it looks like from what I heard you were talking real slick to them and provoked the beating.” Don’t ask for our support, if you can’t support us, it no longer, or works that way as far as I’m concerned.

I also learned that people get upset that we are focusing on this and we aren’t still talking about Ferguson. The last time I checked, I can pat my head and rub my belly at the same time. Maybe one states this attempt to deflect, because they are uncomfortable with this topic and wish people will stop talking about it. Sorry, that’s not going to happen, but I can multitask just in case anyone is wondering.

I also learned that I am very concerned about Janay’s well being now, as long as she is still with Rice. Janay posted her support via instagram for her husband, and that is expected from a battered woman. This will only provide the uneducated with the notion that she deserved it because Janay still supports him. Most woman beaters like Rice would probably blame his spouse for the predicament that they’re in and more than likely that will result in more violence. I also think that this isn’t the first or last time Rice placed his hands on Janay. Rice appeared way to comfortable in that video to state otherwise. I hope Janay can leave this relationship, and if I was a betting woman, I think down the line she will – at least for her sake because a large percentage of domestic violence victims end of dead, and I hope I don’t have to learn about that!

Here is some actual facts, just in case one is still in denial about the seriousness of domestic violence, especially against Black women Get familiar apologists:

“In 2011, the most recent year for which such data is available, black females were murdered by males at a rate of 2.61 per 100,000 in single victim/single offender incidents. For white women, the rate was 0.99 per 100,000.” http://www.huffingtonpost.com/josh-sugarmann/black-women-face-a-greate_b_4157659.html

“But nearly 30 percent of African-American women have been subject to intimate partner violence, which includes rape, physical assault, or stalking.” http://thegrio.com/2013/10/20/domestic-violence-awareness-month-black-women-homocide-intimate-partner-violence/

Why women stay (in violent relationships) http://www.domesticviolenceinfo.ca/article/why-women-stay-199.asp

Battered Woman Syndrome
“A pattern of signs and symptoms, such as fear and a perceived inability to escape, appearing in women who are physically and mentally abused over an extended period by a husband or other dominant individual.” http://medical-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/battered+woman+syndrome

-Ms Scripter

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Episode 9: Former Jet Rob Carpenter Discuss Incognito, The N-Word, & The NFL Culture


IncognitoWe are back after a long hiatus, Debbie and Chris bring back former NY Jet Rob Carpenter. In a very candid interview, Carpenter discusses the controversy concerning the Dolphins, Incognito, the use of the N-Word, the NFL culture and the season. In the news, we discuss the latest on the killing of Renisha McBride’s, Jay Z’s stance on Barney’s New York, Nelly, Akon, Lady Gaga, Cowboy’s Dez Bryant generosity, Bat Kid and many more.





Songs used for this episode:

  • Public Enemy – “I Don’t Want to Be called Yo Nig*a

-Ms Scripter

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Episode 5: Interview with Former NY Jet Rob Carpenter


NFL LogoFor-The-Masses aired episode 5, where Debbie and Chris interviewed former NY Jet and Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver, Rob Carpenter. The Amityville, Long Island native was candid in his answers, which included: suicides as it relates to concussions in the NFL, groupies link to a robbery ring, how Carpenter prepared right before a game, and his take on the young season, his disappointments and surprises, thus far.

We also briefly touch on the headlines in the news, which includes the terrorist attack in a Kenyan shopping mall, mass shooting in the D.C. Navy yard, U.S. shipping chickens to China, Drake leak, J Cole’s “Crooked Smile” video, etc.  We will be on a hiatus for the rest of the month and will be back Oct 6 at 10pm, est.


Songs Used For This Episode:

  • Corrine Bailey Rae – “You Makin’ It Hard For Me”
  • Drake – “Tuscan Leather”
  • Drake – “Started From the Bottom” (Instrumental)

-Ms Scripter

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Beyonce 2013 NFL Half-Time Performance for the Stans in Need


The NFL put on a show last night and the results were epic, with the Ravens winning the Superbowl over the Niners in dramatic fashion.

In between the bodies hitting the floor, a half-time show featuring Beyonce in audacious fashion. The performance also included Destiny’s Child, but I will say that the founding members of the group, would have made this performance more eventful. In case one missed it, one can view the half-time show below, this is exclusively for the Beyonce stan in need. 🙂

-Ms Scripter

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Weekly Recap in Rants: Kansas City Chiefs Jovan Belcher Murder-Suicide & Jordan Davis’ Murder


It has been a while since I wrote a recap; well time has not been on my side as of late, but I’m sure you guys and gals can understand.  Two stories, that caught my attention last week, and no it is not Lindsey Lohan’ inability to stay out of trouble, or the fiscal deadline Two tragic events concerning gun violence. Let’s get right to it:

Kansas City Chiefs Jovan Belcher: Just another Coward Domestic Abuser

As many of my readers have heard the tragic story of Kansas Chiefs Linebacker Jovan Belcher who killed himself, after shooting Kasandra Perkins – the mother of his daughter, multiple times.

I’ve had discussions with friends and associates after this tragic event took place, trying to figure out why this man would kill himself. My thought process was, maybe it was part of the head trauma that many of the NFL players have sustained. Linking suicide to head injuries has always come up for discussion, especially after the recent and shocking suicide concerning Junior Seau. All that changed after I found out he murdered his girlfriend.

I believe Belcher was more than likely putting his hands on Perkins, for a while now. It was reported that the couple had what relatives labeled, a strained relationship.  Belcher argued with Perkins after she returned late from a Trey Songz concert. It was reported that he wanted her to stay home with the baby instead.  That is part of the demeanor of someone who is controlling, fits the profile of a domestic abuser to me.

I also cannot phantom, what kind of person, would do something that heinous in front of their own mother. Someone that comfortable, gives me the indication that his own family members knew he either had put his hands on this young lady before, and had a volatile temper. He had no respect to calm down, even in presence of his own mother.

Belcher, 25, and Kasandra Perkins, 22, were “the only people who knew what went on in their relationship,” Belcher’s sister, Charmaine Shepherd, said outside their childhood home Sunday. “And both of them are gone.”

I do not believe that for one second, that folks who are in relationships, do not tell their family their business. If anything, family tends to stay in one’s relationship business, in the first place.  Perkins family is calling the relationship, strained – so they have a general sense it was not picture perfect. That is just Belcher’s family shielding the fact that he was nothing but a cold murderer.

Belcher is a coward for killing the mother of his child. After realizing what he has done, like most cowards who can not face the repercussions on their actions, they take their own life.  His actions are unconscionable, his 3 month year old daughter will never know her parents, and when she gets older, she will go through the painstaking task of reading about her Dad’s actions – now that is a triple tragedy.

Jordan Davis – Killed for Playing Loud Music

Jordan Davis, black 17 year old from Florida was shot and killed, after he and his friends got into an argument with Michael Dunn, a 45 year old white man, after he wanted them to turn down their music because it was too loud. This story sent shock waves to my system. Teenagers will play loud music; that is what they do. What made Dunn the authority over them, and demand that they turn it down. Far as I know he was not the sheriff in town, more like a drunk man who wanted to establish some authority over 4 black teenagers.  If Dunn was so agitated, he was better off calling the cops and say that they was disturbing the peace. Instead, he argued with the group of teens and decided that since they were not going to listen to his demands, he will shoot up the vehicle, which resulted in Davis death. Pure senseless, which is exactly what I can chalk that up as.

Dunn of course claims that he was defending himself and that someone in the vehicle pointed a shot gun at him (which has not been found). I wonder if that were a group of white kids in a car, listening to music, would Dunn argue and shoot them, as well? Dunn’s actions resemble nothing short of what a white supremacists would do, and if I was the prosecutor in this case, I would charge him with a hate crime. The police know that is a absolute hate crime, but they are just as bad as Dunn, they love to cover up the obvious.

Florida, who has lawmakers who seem absolutely clueless, are once again thrown in the spotlight for their horrible statutes. ‘Stand Your Ground’ should be repealed, and the people of Florida should demand it. If they don’t, their child could be murdered next, and the person who pulled the trigger may simply say, “I was just standing my ground”.

We need to stop getting comfortable, thinking that race relations in America has improved. We are living in a world where racism is more covert and subtle. That makes it even more dangerous to a lot of people of color because one will not know if their boss, neighbor or that a stranger will one day attempt to kill them based on the color of their skin. White supremacist no longer where sheets over there heads.

We also need to teach children, and ourselves that arguing with strangers, no matter the subject can result in deadly consequences. One can never know what the person that one is arguing with will do. They can have  mental illness, or be under the influence, or has some biases against that person. It is not worth it, to even accept an invite to argue.

We are comparing Davis’ case to the tragic events that led up to Trayvon Martin’s death. This crime has the same similarities, where a black teen is shot and killed by someone that is not white, and they evoke ‘stand your ground’. Let’s hope both cases, results in infinite prison time to the aggressor and Florida finally does the right thing, and repeal that law, which only seems to be taken into consideration, when the victim is black.



-Ms Scripter

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Tim Tebow: The New Pat Boone


Tebow: The New Pat Boone
An essay by Nathaniel Daley

Anyone who knows me knows two basic things about me. One, I am a HUGE sports fan and two – I am a musician. I am sure that may be a little weird to most people who know me and read my blogs, that I have never written on either subject. Truthfully, as opinionated as I am – there isn’t a sports or music topic that I could write about – without it being a book that would make War and Peace look like a comic. But, every once in awhile something comes up that is just not said – about a subject and in this case – it actually combines not only sports and music, but race –and how we are viewed as people in our society.

If you look at Tim Tebow and just consider from a technical standpoint of strictly who he is as a player, it would be fair to say that he is a left handed Quarterback who scrambles and runs to score – that isn’t unique. I also just described Michael Vick. The difference is that Michael Vick runs to score because, if the defenses shut down his receivers – he – rather than taking a sack – uses his ability to run to move the chains, and sometimes score. Tim Tebow, however— CANNOT throw and as such runs because he is incapable of doing anything else. But, he is the closest thing to a white quarterback that plays similar to most black quarterbacks.

There lays the similarity to the world of music. How many times in the history of music has a black musician made a song, and a white artist covers it – badly and that version has more success. While the black artist is told that they are bad for the overall tradition of music. Little Richard was called everything short of the antichrist when “Tutti Frutti” came out. But, when Pat Boone made a cover of the song that even he admits was inferior, it peaked at #2 on the rock charts – as opposed to Richard’s 17. Michael Vick was criminalized even before his conviction due to his style of play. He and most African American quarterbacks are told by most NFL traditionalists that running should be left to running backs. They are constantly maligned, every time they drop their hands and try to run for yards—rather than throwing for them. The Tom Brady’s and Peyton Manning’s for the world are constantly brought up as examples of how they should play. Nobody has or has ever compared Tim Tebow to these men –ever. And the same people who attack guys like Vick or Cam Newton over their style are now saying how “exciting” and “innovative” Tebow’s style of play is. When was the last time you heard ESPN’s Skip Bayless say that they should “UNLEASH” Michael Vick or to let Cam Newton “play his game”? I’m not calling him racist I don’t want to insinuate that for a second. I am saying however, that it is more palatable to see new things when a face that looks like yours is doing them. Often times it is not even noticeable but in a case as grand as this I caught it. There is absolutely no question, and I want to make this clear, NO question, that a black quarterback with the statistics that Tebow had last season would have been jettison from the NFL before the season.

I don’t know or care if this starts a backlash, I am prepared for that. In fact, if Tebow was prepared for games as well as I am prepared for this – there would most likely be no need for this article. The problem I have with Tebow besides his abysmal performances has nothing to do with him. It is his supporters, saying he is great when he is a badly done rendition of players – those same supporters say are bad for the sport. The only thing Tebow can do to remedy this is improve drastically. He needs to in order not just to win games, but to justify the opportunity that – fairly or unfairly, he has been given. What his supporters can do is make sure they understand that you can’t glorify someone for the same reasons that you demonize others.



Jay Cutler Injury Controversy: Let Us Never Stop Learning From the Mistakes of Others


Much ado has been made about Jay Cutler coming out of the NFC title game against Green Bay due to what has now been described as an MCL sprain of the left knee. Several NFL players and other figures in the sports world tweeted and made their displeasure known because Cutler did not continue to play with the injury. Who does this guy think he is? Doesn’t he know playing injured is the very culture the National Football League was built on?

Perhaps more damning than him not playing was the fact Jay Cutler was not, at the very least, acting like the biggest cheerleader on the sideline. When the cameras caught glimpses of Cutler on the sideline, he looked bored, unmotivated, and did not even listen in on the plays being called. He did not even try to assist the back-up Quarterbacks on the sidelines or help them go over the plays. Jay Cutler, if anything at all, looked selfish and like the game had been lost a long time ago, arms folded, glancing aimlessly around like a cabbie let him out on an unfamiliar street corner. Jay Cutler needed a ride, an escape, and most unfortunate for him, his demeanor gave the impression the ride he took was on his injured left knee right to the sideline. Someone should have told him the sideline would not be far enough to get away from the scrutiny of his “toughness.”

It has been widely publicized that retired NFL players are still suffering the effects of a life lived on the gridiron playing through injuries, getting sacked, and tackled, breaking bones, and suffering concussions. I would go so far as to suggest the population of NFL players past and present probably undergoes more surgeries than players from most other sports including hockey, baseball, and basketball. NFL related injuries are usually severe and can cripple an athlete’s career in his prime. Most NFL players will not have careers as long as the sports life of a hockey or baseball player.

With this in mind, my problem is not that Jay Cutler did not continue playing on his injured knee—after all who are we to judge, especially those who do not play the game. My career is not on the line, but his very well could be if he doesn’t heal right or were to get an infection that could exacerbate his injury further. On the contrary to most, I can applaud him for not playing injured. Perhaps Jay Cutler is smarter than 95% of NFL players who would choose to play hurt for the sake of toughness. Rather, the only fault I find with Jay Cutler was his bruised ego and poor body language which caused him to brood and pout on the sidelines as opposed to supporting his team and acting like they were still playing for something. I think young athletes should learn for Jay Cutler’s error and remember there is no “I” in team. Winning requires the positive energy of everyone involved, even those who cannot physically perform. Jeremy Shockey displayed poor sportsmanship as well when his broken leg prevented him from taking part in the NY Giants 2007 Super Bowl Championship. My message is simple, in order to be a winner, having a winning attitude is just as important as contributing to a winning team.