White Guilt and the Obsequious Negro – Musings on Dr. Ben Carson


Ben Carson

Google defines the word obsequious as “obedient or attentive to an excessive or servile degree. Synonyms offered are “servile, ingratiating, sycophantic, fawning, unctuous, oily, oleaginous, groveling, cringing, subservient, submissive, slavish, brown-nosing, bootlicking, smarmy and ass-kissing.

This definition perfectly describes the public persona of Ben Carson with regards to white people. It has been obvious for quite some time that Dr. Carson’s entire existence is an audition for proximity to whiteness, especially after Carson’s “slaves were immigrants” comment.

“That’s what America is about, a land of dreams and opportunity. There were other immigrants who came here in the bottom of slave ships, worked even longer, even harder for less. But they too had a dream that one day their sons, daughters, grandsons, granddaughters, great grandsons, great granddaughters might pursue prosperity and happiness in this land.”

There’s not much beyond derision and ridicule that I can offer as critique of Carson’s ridiculous ahistorical comments, but an interesting conversation can be held about the reasoning behind his cloying need to make such pronouncements. Simply put, Dr. Carson is motivated by a desperate need to be liked by white people. In his search for white acceptance, he has found a need engendered by whiteness that he can fulfill and in meeting that need he has indeed found a modicum of favorable reception.

One of the defining characteristics of whiteness as identity is its implied innocence. This innocence is as mythical as it is false and, therefore it needs to buttressed by a continuous barrage of lies to obscure how utterly bereft this myth is. Whiteness is, of course not innocent. The very idea of a people who would be white is a very evil thing as the idea of being “white” has been the excuse for all manner of atrocities committed by people who would see themselves as white against People of Color. In reality whiteness is guilty.

The myth of white innocence juxtaposed against the reality of white guilt is cause for a great degree of cognitive dissonance and sociological fragility in white identified people which creates a need for People of Color who would speak against their own reality in support of the myth of white innocence.

Ben Carson and other public anti Black Negroes have a quid pro quo relationship with whiteness. His public performance of self-negation is rewarded with recognition, promotion, and ever higher platforms for which to blather his inanities. He knows damn well his happy slaves tripe is falsehood as much as his intended audience. It’s just that they need to hear those lies as much as he needs to tell them.

-Michael Chester


Note To Social Media: Hillary Clinton Lost, Time To Regroup


hillary-clintonOPINION – November 8th came and went, and the outcome of the Presidential Election shocked a lot of people, with Donald Trump winning the Presidency. I thought Hillary Clinton was going to win and the nation isn’t that silly to elect a failed businessperson who has filed for bankruptcy on numerous occasions. Also, a man who is a blatant sexist, shares xenophobic and racist views, has zero filter with no experience. to run the highest office in the Nation. Well, that proved to be wrong, and now we are faced with a Trump Presidency.

I did become excited that maybe, just maybe my Facebook social media feed would not be flapping their keyboard gums about Hillary Clinton any longer. That proved to be a false narrative; it has got worse.

The shaming of those who stated they didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton has reached a fever pitch. Not only are people crying about the outcome on social media, but the finger pointing has also taken center stage. The blaming of the 3rd party votes like Green Party Jill Stein and Libertarian Gary Johnson has now become the number one excuse as to why HRC lost the election. Folks seem to avoid talking about Jill Stein receiving votes, when Barack Obama won, but the key word is because he won and thus the complaints about 3rd party spoilers were muted. Voting for the Libertarian or Green Party is the norm, but HRC got walloped in key states, but that seem to escape one’s dialogue. The fact remains the same 55 plus million voters co-sign to Donald Trump, and that is a glaring statistic.

The fact that is also escaping so many, is that angry white voters didn’t gravitate toward HRC, they went with Trump instead (which includes women). Folks are also not taking into consideration that some Latinos, more than Mitt Romney received (33& Latino men & 26% Latino women) voted for Trump. This was the election of white nationalism, they also weren’t having a woman running the show as President, and they surely embraced Trump’s racial dog whistle politics. Furthermore, angry white voters gravitated toward a candidate that was not part of the establishment (in their mind), and that was only the tip of the iceberg of things to come as far as the results are concerned. There is no coincidence that 64% of white men voted for Trump, and 52% of white women voted for Trump.

HRC was a flawed candidate from the onset, with baggage that was so intense that it made a sanitation worker take a keen interest in disposing of it. What made matters worse is that the shenanigans that were on display concerning HRC’s campaign. Media personalities leaking debate questions, and among other things that didn’t sit well with people. What would also be part of HRC’s failed campaigned, was that she selected a boring running mate in Tim Kaine, who until this day was a drastic mistake. HRC’s campaign was designed to fail in the first place, the entitlement to the Presidency rubbed a lot of people the wrong way, and she became an unlikeable figure.

“They are saying they did nothing wrong, which is ridiculous,” said one Clinton surrogate. “She was the wrong messenger and everyone misjudged how pissed working class people were.”

The arrogance of the DNC was on full display because some people who supported her, felt that Clinton was entitled to the Presidency. When one evaluates this election, one would know that it was time for a Republican President to win the election. Eight years of a Democratic one, that goes unanswered is not part of history. More than likely a Republican President, would have won regardless, but someone like Trump winning says a lot about the nation.

So, let’s embrace the loss that HRC received and regroup, and understand that the DNC should start pushing more Progressive, young, new candidates and get rid of the business as usual politicians. Let’s stop blaming one entity and realize HRC lost and there is a lot of blame to go around, and the primary factor is she just wasn’t a great candidate. Time for more progressive candidates, if the DNC doesn’t push this then they are tone deaf, just like Howard Dean who wants to insert himself as the new DNC chair. The old Democrats need to take a seat and fade to Black. No one wants to see guys like Howard Dean, so it’s obvious the tone deafness continues to be the DNC’s mo and this means the Party will continue to lose.

To be honest, I’m am mentally exhausted from hearing about this election and its aftermath. The constant bickering is the worse I’ve seen on social media since I’ve signed up. It’s embarrassing how many voters, can’t understand how HRC lost and continued the blame game, by targeting a small group of Libertarians and Green Party candidates.  Instead of holding the Democratic Party accountable for attempting to co-sign a seriously flawed candidate in the first place. If Hillary Clinton didn’t win, it’s because of various factors and that includes Hillary Clinton herself. So, let’s re-group, push for more progressives candidates, no more centrist ideologies and realize old established Democrats can’t excite a paper bag with their business as usual agenda and need to exit stage left.

-Ms Scripter 

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Trump & Clinton: It was All Good Just A Week Ago…


Trump and Hillary

OPINION-Last Friday night (3/11/16) was a great night for people who aren’t Donald Trump fans. For those who aren’t aware, that Trump decided to hold a rally in Chicago. When I first heard the Donald was going to Chicago my first thought was, he must be crazy.

I couldn’t believe Trump will hold a rally where the home of the late Fred Hampton – the Black Panther icon, was brutally murdered by Chicago Police. The same Chicago that is the home to one of the most corrupted police departments in the United States that has the historic history of terrorizing Blacks and Latinos. The same Chicago where politicians like Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and one of the most corrupt Attorney Generals in Anita Alvarez rule over their oppress constituents. Is Trump going to show up in Chicago? Really?

Well then before Trump could show his orange face to the podium to begin his hate speech once again, a crowd of protestors from all angles and ethnicities weren’t having it. Scuffles broke out between supporters and protestors and Trump cowardly used the police department as a blanket to state he was cancelling his appearance. Trump told Don Lemon of CNN that the police didn’t think it was a good idea for him to make an appearance. Gee Donald, you think?

Other Presidential nominees (Cruz and Rubio) came out and suggested that Trump’s speeches have evoked violence at all of Trump’s rallies. Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton decided to go a different route, and told the media that the protestors should take a page out of the people who lost loved ones after the Charleston Church massacre, last year:

“The families of those victims came together and melted hearts in the statehouse and the Confederate flag came down,” Clinton said. “That should be the model we strive for to overcome painful divisions in our country.”

Let me get this straight and decode this language. Clinton is telling the north to be a good obedient negro like the south and turn the other cheek, and inherit the “we shall overcome” philosophy that the people in Charleston demonstrated after a despicable racist massacred a group of Black church goers. I guess another crazy one running for office, think we were going to let that slide. The backlash Clinton received for that comment was swift and all over social media. Of course, that statement wasn’t scaled back, and I know Clinton heard and read the backlash.

Clinton isn’t going to backtrack because I believe she has 0 respect for Black people just by her actions, but one continues to vote for her nevertheless and cape for her like she is a superhero. Where was Clinton’s comments after a Black man was punched, by that white Trump supporter as he was being escorted out by police, before the Chicago rally? Where was Clinton’s comment about families coming together when that white man pushed the Black woman at another one of Trump rallies? Hillary Clinton waited for when Chicago clearly was not having it, to decide to tell protestors that we should come together. One has to understand the code words and style Clinton is using, and she isn’t no better than Trump. Hillary Clinton is a sophisticated racist to me, and one’s actions speak volumes.

Before the comment about the Trump protestors, Hillary Clinton also praised the late Nancy Reagan for bringing AIDS awareness to the forefront (yes you heard it correctly):

“It may be hard for your viewers to remember how difficult it was for people to talk about H.I.V./AIDS back in the 1980s,” Mrs. Clinton, who was attending Mrs. Reagan’s funeral in Simi Valley, Calif., told MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell. “And because of both President and Mrs. Reagan – in particular, Mrs. Reagan – we started a national conversation, when before nobody would talk about it. Nobody wanted anything to do with it.”

Clinton had to hurry up and do a verbal moonwalk to address her statement, about the Reagans and AIDS:

“While the Reagans were strong advocates for stem cell research and finding a cure for Alzheimer’s disease, I misspoke about their record on H.I.V. and AIDS,” she said in a statement about two hours after her interview had been shown on MSNBC. “For that, I’m sorry.”

Clinton’s apology was quick because she knows she upset so many people (the LBGT community) with that misinformation that she attempted to pass on as truth. To make sure Clinton was in the clear, she apologized twice. When Clinton was asked to apologize for that “super-predator” comment concerning Black men by a protestor, we still are waiting to hear it. Do Black people see the kind of respect she has for us? Clinton has none, because the South gave her 90% of the Black vote, so she is chilling. Let that sink in…

Clinton got caught attempting to re-write history again. This time, against her rival Senator Bernie Sanders when she was discussing her fight for health care reform:

During an event in St. Louis, Missouri, Clinton accused the senator from Vermont of being soft on healthcare reform before he made a single-payer system one of his main campaign promises.

“Where was he when I was trying to get healthcare in ’93 and ’94?” she asked a crowd of supporters.

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 8.44.10 AM

I guess Clinton forgot there was a picture of Sanders standing right behind her, during her speech on healthcare reform in the 90’s. Clinton seems to enjoy fibbing and getting caught while doing it. The internet can be a gift and curse and in this case, it worked in Sanders favor, just not in Clinton’s.

Now, let’s get back to Trump. He has to worry about watching his back (since one protestor tried to get to him in St. Louis). Trump is attempting to use the protestors as a means to rile up his fan based, and he has even said he will start pressing charges against demonstrators. Trump also hinted that he may pay the legal fees, of the white man who suckered punch the Black man at one of his rallies. Trump is like the Grand Wizard at a Klan rally, attempting to launch a race war.

“I love the old days, you know what they used to do to (protestors) like that when they get out of line? They’d be carried away on a stretcher folks.” – Donald Trump

I guess Trump means like they did to protestors in Kent State in 1970? Unfortunately, for Trump, not all states are having the Klan convention continue to go unchecked. Someone could eventually get seriously hurt; the conversation should be when will Trump get arrested for his inflammatory comments. If Trump’s speeches lead to severe violence as he appears to kick up his rhetoric a notch at each rally, who should shoulder the blame? Yes, there is such thing as free speech, but words have consequences.

Last week, wasn’t an excellent one for both Clinton and Trump. Trump has to watch his back going forward; the Secret Service may be around, but that doesn’t mean Trump is comfortable. Trump claimed he would have punched that protestor if he got near him, but from what I saw on the video, he looked like a scared puppy hiding behind the Secret Service to me. Whether Trump wants to admit it or not, Chicago shook him up, and I hope other cities will model what Chicago did when he enters their turf. As for Clinton her true colors were revealed a long time ago (she will say anything to get elected), and now she is on an apology tour (she just not apologizing to Black people). Oh boy, everything was all good just a week ago…

-Ms Scripture

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Political Endorsements Are Insignificant To Me



(AP Photo/Stephen B. Morton)

(AP Photo/Stephen B. Morton)

OPINION – When I turned on the local or cable news, not a moment goes by when I’m subjected to cheerleading from other politicians endorsing a candidate for office. In this state of the political game as we head into “Super Tuesday” for the Presidential primaries, candidates believe that key endorsements are one of the components to victory.

Back when I didn’t have the political knowledge, I would rely on seeing endorsements from figures that I was familiar with to guide me when it was my time to vote. I used to take endorsements seriously and trusted the politician that was co-signing for the candidate. Better yet, if the politician was of a particular allegiance like a Democrat or an Independent, then they automatically will receive my vote. I didn’t bother to check out Green Party Candidates, or even check out Republican candidates. It didn’t matter if the politician that was running for office didn’t share my ideology; I was listening to endorsements from people I knew. Of course, that style would change a few years later when I took the time to do some investigative work and read more.

Endorsements mean nothing to me anymore, in fact, when I see another political figure endorse a candidate my thought process is what did the candidate promise them. Some politicians that love to support other candidates, either get a promise that they will be in a cabinet post if elected, or some extra funding in their districts (which never seems to reach their current community), or some other private incentive at the voter’s expense.

When I check my Facebook page, I have to read my representative, in my district Hakeem Jefferies every morning like clockwork, praising Hillary Clinton for President. The constant ass kissing is so blatant I want to regurgitate. When asked about why she should even get my vote and what has she done for Black people, all I hear is crickets. Every chance I get I respond to Jefferies Facebook post with a sarcastic condensing tone that I’m surprised the handlers on his professional page haven’t banned me yet.

Recently representative and civil rights icon John Lewis endorsed Hillary Clinton. During the initial endorsement speech Lewis couldn’t wait to take a shot at Sanders. Lewis implied that he didn’t see Sanders during the civil rights movement. I mean how could he, I still find it difficult to locate Waldo in the finding Where’s Waldo book series, so how could Lewis see Sanders during that time? I think Lewis was attempting to inform Blacks to vote for Hillary because Sanders record on civil rights is shady. I mean there isn’t a hidden agenda from Lewis, he is one of our Black icons. Lewis wouldn’t just endorse without being promised anything, right?

[Pause] Maybe I’m missing something, but what has Clinton done for Black people, besides calling Black men/boys “super predators”? Better yet, where was Hillary’s outrage as her husband ensured many Black families were destroyed during the signing of the Crime Bill? Why should I listen to Lewis, Jefferies, Representative Clyburn, The Latino Caucus and others, when they come out and endorse Hillary Clinton?

Sorry, there is too much information out there for me to vote blindly for candidates because someone told me too and like a sucker I should follow. We are in the new age of social media, where I don’t have an excuse to be politically ignorant and vote for a candidate just because of name recognition, endorsements, or because someone told me too and if I don’t Trump will be President (folks like that are attempting to force one to vote out of fear). I rather think for myself independently than to rely on voting for someone based on endorsements.

Lastly, to all the other politicians that endorse other candidates and expect one to fall in line, guess what? I’m just not that type of voter, and if a lot of voters were to do their independent research, they would realize that these key endorsements aren’t worth anything because it’s not to the benefit of the electorate, but the benefit of those who are doing the endorsing.

Happy Super Tuesday!

-Ms Scripter

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10 Things Police Depts. Should Do To Reform Themselves


imageOPINION-I don’t know about many of you, but I’m sick and tired of hearing and seeing videos of police officers being ignorant to the laws in this country (intentionally of course). The United States Consititution first words state, “We The People”, not “We The Police”. The police have been resilient in continuing to violate citizens civil rights with the emphasize on the Black community. From the shooting deaths of unarmed Black men, and women are becoming the norm (even though the police have been doing this for centuries). The pistol whippings which resulted in a suspect getting their teeth knocked out. Forcing a passenger out of a car by breaking the car window, tazing the passenger in front of his children (unwarranted) are just a small sample on what the police have been caught doing lately. The reason why police brutality has now been exposed more than ever is because of social media. These things have been taken place since the implementation of police, fortunately the visual of police abuse have been a tool to highlight the issue even more in the present.

The police have been known to lie on numerous occasions to cover up their skeletons and unethical behavior. The usual excuse for shooting an unarmed suspect is that they thought the suspect were reaching for a gun, or they thought they had a gun, or the suspect reached for an officer’s gun excuse. I’m sure by the time this blog post is published another police officer is going to violate a Black person’s civil rights and more than likely get away with it. I have complied a few things police departments should consider implementing to reform themselves since they appear to lack oversight, tax papers should demand it. Here are ten things I will like to see police departments do to reform themselves:

  • 1. All police shootings should have an immediate integrity followup, where the officer(s) involved in the shooting should submit to a drug test. Bus drivers and mass transit operators right here in NYC all have to submit a drug test when they are involved in accidents. If a person jumps in front of an incoming train and commits suicide, the train operator (even though they were not at fault) must submit to a drug test. I don’t see why this shouldn’t be handed down to police officers. I guess the exposure of possible steroid abuses and other foreign things in a police officer’s urine sample will have the union pleading for mercy. We are quick to leak the victim’s drug history (informing the media of positive drug test results). When it comes to the police officers involved in shootings, the brass wants to be silent and refuse to ensure that the officer in question wasn’t on drugs at the time. It’s all about integrity of the initial investigation after a questionable shooting.


  • 2. Anyone who applies to be a police officer should have a bachelor’s degree in either Criminal Justice, Psychology or any relevant major that will assist future police officers in performing their jobs properly. The city continues to hire officers who come straight out of the Iraq or Afghanistan war, and a lot of them have PTSD. Do I want to engage with a police officer, just by asking for directions if they have psychological issues? Some of the aggressive behavior that these officers display is the direct result of PTSD. The potential candidate (regardless if they were in the military or not), should be familiar with the laws in this country to do their job effectively. In other words, the candidates GPA should be no lower than a 3.0. We have a lot of idiots on the force, let’s be honest. They are clueless when it comes to having knowledge about the laws in this country, how they pass the academy is beyond me. As for the psychology degree, it would be beneficial since we have heard countless stories of police officers poorly handling on how they deal with the mentally ill. When the police are called to diffuse the situation, they end up killing the person who was obviously not in their right mind. It gets to the point, where parents or guardians of the mentally ill are hesitate to call the police when their love ones are having an episode. The mentally ill person may end up dead by the hands of the police because they just can’t handle these type of scenarios.


  • 3. Officers not only have to pass a basic psychological, oral and written exam, but what should now be included are psychological exams on race. This criteria will expose those, who have issues with other races, which can play a part in their interactions with the public when they are performing their jobs. Maybe we will see a decrease in stops because civilians are driving while Black, walking while Black, talking while Black or just because they are Black. An extensive psychological exam on race will give the person who administrate these exams a clear understanding on how a police candidate really thinks about other races. If one fails this exam, one doesn’t become a police officer – no exceptions!


  • 4. The good old paid vacation policy aka administrative leave should be abolished. If a police officer is under investigation for any reason and needs to be suspended due to the severity of the investigation, that officer should not be paid. The paid administrative leave non-sense is insulting and does nothing to cease the rest of the police force to think twice about violating anyone’s civil rights. If a police officer is aware that they aren’t going to get paid while on administrative leave. That same officer(s) more than likely not to demonstrate unethical behavior because that will subsequently place them behind in their bills and impact their quality of life. Try explaining to your wife or husband why they are behind on mortgage payments. That’s not a good feeling or a good conversation to have!


  • 5. If a police officer garners a specific amount of citizens complaints (5 for example) there should be departmental hearings to examine whether or not that police officer may not be a great fit for the department. Not punishments that take away some vacation days. There should be a termination hearing.  Forget the probation period, once they past that they think it’s easy sailing, and they become comfortable showing their true colors. While the investigation is underway with their 5th complaint, they should not get paid while they are being investigated. This is looming over the rest of police officer’s head and should be a deterrent to them for being abusive police officers. This also should include any civil lawsuits that these officers lose. Taxpayer’s dollars are going to be handed out while some of these unethical officers will see a nice pension after 20 years of service. Maybe a percentage of that future pension should also go automatically to the victim’s families or the victim as part of a settlement deal.


  • 6. Body cams should be mandatory for all police departments in the United States. All that money that is allocated to police departments for militarized weapons, armored vehicles that they receive from the so called “drug war” should be handed down for equipment like body cameras and dash cams. Body cameras are in place to protect the “good” officers and the citizens who are subjected to abuse. Statistics has indicated body cameras have not only brought civilian complaints down, but also keeps the police officer integrity in check, because there is oversight.


  • 7. Community policing should be a requirement. Getting to know the community an officer is in charged to “serve and protect” is important to the overall development and the relationship between the officers and community. Crimes can be solved expeditiously without the “stop snitching criteria” among the folks in the communities due to more trust among the police and community. If that same officer wants to ask questions about a crime, more than likely they will receive that tip because they have a good  relationship with the community. It also places many people at ease, once people in the community get to know officers they are comfortable with speaking to them on a day to day basis. Right now community relations are terrible and that is expected when their is mistrust.


  • 8. Police officers should live in the general areas of the community. I’m not saying a police officer should live in the projects or in the same precinct in which they work every day. Police officers living in the suburbs or parts of Long Island and are assigned in East New York, Brooklyn is a failure in police relations. Half of these police officers are scared to death of the community because they don’t understand the community. One of the reasons is why we have so many shootings of unarmed Black men because the suburban police officer shoots first and asks questions later., because quite frankly they are scared of the big bad wolf, known as Black men (according to the perception the police are giving off).


  • 9. More diversity should be implemented in the urban communities. White officers should NOT dominate a community that is close to 90% Black and Latinos. No one is going to talk to a white officer (let’s keep it real), and they rather not are bothered with him or her because once again the distrust is there and rightfully so. Let’s be honest, the videos that have made their appearance on YouTube of unarmed Black men being killed or beaten by the police have the majority of the time been committed by white officers. Imagine constantly being harassed because of the color of one’s skin, that takes a toil on the community and results in civil unrest in the future. I’m not saying a Black and Latino cop is no better, but white officers should never dominate a community that is majority Black and Latino. That entire perception has a plantation overseer element to it.


  • 10. Lastly, sensitivity training is the number one topic that should be in the academy. Besides the scenario based traffic stops, their should be scenario based sensitivity training involving race. How many of these officers zero in on the car full of Blacks, but a car full of whites are allowed to drive down the highway without a glance. How many times does a Black person is stop and frisk in the street, but the white college kid carrying ecstasy in his back pack is not even questioned? The majority of these stops are their to dehumanized the person of color and this leads to resentment toward the police.  The Black community aren’t stupid, we are getting quite sick of the double standard in how police departments are being run and it has a lot to do with race.

This is just a wish list, maybe one out of the ten will be considered (I won’t hold my breath). The group that is constantly being brutalized by the police (Blacks) can take a stand and get things done by holding their Politicians accountable. Otherwise, it is time to elect someone with the agenda that supports against police brutality and the militarization of the police. If not, we will continue to see disturbing YouTube video of police officers violating one’s civil rights and the main targets are Blacks.

-Ms Scripture

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A Dark Complexion Will Get You Zero Protection With The Police


Police-ShootingBy now, the world has seen one of the most disturbing videos where a Black man who was just following a request by an officer of the law, almost ended up as a corpse at the morgue for his trouble. South Carolina is the place where the rules of engagement (according to some officers who’s actions don’t value a human life or shall I say a Black life) takes place. The victim in this case is Levar Jones, and what happens next is almost a daily occurrence. Where police brutality involves anyone of color pertaining to police interactions (even though this has occurred since the Slave Patrols, but I digress) is the norm.

Jones pulled into a gas station and as he was getting out a police officer attempted to pull him over and asked to see his driver’s license. Allegedly Jones did not have his seat belt on and the officer wanted to issue him a ticket. This is not victim blaming at all, but I’m going to point out that Black men and women must be very conscious of their movements when it involves the police. This is especially true when the police officer one is interacting with is white. Jones, who was already out of his vehicle when the officer attempt to stop him, was not really thinking his life would be in danger. After the request was made by the officer t0 see his license, Jones reached back into his vehicle to retrieve his identification and was shot by State Trooper Sean M. Groubert. A total of four shots were discharged from Groubert’s weapon, hitting Jones once. Cleary on the police dash cam, one can hear Jones asking Groubert why did the trooper shoot him and that he was just retrieving his identification. Jones must know by now the answer to his question, especially when incidents like shoot first ask questions later, happens mainly to Black men and women.

At least in this case the State Trooper was fired and arrested and charged with felony assault (imagine if the police officers in the Michael Brown and Eric Garner case would receive that same punishment so expeditiously?)

What is troubling to me is that many people appeared to think that the police assaulting and killing Black people is something that is starting to become an epidemic. No, this has been going on for centuries and the fact that a lot of these police brutality cases now have a witness is a plus. The camera phone and in this case the dash cam has assisted many non-believers to the level of the brutality that many Black people will face if they even bat an eyelash against a police officer.

Can one imagine if there were no dash cam to Jones’ incident? Then the trooper would get the benefit of the doubt, by a grand jury and more than likely would continue to work as a police officer and finish tormenting more Black people for the rest of his career. Of course, cameras of incidents do not always equate justice, and that is evident by the simple Simon ruling by an all-white grand jury in the John Crawford case. In case one missed this one, Crawford was shot and killed by the police while holding a toy gun while walking in an aisle in Walmart. Jonathan didn’t point a gun at the officers (because he didn’t even see them; he was talking to the mother of his children at the time, with his back turned to them). Despite the erroneous call by a witness who stated Crawford was pointing a gun at customers (that was deemed to be false, according to the video) the police shot him regardless. What makes Crawford’s case more disturbing is that a grand jury failed to indict theses responding officers who arrived at the scene, and they didn’t take into consideration that Ohio has an open carry law.

Hypothetically if the gun Crawford has was real, how come the police didn’t approach him and question him about it? Instead, they shot him dead like a dog in the street because we all know Black men carrying guns is surely a threat to society right? No matter the laws that are in place where open carry laws allows citizens to walk around with an assault rifle while browsing in aisle nine without any repercussions from the police. It’s just that these open carry laws seem to be null and void if a person of color is carrying one.

The legal standard for whether or not deadly force by a police officer is “justifiable” often relies upon an officer’s subjective “feeling” of being threatened, which means that an officer who “feels” that young, African-American men are threatening by their very nature may have a more lax standard of when use of deadly force is acceptable against them.

After the grand jury failed to return indictments in the Walmart shooting, the United States Justice Department said it would conduct its own investigation to determine whether Crawford’s civil rights were violated when police shot and killed him.

Black people better realize (you to my Latino friends) the rules of engagement will not be used correctly when they interact with us. The police guide is tossed out of the window, because the rules of engagement is different, and it has always been that way when you’re a person of color. Don’t even think about one’s family receiving justice if one happens to die by the hands of police officers unjustly. Society has the police officers receiving the benefit of the doubt the majority of the time. The make up of grand jury pools are often design to ensure these same police officers will not be prosecuted, and it’s not like the prosecutor wants a police officer to be punished. The victim’s family will receive compensation, and that’s about it. A paid suspension and a loss of some vacation days will be the right call (according to police culture, when an officer doesn’t follow procedures and someone ends up dead).

If one wants better prosecutors, police commissioners, and an entire overhaul change in the way the criminal justice is structure. Then one has to be politically educated on politics in order to have a voice in this process. What many people in the position of power are hoping for is that Blacks and Latinos will blindly vote for any Democrat (since we always voting for them) and not read their voting record or where they stand on police reform. The more one votes for these politicians that do not tell us where they stand on police brutality and the militarization of police forces, the more they will obtain the power and continue to ignore the problem. Police officers (who don’t abide by their laws) continue to get away with murder, literally and figuratively. It’s time to wake up, and get politically educated!

If one didn’t see this disturbing viral video concerning Levar Jones, check it out below:

-Ms Scripter

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Hey Mr. President, Where Was the Part on the Criminal Justice System?


Obama sotuOPINION – Maybe I was missing something last night as I watched President Obama give his 2014 State of the Union Address. The President who hands down can deliver a speech that always seem to captivate the listener, didn’t address two topics that I am very passionate about, which is the criminal justice system with emphasis on sentencing guidelines and police brutality.

Another one of my passions, which is getting folks out of poverty with the increase of the minimum wage:

“because if you cook for our troops’ meals or wash their dishes, you should not have to live in poverty.”

Even if the minimum wage is raised to $10 an hour it is still too low. One can’t survive off of that, especially if one have children, so one will continue to live in poverty. The greedy 2% would collapse if I were in a position of power and propose a minimum of wage of $18 an hour. Trust me, these folks can afford it they are living like Kings and Queens off the backs of cheap labor, and quite frankly I am tired of it. Just look at Walmart, it’s nauseating to me whenever I see how much this company makes compared to how much the average worker brings home to their families.

“But first, this Congress needs to restore the unemployment insurance you just let expire for 1.6 million people.”

Right on cue, a white woman in the audience is represented as the face of the unemployed. Would it had hurt if the President would have had a Black man or woman representing this topic in the audience? Or would that give the illusion that he may be helping Black folks in some fashion? Black unemployment rate is at an all-time high, so that would have been an appropriate representation.

“So let’s get immigration reform done this year. Let’s get it done. It’s time.”

The President states this while he leads the league in deportation. I really want to believe him, but facts don’t lie.

The President discussed the war and highlighted a veteran by the name of Cory Remsburg who was severely injured after serving 10 deployments in Afghanistan. I am all for praising veterans who paid the ultimate sacrifice. This was an emotional part in his speech. I would have also loved for him to address the epidemic of rape that is occurring in the military and the person(s) reponsible are rarely punished, and forced to register as a sex offender when they become civilians because that is exactly what they are – sex offenders.

The criminal justice system and police brutality should have also been the topic of discussion, as well. It would have been great to hear the President state that convicted felons of victimless crime like drug possession have an opportunity to receive financial aid to go to college once they do their time. Or even other crimes that a person is convicted for (that are not violent), but is able to go back into society and contribute if they don’t get into trouble while doing it. How many 16 year olds were given sentences of 25 years for selling drugs and when they get out, opportunity is non-existent. So guess what these young men and women who were  raised in the criminal justice  system will do in response? Commit more crimes again, because no one is hiring a convicted felon and opportunity to better themselves is dead on arrival when they leave those prison walls. The President can say if one works hard they can succeed all he wants, he can never convince me. Especially when a person is constantly turned away from getting a job because of a felony conviction, can’t get financial aid to attend college, housing, food stamps, etc. What was also left out is the pink elephant in the room, which is racism and sexism. What do they expect them to do if they lose all hope? Listen to one of Obama many brilliant speeches that tell us that we can succeed if we just work hard, like he did? Motivation from the words he speaks does not always transfer to food on the table.

Also, building private prisons especially in Louisiana should be curtailed? It has become big business to ensure those beds are filled, and unfortunately, many people are given harsh sentencing all for the love of cheap labor. Many of these big corporations are using the inmates in these prisons to work, way less than minimum wage. In all honesty, if one were to see how much the prisoners make, one would cry out modern day slavery! Once again, we are building America on the backs of free labor it is more sophisticated now.

It would also help if he would get something in place that scrutinizes the unarmed shooting of Black and Brown men and women in the country by the police. Also, police brutality as a whole. Who is watching these police officers, surely not internal affairs? How many police officers either receive a slap on the wrist or no punishment at all when they are involved in this type of shootings? The majority of these officers literally and figuratively get away with murder. Enough is enough, or one of these days people will have enough and the consequences will be another riot. Let’s hope this time, we don’t destroy our own neighborhoods.

This is what we get, for drinking the Kool-Aid. The President has an agenda for everyone: women, Latinos, gays, the rich (he is in denial about that, but Wall Street, big banks continue to skate). Many will say healthcare was a covert agenda for Black people, I will agree, but someone who has been incarcerated can’t even afford the monthly fees.  Close to 96 percent of Black people re-elected him.  Just like poor whites who vote for Republicans constantly down the line and doing so without having their best interest in mind. Black people also have to realize, that voting Democrat without evaluating if that candidate shares one’s same ideology is a recipe for disaster. In order to stop the trend and push for our own agenda, like everyone else (like the Tea Party) we need to send a message. Stop allowing these Democrats to take one’s votes for granted. This is the only way we can suppress the poverty, unemployment, police brutality and the overall racism where it comes to the criminal just system. Otherwise, we all will find ourselves right where we have been since slavery been abolished – at the bottom in every statistical category. Vote for a politician that shares the same passion that as an individual one cares about.

I’m sure Hillary Clinton will be running in 2016, will we continue to drink the Kool-Aid? Analyze the policies of former President Bill Clinton, whom we so foolishly dub the “first Black President’, who single handily had policies in place that also fueled mass incarceration. Remember, Bill Clinton’s State of the Union Address in 1994, where he advocated the “three strike and you’re out” law. One probably got distracted with that handsome man that is so cool, he wears sunglasses and plays the saxophone to even notice.

-Ms Scripter

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F-T-M Endorses Bill de Blasio For NYC Mayor


Bill de BlasioOPINION -When the democratic NYC Mayor’s race was shaping up, I had two candidates in mind – Bill DeBlaiso and Bill Thompson. One of the Bill’s won me over and it is de Blasio. Christine Quinn who is Bloomberg light never crossed my mind.

I feel Bill de Blasio is the candidate who addresses the plights of the middle class and poor. I don’t recall too many candidates that include the poor in their advertising pitch. His idea to ensure the rich pay a little more so that the money can gear toward Pre-K education is a start. de Blasio is telling potential voters that he is willing to give our inner city kids a fighting chance by improving the school system. Bill de Blasio even got arrested while protesting the closing of Long Island City Hospital and that was before he became the front runner in the Mayor’s race. Where was Christine Quinn and Bill Thompson during this hospital crisis? Anthony Weiner was there, but he did not get arrested. Weiner was probably in the corner somewhere texting some young girl like the sexual deviant that we all come to know.

I want a Mayor who understands that it has become unbearable living in this city financially, when the majority of one’s paycheck goes to rent alone. I remember even under the dreaded Mayor Guiliani rent for a one bedroom apartment for me in Crown Heights/Prospect Heights was $700.00 a month. One would be lucky to secure a bathroom in the same area for that amount in Brooklyn today. Gentrification has taken over Brooklyn and the rent has resemble the amount someone would pay for a mortgage.  Over the past 12 years we have watched affordable housing diminish entirely under Mayor Bloomberg and the homeless rate soared. I don’t recall the last time I seen a sign that states affordable housing under Mayor Bloomberg at a building that has been renovated. All new construction is being made for luxury condos that also sits empty in neighborhoods in Brooklyn because even the lighter shade can’t afford it. This city has changed dramatically and for the people who have lived here all their lives watched it without being able to reap the benefits. The mission of Mayor Bloomberg was to push us out. I lived in Prospect Heights/Crown Heights for decades (since I was born), when going to school, stepping on different color crack viles was the norm back in the 90’s. Now that the neighborhood has improved, and is safer, we are looked upon by some of these “new residents” like we don’t belong here.

I want a candidate that understands that social justice, education, and being economically mobile plays an intricate part in running this city. It was obvious that we had a Mayor for 12 year that was so out of touch, he reached a point that he didn’t care what any of the poor and middle class thought because he knew we weren’t going to get off our asses to vote in the first place, but complain on the sidelines for 12 years, instead. I’m not saying de Blasio will ignore the rich because I know for a fact no politician whether they are grass roots, or not will do so. The difference among the other candidates is that I feel de Blasio will tend to the needs of all New Yorkers, which includes the poor that Mayor Bloomberg has ignored over the past decade. I will say that I don’t don’t like the “broken windows” approach that de Blasio has stated he will use to address crime if he becomes Mayor. With every politician one has to take the good and the bad. Would you rather have Bloomberg light (Christine Quinn) or someone who does not believe that NYC should only be for elitist?

I want a livable, affordable NYC, otherwise I have thought about leaving this place, which is all I know. NYC has become a tale of two cities and for my sake I hope that changes. We need a candidate that will return NYC back to the melting pot for all New Yorkers, whether one is rich or poor. Politicians will always disappoint us and I will be the first to say, politics as usual. Again, would one rather have someone who replicates Mayor Bloomberg’s policies or a new fresh face that may actual help the poor and middle class for a change? You decide…because I have.

-Ms Scripter

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Papa John’s CEO Reducing Workers Hours, After President Obama’s Re-election Win


It appears John Schnatter CEO of Papa John’s was not happy with the results of the election, after President Obama was rewarded a 2nd term. All in part, because of President Obama’s Affordable Health Care Act, which Schnatter claims will affect his bottom line.  Schnatter will be taking it out on his employees, with plans to reduce workers hours, and increase the price of their pizzas.

I won’t be ordering from Papa John’s again, I’m sure Schnatter is swimming in cash, so why should I feel sorry for someone who refuses to assist his workers, by providing them with affordable health care. Schnatter shows he really only cares about himself, and appeasing his stockholders.  The employees that work for him aren’t making much money In the first place. To take away an opportunity to provide them with health care is pathetic. Oh, and he isn’t the only company that will embark on this strategy:

According to Huffington Post:

Darden restaurants, the parent company of Olive Garden and Red Lobster, has already experimented with reducing workers hours in anticipation of the legislation.

Others have responded to the added costs of Obamacare more harshly, including Applebee’s which has said it won’t hire new workers because of the law. Just this week, a Georgia business owner also claimed he cut employees due to Obamacare and in fact had specifically laid off those who he thought had voted for President Obama.

What these companies are participating in, is economic terrorism. It signifies that they are anti-American and I will never support companies who participate in such tactics, and suggest we all do the same.

-Ms Scripter

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For-The-Masses Endorses Barack Obama


BROOKLYN -Let’s cut to the chase, this country is still in dire straights in terms of the economy, which includes the loss of jobs, credit market collapse, the noise dive of the  stock market and the dismal housing market. President Obama inherited one of the worst deficits since the Great Depression. Thanks to his predecessor, President Bush, who was spending money as if he was at a strip club. Who went to war as if he was playing Call of Duty, appeared to be clueless during Hurricane Katrina. Bush ensured this country had a reputation that made the late Saddam Hussein’s regime look appealing around the world.

The slow crawl to economy recovery is making some people who voted for the President, question whether he should get another opportunity to continue what he  set out to do. I never liked changing Presidents in midway of an economic crisis (which appears to be improving), but that isn’t the only reason why For-The-Masses is endorsing President Barack Obama for another term.

The President has shown support for equal pay among women, with the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act in his first few days, in office. I have experience first hand, my former employers who gave me a great title, but it never reflected in my paycheck, compared to my male counterparts. To me, that is something that only an elected official who still lives in the Susie B. Anthony era would approve. I’m still waiting on Mitt Romney’s position on the Fair Pay Act, but he has been dodging this question, and everything else, but he does have a binder full of women.

The President also showed a commitment to Latinos, while invoking executive privilege for the Dream Act. His support of gay rights, which many Pastors in the Black church has voice their displeasure. I guess civil rights is only convenient when it concerns them. I commend the President’s  commitment to making college more affordable and education reform in the inner cities.

Of course, the main initiative that pretty much got him elected in the first place, is healthcare – which is what Mitt will like to repeal or maybe some of it, or wait, just a tiny fraction of  it, oh never mind.

The President also killed Bin Laden, but what is missing from his tough stance on terrorism is the fact that he killed many baby Bin Ladens under his watch, which didn’t get much press. He also fulfilled his promise to bring our men, and women home from Iraq. The President set a time table to pull out of Afghanistan. With that being said, he still has a lot of work to do in the Middle-East which is on shaky ground right now. That is not a strong suit for Mitt, it is actually troubling if he were to take over the White House with his lack of foreign policy experience.

The Presidents bail out of the auto industry and Mitt’s piece on why they should go bankrupt, may just solidify the President re-election bid alone. The auto bailout will go down as one of the most decisive moves the President has made, and one of the most regrettable positions in Mitt’s quest for the Presidency.

One of the most prominent reasons why I am voting to re-elect the President is because a Supreme Court seat is going to open up. The last thing we need is for the Supreme Court to be even more extreme, with Alito and Thomas giving each other high-fives because Mitt will surely nominate an extremist. The Supreme Court is one of the most important part of the political spectrum, and I can’t afford Mitt to be at the helm nominating a supreme court justice. Mitt’s decision could have a drastic effect on a woman’s rights to choose, the criminal justice system, among other issues.

Don’t get me wrong, I have a problem with some of the Presidents policies, like his administrations infatuation with drones – that have killed many innocent children overseas. His lack of conversation within the Black community concerning the failed policy on the War on Drugs, concerns me. As well as the President’s lack of acknowledgment concerning mass incarceration, and the invisible punishment many Black, and Latinos face when they complete their time.  The President also has failed to address the astronomical poverty levels that have plague the urban community and gun violence. Then I thought about it…no other President has addressed these issues, so why should I expect this current administration to address it. I do wonder if the President thinks long and hard at night about his own past drug use, and if he would have caught the attention of the police, with a small amount of marijuana in his possession, as a young adult, would he be able to be President? We all know the answer to that. His communication is lackluster, maybe because his right hand girl Valerie Jarett is keeping him far away from the Black community. He can’t be seen trying to help “the blacks” in public so he will show some public love to women, the gay community and Latinos. This is why a third party system should be in place, to address these issues. The Democratic Party who many minorities love and go hard for, has failed us in that category, but we continue to vote for them, over and over again.

The President has made a promise to reach across the aisle and work with the Republicans, but unfortunately for him,  the day he got elected, the Republicans main objective was to impede the President’s agenda. I have a problem with that. That is like me going to work every day and decide, I’m not going to do any work because I just don’t like my co-worker. Let’s see how long I can stay employed with that attitude.

Many people will say I’m endorsing the President because he is Black. I’m sorry, if Hillary Clinton, Cuomo, even Splitzer (yes the prostitute seeker) was running against Mitt Romney I would probably vote for them, as well. I’m a registered Independent, and the Republican Party is not appealing right now, especially to me – since they are being ruined by Tea Party nut jobs. This isn’t your daddies Republicans; this new breed is downright scary, even scarier, especially if you are a woman and a minority.

The thing that is troubling with Mitt Romney is that I don’t know if the real Mitt will show up if elected as President, which makes him dangerous. While some of his right wing nut job counterparts are trying to figure out what is legitimate rape, and what should a woman do with their ovaries, he stands pat like a coward and remains silent. Mitt has a sense of entitlement to the Presidency. Any man, who can’t stand up for what he believes in, and refuses to give any interviews because he won’t answer questions that effect me, will never get my vote. He is appealing to a certain voter; the elite or the folks who inspire to be rich. He also appeals to people who will vote against their own economic interest just to get the black man out of office. Or appeals to the Hermain Cain and Clarence Thomas types that knows what it feels like to be a minority in this country, who  got to where they are based on affirmative action, but they hate their own skin color so much, that they are willing to vote against their own interest.

I have a problem with the Republican Party as a whole. How can you have a Congressional hearing on a woman’s body (birth control), but the make-up of the politicians were middle age white men, who seem infatuated with our ovaries. This party has become so anti- woman that Senate Republican Olympia Snow is headed for the exits. Even Jeb Bush has called them out and warned them to get it together. In order for them, to be appealing to  Independent like myself, they will need to exile some of these right wing nut jobs. The last thing I want to vote for is a politician who needs to be in a mental institution, instead of a Senate floor. The Republicans have to remember, that whites will be in the minority soon, and that isn’t good news for them based on their own track record.

We can’t afford to give the keys to run the nation to a man who just wants to be President because he feels entitled to the position. Mitt reminds me of that little kid that walks past a toy store and jumps up and down, points at that humongous teddy bear in the window and tells his parents I want that! Of course, his parents give it to him, despite the fact his grades were dismal. I rather have a man who will continue to work hard, for the middle class. This is why For-The-Masses is endorsing President Barack Obama, for another term. Let the President finish what he started and let Mitt Romney and his failed election bid, fade to black.

 -Ms Scripter

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