Note To Social Media: Hillary Clinton Lost, Time To Regroup


hillary-clintonOPINION – November 8th came and went, and the outcome of the Presidential Election shocked a lot of people, with Donald Trump winning the Presidency. I thought Hillary Clinton was going to win and the nation isn’t that silly to elect a failed businessperson who has filed for bankruptcy on numerous occasions. Also, a man who is a blatant sexist, shares xenophobic and racist views, has zero filter with no experience. to run the highest office in the Nation. Well, that proved to be wrong, and now we are faced with a Trump Presidency.

I did become excited that maybe, just maybe my Facebook social media feed would not be flapping their keyboard gums about Hillary Clinton any longer. That proved to be a false narrative; it has got worse.

The shaming of those who stated they didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton has reached a fever pitch. Not only are people crying about the outcome on social media, but the finger pointing has also taken center stage. The blaming of the 3rd party votes like Green Party Jill Stein and Libertarian Gary Johnson has now become the number one excuse as to why HRC lost the election. Folks seem to avoid talking about Jill Stein receiving votes, when Barack Obama won, but the key word is because he won and thus the complaints about 3rd party spoilers were muted. Voting for the Libertarian or Green Party is the norm, but HRC got walloped in key states, but that seem to escape one’s dialogue. The fact remains the same 55 plus million voters co-sign to Donald Trump, and that is a glaring statistic.

The fact that is also escaping so many, is that angry white voters didn’t gravitate toward HRC, they went with Trump instead (which includes women). Folks are also not taking into consideration that some Latinos, more than Mitt Romney received (33& Latino men & 26% Latino women) voted for Trump. This was the election of white nationalism, they also weren’t having a woman running the show as President, and they surely embraced Trump’s racial dog whistle politics. Furthermore, angry white voters gravitated toward a candidate that was not part of the establishment (in their mind), and that was only the tip of the iceberg of things to come as far as the results are concerned. There is no coincidence that 64% of white men voted for Trump, and 52% of white women voted for Trump.

HRC was a flawed candidate from the onset, with baggage that was so intense that it made a sanitation worker take a keen interest in disposing of it. What made matters worse is that the shenanigans that were on display concerning HRC’s campaign. Media personalities leaking debate questions, and among other things that didn’t sit well with people. What would also be part of HRC’s failed campaigned, was that she selected a boring running mate in Tim Kaine, who until this day was a drastic mistake. HRC’s campaign was designed to fail in the first place, the entitlement to the Presidency rubbed a lot of people the wrong way, and she became an unlikeable figure.

“They are saying they did nothing wrong, which is ridiculous,” said one Clinton surrogate. “She was the wrong messenger and everyone misjudged how pissed working class people were.”

The arrogance of the DNC was on full display because some people who supported her, felt that Clinton was entitled to the Presidency. When one evaluates this election, one would know that it was time for a Republican President to win the election. Eight years of a Democratic one, that goes unanswered is not part of history. More than likely a Republican President, would have won regardless, but someone like Trump winning says a lot about the nation.

So, let’s embrace the loss that HRC received and regroup, and understand that the DNC should start pushing more Progressive, young, new candidates and get rid of the business as usual politicians. Let’s stop blaming one entity and realize HRC lost and there is a lot of blame to go around, and the primary factor is she just wasn’t a great candidate. Time for more progressive candidates, if the DNC doesn’t push this then they are tone deaf, just like Howard Dean who wants to insert himself as the new DNC chair. The old Democrats need to take a seat and fade to Black. No one wants to see guys like Howard Dean, so it’s obvious the tone deafness continues to be the DNC’s mo and this means the Party will continue to lose.

To be honest, I’m am mentally exhausted from hearing about this election and its aftermath. The constant bickering is the worse I’ve seen on social media since I’ve signed up. It’s embarrassing how many voters, can’t understand how HRC lost and continued the blame game, by targeting a small group of Libertarians and Green Party candidates.  Instead of holding the Democratic Party accountable for attempting to co-sign a seriously flawed candidate in the first place. If Hillary Clinton didn’t win, it’s because of various factors and that includes Hillary Clinton herself. So, let’s re-group, push for more progressives candidates, no more centrist ideologies and realize old established Democrats can’t excite a paper bag with their business as usual agenda and need to exit stage left.

-Ms Scripter 

Just blogging for the masses, ya dig?



For-The-Masses Endorses Barack Obama


BROOKLYN -Let’s cut to the chase, this country is still in dire straights in terms of the economy, which includes the loss of jobs, credit market collapse, the noise dive of the  stock market and the dismal housing market. President Obama inherited one of the worst deficits since the Great Depression. Thanks to his predecessor, President Bush, who was spending money as if he was at a strip club. Who went to war as if he was playing Call of Duty, appeared to be clueless during Hurricane Katrina. Bush ensured this country had a reputation that made the late Saddam Hussein’s regime look appealing around the world.

The slow crawl to economy recovery is making some people who voted for the President, question whether he should get another opportunity to continue what he  set out to do. I never liked changing Presidents in midway of an economic crisis (which appears to be improving), but that isn’t the only reason why For-The-Masses is endorsing President Barack Obama for another term.

The President has shown support for equal pay among women, with the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act in his first few days, in office. I have experience first hand, my former employers who gave me a great title, but it never reflected in my paycheck, compared to my male counterparts. To me, that is something that only an elected official who still lives in the Susie B. Anthony era would approve. I’m still waiting on Mitt Romney’s position on the Fair Pay Act, but he has been dodging this question, and everything else, but he does have a binder full of women.

The President also showed a commitment to Latinos, while invoking executive privilege for the Dream Act. His support of gay rights, which many Pastors in the Black church has voice their displeasure. I guess civil rights is only convenient when it concerns them. I commend the President’s  commitment to making college more affordable and education reform in the inner cities.

Of course, the main initiative that pretty much got him elected in the first place, is healthcare – which is what Mitt will like to repeal or maybe some of it, or wait, just a tiny fraction of  it, oh never mind.

The President also killed Bin Laden, but what is missing from his tough stance on terrorism is the fact that he killed many baby Bin Ladens under his watch, which didn’t get much press. He also fulfilled his promise to bring our men, and women home from Iraq. The President set a time table to pull out of Afghanistan. With that being said, he still has a lot of work to do in the Middle-East which is on shaky ground right now. That is not a strong suit for Mitt, it is actually troubling if he were to take over the White House with his lack of foreign policy experience.

The Presidents bail out of the auto industry and Mitt’s piece on why they should go bankrupt, may just solidify the President re-election bid alone. The auto bailout will go down as one of the most decisive moves the President has made, and one of the most regrettable positions in Mitt’s quest for the Presidency.

One of the most prominent reasons why I am voting to re-elect the President is because a Supreme Court seat is going to open up. The last thing we need is for the Supreme Court to be even more extreme, with Alito and Thomas giving each other high-fives because Mitt will surely nominate an extremist. The Supreme Court is one of the most important part of the political spectrum, and I can’t afford Mitt to be at the helm nominating a supreme court justice. Mitt’s decision could have a drastic effect on a woman’s rights to choose, the criminal justice system, among other issues.

Don’t get me wrong, I have a problem with some of the Presidents policies, like his administrations infatuation with drones – that have killed many innocent children overseas. His lack of conversation within the Black community concerning the failed policy on the War on Drugs, concerns me. As well as the President’s lack of acknowledgment concerning mass incarceration, and the invisible punishment many Black, and Latinos face when they complete their time.  The President also has failed to address the astronomical poverty levels that have plague the urban community and gun violence. Then I thought about it…no other President has addressed these issues, so why should I expect this current administration to address it. I do wonder if the President thinks long and hard at night about his own past drug use, and if he would have caught the attention of the police, with a small amount of marijuana in his possession, as a young adult, would he be able to be President? We all know the answer to that. His communication is lackluster, maybe because his right hand girl Valerie Jarett is keeping him far away from the Black community. He can’t be seen trying to help “the blacks” in public so he will show some public love to women, the gay community and Latinos. This is why a third party system should be in place, to address these issues. The Democratic Party who many minorities love and go hard for, has failed us in that category, but we continue to vote for them, over and over again.

The President has made a promise to reach across the aisle and work with the Republicans, but unfortunately for him,  the day he got elected, the Republicans main objective was to impede the President’s agenda. I have a problem with that. That is like me going to work every day and decide, I’m not going to do any work because I just don’t like my co-worker. Let’s see how long I can stay employed with that attitude.

Many people will say I’m endorsing the President because he is Black. I’m sorry, if Hillary Clinton, Cuomo, even Splitzer (yes the prostitute seeker) was running against Mitt Romney I would probably vote for them, as well. I’m a registered Independent, and the Republican Party is not appealing right now, especially to me – since they are being ruined by Tea Party nut jobs. This isn’t your daddies Republicans; this new breed is downright scary, even scarier, especially if you are a woman and a minority.

The thing that is troubling with Mitt Romney is that I don’t know if the real Mitt will show up if elected as President, which makes him dangerous. While some of his right wing nut job counterparts are trying to figure out what is legitimate rape, and what should a woman do with their ovaries, he stands pat like a coward and remains silent. Mitt has a sense of entitlement to the Presidency. Any man, who can’t stand up for what he believes in, and refuses to give any interviews because he won’t answer questions that effect me, will never get my vote. He is appealing to a certain voter; the elite or the folks who inspire to be rich. He also appeals to people who will vote against their own economic interest just to get the black man out of office. Or appeals to the Hermain Cain and Clarence Thomas types that knows what it feels like to be a minority in this country, who  got to where they are based on affirmative action, but they hate their own skin color so much, that they are willing to vote against their own interest.

I have a problem with the Republican Party as a whole. How can you have a Congressional hearing on a woman’s body (birth control), but the make-up of the politicians were middle age white men, who seem infatuated with our ovaries. This party has become so anti- woman that Senate Republican Olympia Snow is headed for the exits. Even Jeb Bush has called them out and warned them to get it together. In order for them, to be appealing to  Independent like myself, they will need to exile some of these right wing nut jobs. The last thing I want to vote for is a politician who needs to be in a mental institution, instead of a Senate floor. The Republicans have to remember, that whites will be in the minority soon, and that isn’t good news for them based on their own track record.

We can’t afford to give the keys to run the nation to a man who just wants to be President because he feels entitled to the position. Mitt reminds me of that little kid that walks past a toy store and jumps up and down, points at that humongous teddy bear in the window and tells his parents I want that! Of course, his parents give it to him, despite the fact his grades were dismal. I rather have a man who will continue to work hard, for the middle class. This is why For-The-Masses is endorsing President Barack Obama, for another term. Let the President finish what he started and let Mitt Romney and his failed election bid, fade to black.

 -Ms Scripter

Just blogging for the masses, ya dig?

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