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Cardi B

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OPINION- There is a brief video clip (see at the end of this post) that went viral of Cardi B being groped by a douchebag fan while she was being escorted by her security team. More than likely the groper felt that because of Cardi B’s past occupation as a stripper, he is entitled to a quick feel. Of course, on social media that is the excuse that some are using to justified why the man committed sexual assault. They are also saying, Cardi B had on an outfit that screamed touch my rear end. It’s worst when Black women are showing up with their font capes in hand, displaying their “pick me” attributes.

Not only was rape culture in 3D during that video clip, but it was also an extreme level of toxic masculinity by Cardi’s own staff, which was her security personnel. Cardi’s security decided to hold her back after she was groped, instead of grabbing the perpetrator and ensuring his face was shattered in multiple places. The holding back of Cardi B during that time showed the devaluation of the person who they were supposed to protect. Why is she paying these guys, when they can’t even do their jobs correctly?

Many women with an emphasis on Black women have often said that we are the least protected, and the most disrespected and this is true. Cardi B’s security didn’t defend her, therefore should be dismissed. The security team Cardi B had in place, were just a waste of DNA and didn’t earn their paycheck that day and more than likely may do the same thing, which is nothing if that happens again (let’s hope not).

I can’t imagine Julius (Beyonce’s bodyguard) allowing Bey to be grope without repercussions, nor grope at all. I’m sure if one would try it, the assailant may be sipping through a straw for an extended stay at the local hospital. Cardi B’s security looked amateurish in that clip and displayed the same toxic energy that Black women have to deal with in our personal lives when faced with the various tiers of rape culture and toxic masculinity by those who should be protecting us. They can’t even protect us when we aren’t celebrities, and prominent Black women can’t even get protection when they pay for it.

After what took place, Cardi B needs to fire that entire security staff who was there and did nothing. Often, those who are supposed to be so called bodyguards are hired based on brawn and not much else. Sometimes they are hired based on their reputation in the hood as an enforcer and don’t have the intellect to create a firm security plan together, where Cardi B wouldn’t be subjected to what she had to experience.

An adequate bodyguard must have an arsenal of credentials, and that includes a past clientele list that should be part of their references they submit to show that they know what they are doing, before being hired. One can’t afford to hire anything without vetting the personnel properly to ensure that the VIP is confident that the security detail knows what to do in any situation. It’s time for Cardi B to cut ties with these useless bodyguards, before next time an assailant may do more than just palm her behind.

-Ms Scripter

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Knicks Owner James Dolan Treated Charles Oakley, Like Donald Trump Would


  Charles-Oakley OPINION – As a lifetime Knicks fan (yes, I know I have issues for continuing to be a Knick fan) the events that led up to retired Knicks player Charles Oakley has resulted in one of the darkest movements in Knicks history under owner James Dolan’s regime.

From the facts that were presented, Oakley walked into the stands at Madison Square Garden (had verifiable tickets), in his usually immaculate style of dress, in a suit that cost more than my monthly rent. Four minutes into the Knick game a few security guards approached Oakley at his seat and asked him to leave.

From various sources, Dolan was seated a few rows ahead of Oakley and didn’t want him in attendance. The request by MSG security resulted into a shoving match between Oakley and security, which also led to a few officers pushing Oakley out of the arena (not before he pushed them off of him like they were mere little bugs), and subsequently resulted in his arrest.

After Oakley was arrested, the Knicks released a statement via Twitter, but the words they used, implied that Oakley is the sole catalyst as to why he was removed in the first place and that he has underlining issues.

The Knicks released a statement calling Oakley’s behavior, “highly inappropriate and completely abusive. …He was a great Knick and we hope he gets some help soon.”

Dolan has always treated Oakley like he never been a Knick or is not a ten year veteran of a franchise that got to the NBA Finals and played great basketball in the 1990’s.  Dolan has decline to extend an invitation to Oakley to participate in the anniversary of the Knicks franchise, regardless of what he contributed in the years he was with the organization. By Dolan summoning his toy soldiers to remove a man because he has often spoken negatively about a joke of a franchise this team has been since Dolan was given the Knicks as a toy reminds me of Donald Trump. Anytime Trump is criticized he throws tantrums and kicks people out. Trump has done it at his rallies and freezes individual media outlets when they don’t agree with him.

I often wonder, if Oakley wasn’t Black, would Dolan have his artificial intelligence security guards escort Oakley out in such an embarrassing fashion? When I bring this up, I often here: “well Dolan loves other Black players, he gave them jobs.” Save that attempt at trying to make Dolan appear to be a man of unbiased integrity, that’s like saying, he can’t possibly be racist, I have Black friends. Trump also appointed Ben Carson as Housing Secretary, and other Black people so I rest my case. As long as ex-Knick players know their place and don’t criticize Dolan he loves them, so to me, this was a move to put the Black guy (Oakley) in his place.

I wish after Oakley was kicked out, that the majority of the fans would have exited, but of course paying for those expensive Knick tickets to watch a clown of a team is hard to do in New York City. What should take place is that every New York Knick legend should turn down every future invitation to assist this franchise with an event in the future. The former players should boycott this organization until Dolan is forced to give up his toy, which is the New York Knicks and fade to obscurity.

How can any future free agent(s) be attracted to this dismal franchise, when an owner treats their legends like they did Oakley and a GM in Phil Jackson that goes on Twitter assaults criticizing and throwing their star player under the bus? It’s time for Dolan to sell this franchise, this is the last straw. The Knicks organization is one if not the only sports franchise that is a sheer disgrace. Some NBA players have already voiced their displeasure on how Oakley was treated and with criticism that should be a warning sign for potential free agents, to not even bother with this joke of an organization.

Will I continue to watch this team for the rest of the season, probably not? The thought of even wishing this team well, makes me want to regurgitate. It has reached a point that I hope superstars decline to come to this organization because how they treat their veterans, especially a veteran like Charles Oakley who was the toughest Knick in the building that night, which we haven’t seen in years speaks volumes.

Boycott the Knicks, if one is a Knicks fan because one is better off until their entire foundation changes (from ownership and management) and the word class is replaced instead of the trash that we are subjected too, on and off the court.

-Ms Scripter

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If Avonte Wasn’t Safe At School, No Child Will Ever Be…


AvanteOPINION- School is supposed to be a safe haven for children to gain an education, or a water down version of it – depending on what type of school (some circculums are better than others). When a parent or guardian drops their children off to school, the last thing they should worry about is a lunatic entering the building to gun down little 5 and 6 year olds, like in Sandy Hook. Or a teacher sexually abusing a student, school safety agents having sexual relationships with children, or a school that does not have adequate protocols in place to ensure none of the kids in their custody leave. Times have changed, many parents fear that these incidents may occur at any given time once they say good-bye to their children and drop them off at school to begin the day.

We have all heard the never-ending stories about the educational system, failing to keep children safe. The tragic story of Avonte Oquendo not only broke my heart, but captivated people and not just in NYC. Oquendo was an autistic 14 year old, who could not speak and had the mental capacity of a 7 year old. He was observed on the day he went missing (October 4 2013) roaming the hallways of Riverview school, and was told to go back to class. Instead, he ran out of the building and was never seen alive. His body parts would be discovered in the East River months later. It is unknown how Oquendo died, but many have speculated.

How can a school allow a child to leave out the front door? The first line of defense is to have security presence at the entrance, so if Oquendo attempted to leave he would have been escorted back to class. What was security doing? How many security officials were in the building that day? Once a student even walks near the door, the security official should be present so that child wouldn’t even have a chance to run out. Even if a child somehow got through the door, one’s instinct should be to go outside behind them and escort them to get back inside. Security officials should know how important it was at that time to ensure Oquendo would not leave their sight, because if you doing security one should be aware of all the children that have special needs. The Oquendo family also have questions:

“Why did it take “several minutes” for Avonte’s teacher to notice he wasn’t in class? Why did it take 15 minutes for school administrators to find out? Why were police in a neighborhood precinct not alerted for about an hour?”

If security were unable to find out where he had gone, the  2nd instinct is to call the police then inform the administrators inside. Why waste time informing administrators first, because that would subtract precious minutes in finding Oquendo right away, and bringing him back into the school safely. The delay in the response in alerting the police is one of the primary factors as to how Oquendo was able to disappear without a trace that day. One would think that schools have contingency plans in place to ensure if something like this would happen, protocols are followed. Unless, the response to Oquendo’s disappearance is exactly the protocol that administrators follow, which is to attempt to locate him themselves or huddle together to think of a plan on the  fly. If that’s the case, children are not safe at school if their plan is to drag their feet and not have a sense of urgency to emergency situations. If this incident occurred in a rich white neighborhood, would the response be totally different, or do administrators drag their feet when it is directed to children of color?

This story is a tragedy, that could have been avoided if people who were in charge had a plan in place that made sense. Pure incompetence cost Oquendo’s life and his family an infinite amount of pain. No amount of money will be enough to wash that pain away, but I will like to see Oquendo’s mother use this as a moment to push for mandates in how we treat emergencies like this, so it will never happen again.  I also will like to make it mandatory that security officials know who are all their special needs students are in the building, as well.

Avante Oquendo can speak now, but this time in heaven. Rest in peace…

-Ms Scripter

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Spotlight On Their Grind: Nu Image – CEO Stepfan Williams


For-The-Masses Spotlight On Their Grind feature is highlighting the company Nu Image and Ceo Stepfan Williams. We (FTM) was fortunate to engage in dialogue with (SW) one of the hardest working entrepreneurs in the Atlanta area. As some of you well know executive protection is actually a field I have been in for over 13 years, so to gain some additional incite from Mr. Williams on this field and his business was an opportunity that I could appreciate.

FTM: Tell us a little bit about yourself, and your company?

SW: My name is Stepfan Williams. I have six children and have been married for seventeen years to a wonderful woman that has been supportive of me and our company. Nu Image Protection Security Services is a full scale Security company that offers an array of security services ranging from security guard service of your property to Executive Protection of people.

FTM: 17 years of marriage is unheard of in this day and age, that is beautiful. When did the company get started?

SW: Nu Image Protection Security Services started 4 years ago by myself and business partner Bruce Wilkins.

FTM: How did you come up with the name Nu Image?

SW: I came up with the idea of Nu Image because I had become very disappointed and disenchanted with the Personal Protection industry among  black people. Not everyone there were very professional agents. I would see them more engaged into the festivities with there clients; some drinking, smoking others dressed with their pants sagging. I wanted to bring back a level of professionalism that my clients and peers would appreciate. I wanted to give a Nu Image whereas the agents that worked for me would not drink, smoke or chase women or men while they are protecting our clients. They would be dress appropriately. I talked with Bruce about my idea and he was actually feeling the same way and we decided to become partners and do our part to bring more professionalism to an industry that we both love.

FTM: You are right, even some police officers here in NYC wear their pants too baggy for my comfort levels. It shows poor presentation, so I can understand your concerned. One of my pet peeves is agents looking for dates while they are suppose to be working to protect them. Professionalism is a must in this industry, otherwise the pubic will never take the person seriously. How did you get involved in the security business?

SW: I got started in the business 16 years ago helping a friend with the Budweiser fest in1995. He called and asked me if could I get a few friends together and he gave us a crash course over the phone of what he needed us to do. He wanted us to help out providing security for Aaliyah, Dru Hill, and Ginuwine. They were on the Budweiser tour along with Bone Thugs and Harmony and Mary J. Blige. I was amped to have the chance to be around entertainers. The show went off without a problem and I immediately feel in love with this kind of work. I then began my journey of learning all I could about the security industry and 3 years later opened my first security company in Tampa, FL.

FTM: Outstanding! We are both fortunate to have met Aaliyah and work alongside her,  she was one of my favorite artists by the way. What makes you stand out from other companies that may offer the same sort of services?

SW: The client will always get an Executive Protection Agent that is professional that is not smoking not drinking not chasing anyone. We equip our agents with a comprehensive knowledge of the client’s likes and dislikes. Everything needed to give our clients the highest quality of service. We naturally do what we can for our clients and we ensure our agents are trained not to be robots or mannequins. We are constantly training and conditioning ourselves to be prepared for our clients’ needs. We are the best at what we do because we do not pattern ourselves after any other agents or companies in the industry. We have developed our training manuals so that we can provide our clients with the best service. We focus on being the best at our game, and as long as we continue to perfect our game plan we will always be on top.

FTM: Do you believe since after the tragic events on 9/11 that more celebrities are seeking services of executive protection?

SW: Since 9/11 I have seen more of an increase from the everyday business man and pastors more so than celebrities.  More people have realized since 9/11 that danger or the threat of danger affects everybody today.

FTM: I also notice that more religious figures are seeking additional security services, since these tragic events, very good point. Why is confidentiality so important when you are assigned a high profile client?

SW: The primary reason for our clients confidentiality is it is their right as well as their choice what they want people to know. Our position as Executive Protection agents is that we tell nothing! Our job is to protect as well as prevent anything that can be harmful, and have the potential of being harmful from our clients.

FTM: If you can, without compromising their privacy, who are some of the celebrities you have worked with in the past?

SW: Some of our clients are: Ret Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf, Shirley Ceaser, Katt Williams, Willis McGhee The Source Music Awards  The Georgia Black Caucus Legislature BET & Rev. Dr. Joseph Lowery to name a few.

Dr. Joseph Lowery and CEO of Nu Image Stephan Williams

FTM: I’m sure providing executive protection for Katt Williams was a treat, and even providing security for The Source Awards was challenging. Just to be in the presence of Dr. Joseph Lowery is impressive in its own right. I reviewed your website and notice you also offer training courses, including self-defense. Do you believe women especially those who are currently involved in a domestic violence situation, where a restraining order is obtain against their spouse should take self-defense?

SW: Yes! In the type of a situation self –defense is a must as well other security measures that must take place, For example, changing habits such as not taking the same route to work, the grocery store out to eat, to the bank etc. The training courses we offer are actual more situation based on the person and who and what they are dealing with at that time. The number 1 thing we tell people is that SECURITY IS PREVENTION so we always start by planning for the worst case situation and work backwards.

FTM: You are absolutely correct, patterns can get you in trouble because you never know who is watching you at any given time. What type of training do your agents go through before being assigned a detail for a high profile client?

SW: Our agents are trained in self-defense, CPR/First Aid Certification, how to move the client, proper handling of people, & defensive driving. The training will vary sometimes depending upon our client.

FTM:What good qualities make a potential great executive protection officer?

SW: Executive protection agents must be patient, discipline, and able to follow and carry out instructions, physically fit, alert and constantly training and conditioning themselves.

FTM: If someone was interested in working for your company what are some of the skills and experience they need to possess.

SM: The primary quality they must have is the willingness to learn. Second they must be able to listen and follow instructions. Third be in decent physical shape and lastly but not least have the mental capacity and patience to deal with various situations. Executive Protection is a job where you have to always be alert and very observant.

FTM: Do you believe there are more opportunities for women to get in this field more than ever?

SW: I believe the opportunities for women has increased in recent years. In some situations I will recommend clients who may want to have a woman to be a part of the security team.

FTM: I’m sure at times you were in situations where a high profile client did not want to listen because I used to deal with that a lot, how do you handle it without getting the client upset?

SW: I always sit down with my client and explain to them what we do as Executive Protection Agents. I inform them that it is imperative that they are willing to let us do our job. We elude that these procedures we implement are protecting them and keeping them out of harm’s way, as well as out of the spotlight when necessary. I must be honest we have never had a problem where the client has not listened.

FTM: You are very lucky I had my share of clients who loved the crowd and the fans so much that they wanted to go through them instead of the back way to leave a stage! That increased my stress levels, but talking them out of it was high on my agenda. If someone wanted to get into the security field and, what are some of the main things they should focus on to become successful?

SW: Training, Training, and more training. They must know self-defense martial arts etc., Seek out certifications that will make them a valuable asset to the Security Company and/or client such as CPR/First Aid. CCW or concealed weapons permit (I recommend if you are not in the State of GA to apply as a non-resident because you can carry in 23 states with GA permit)

FTM: What are you future goals for Nu Image?

SW: Our goals is to continue our immediate growth by having an office in every state in the south and then venturing throughout the east coast. We are looking to secure more corporate contracts more celebrity contracts. We also like to very soon have our own security academy whereas those that are serious, and would like to learn more about Executive Protection and Counter- Surveillance.

FTM: How can someone reach you to seek your services?

SW: We can be reached by email:

Ofc 678.701.7852


FTM: Mr. Williams thank for your time and if I’m in the Atlanta area this year I will definitely check you guys out. Good luck to your company and your future. Thanks again.

SM: You welcome, anytime.

FTM: Check out NU Image website  below if you need security services in the Atlanta area check out what additional services they offer.

-Ms Scripter

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