Black Women Aren’t Safe Rejecting Black Men Advances…


Man Shoots At DoorNEW YORK-A narrative slowly becoming viral is about a few Black women who were out at the Bee Hive Lounge in Brooklyn has made its way on social media. To obtained a grasp of the theme, it is related to a lot of incidents concerning Black women, who reject a Black man’s advances and are subsequently assaulted and even killed for simply saying they aren’t interested. Before I get to the story, recently before this incident there was another incident where a Black woman rejected a Black man in Philadelphia on July 1, 2016, which resulted in violence. It was caught on tape, but in this case, luckily no one got hurt:

The incident began 2:30 p.m. Thursday inside the Rite Aid at 1334 Windrim Ave., police said. A woman told police she was approached by the suspect who attempted to start a conversation with her.

When woman told the suspect that she wasn’t interested, police said, the man followed her around the store as she shopped. He then followed the victim out of the store when she left.

She entered the Safe Haven shelter, located a few blocks south of the store, where cameras recorded the suspect drawing a handgun from his right pocket and firing three times into the doors.

Some men appear to have trouble with rejection. I don’t think they realize that not everyone wants their entitled self-serving ass and that one needs to stop acting like little boys when their feelings get hurt, by rejection.

Now, here is what allegedly happened recently at the Bee Hive Lounge in Brooklyn, in the words of the victim with some editing:

Last night (July 1, 2016), my home girls and I decided to go this bar on Atlantic Avenue. We honestly did not want to go here in the first place but it was in the neighborhood. So as we are sitting down smoking hookah and talking. These rachet a** dudes kept coming over to us trying to talk to us. We politely told the men “We are not interested” they kept on harassing us until one of my home girls was like “stop touching me” home boy got upset and sucka punched her right in the eye. After that the people he came with started swinging on us and in the middle of it all I got punched in the nose by one of the other guys!!!!!! Please do not go to this ghetto spot unless you looking to get punched in the face. Oh and the owner was useless. He was useless because after I called the cops. He closed his gates down and was more concerned about his business than making sure us ladies were okay. This tells me that he probably condone men punching women in the face. I cannot fathom enough how hurt I am for both my friends and myself. We were just trying to have a good time and we got into it with some ghetto people just because we were not trying to talk to them. Some of these dudes now a days are cowards and rather hit their sisters before they hit another man. The guy who punched my friend in the face knew exactly what we was doing and the same thing goes for his friend that punched me. Our black men got to do better because any of us could of been their sister, mother or aunt. Ladies protect yourself when you are out and about because this could happen to you. All because you do not want to talk to a man. Please share this and spread the word. This place needs to get shut down.

So, the Bee Hive Lounge in no way shape or form is safe for Black women. Clearly, the owner is incompetent when it comes down to safety. No one should patrognize a business establishment like that, where women are beaten up for saying no to advances by men. Every night that I pass by that lounge in the safe arms of a vehicle, I see cops sometimes parked in the vicinity. Clearly, this lounge has a problem, where they can’t control the behavior of their customers. Maybe a lawsuit will set the wheels in motion to force the owner to focus on safey. Men like this clearly believes that violence, is the answer because their crusty ass can’t accept rejection and the manager who does nothing is the co-signer. This type of behavior has become an epidemic, where I suggest any Black women who lives in an open carry state and can obtain a hand gun should get their gun permits to protect themselves from the likes of these individuals.

Before I get complaints, that not all Black men are behaving like this (no one said this is appointed to all Black men), white men are just suspectible with the form of entitlement. Take Jaguars linebacker for instance who threw a violent tantrum because he couldn’t get a woman’s phone number:

According to a police report, Jacksonville Jaguars linebacker Dan Skuta was flirting with a woman at a bar before allegedly shoving her face and throwing her into a glass window because she refused to give him her number.

With that being said, I’m focused on my interest, which is Black women. Who is teaching these little boys on how to treat women? Behavior like this is learned in the home, and it’s starting to get so bad it’s an everyday occurrence. Why would any woman with sense talk to a man, who has a violent outburst, when they can’t get their way? Apparently, men that fit that profile have participated in domestic violence in the past and if one accepts his advances, may become the next victim.

Men need to learn to control their emotions if a woman doesn’t want to be bothered with entertaining one’s attempt at trying to “holla” at them; just leave us alone. It’s becoming so bad; it is downright dangerous for a Black woman to be out in about, without the protection of other men, to keep the savages at bay. We shouldn’t have to live in fear, when going out in public because little boys don’t understand how to react in a grown up manner to the words “I’m not interested”.

-Ms Scripter

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Mass Shootings, Gun Laws Discussed, Silence, Repeat…


Mass Shooting

OPINION – Once again, a nut job decides to invade a space where one would assume to be safe in, only to be confronted and become a victim of a mass shooting. This time Oregon is the center of the latest mass shooting in America.

Chris Harper Mercer who entered Oregon Umpqua Community College and allegedly told students and staff to lie down and asked them, what religion they were a part of, before shooting them. Mercer, killed nine-people, and wounded at least seven people until police killed him.

During the press conference, Douglas Sheriff John Hanlin stated that he would never say the shooters name and advised the media to do the same. The thing is when Black folks commit violent crime; such talk about not saying the perpetrator’s name is never encouraged by law enforcement, so why should we start now? Hanlin feels like saying the perpetrator’s name is glorifying the shooter. By plastering Mercer’s picture, and his overall background supports the narrative that Blacks aren’t the only ones committing gun violence in this country – like some expect us to believe.  Mercer, who he claims himself is bi-racial according to his profile on social media sites should get the same treatment as Black men and woman in America, when they become the creator of evil. There picture, and name is paraded around the media for weeks to come. Mercer was born in England and moved to the United States and appeared to love Nazi propaganda and pro-NRA rhetoric. The media needs to air all the dirty laundry like they do everyone else.

Exposing the white on white crime (including bi-racial crime architects) narrative every five minutes, like the media loves to do with Blacks is imperative to dispel the myth that only Blacks are prone to gun violence. America has a white on white crime problem, so let’s not dilute that by allowing police and media to constantly give excuses when atrocities by non-Blacks occur. One knows the main excuse: mental illness. That’s the same dialogue that is constantly broadcast in the media when perpetrators who are not black like: Dylann Roof (shot up a Black church), Adam Lanza (shot up an elementary school), James Holmes (shot up a movie theater), and the list goes on and on and for the most part the shooters are white males. I’m waiting for the day when someone Black commits a heinous crime, and receives the mental illness label instead of savage and thug.

Once a mass shootings occurs, the politicians (Democrats) start tap dancing and the rhetoric begins about stricter gun laws. Then the Republicans start on their end with we need more guns to protect people from mass shootings and this rhetoric includes the NRA (National Rifle Association). The NRA goes on the defense with,”they are going to try to take our guns away, and ignore the constitution”, non-sense. No, I think it’s safe to say no one wants to take guns away, but can sociopaths, or folks with some mental deficiencies get rejected when filing out an application for a gun? Furthermore, can we stop allowing folks to gain access to military style weapons like assault riffles? How about that for starters?

Once the politicians jokey for position to state how their feel about guns, then it goes silent. Legislation never passes, whether it’s stricter to obtain a gun or not. The politicians go on about their everyday life and rarely bring it up again.

Silence lasts about a few months, until the next shooting occurs. Then we repeat the same cycle, and nothing gets done in any parts of the country. The mass shooting narrative has become repetitious and it’s nauseating that we know what to expect now, after mass shootings. The repetitive dialogue and the silence are all too familiar now. The only thing that changes are the location of the mass shootings and the ages of victims.

I think now it’s time to discuss that role when one’s elected officials play in concerning the repetition and their ineffectiveness. If they aren’t doing anything, and if one is passionate about having stricter gun laws, then do something about it and vote these politicians out of office. Furthermore, it’s time to have a discussion as to how to report folks who may seem like they need psychological assistance, before they go and commit these crimes. Mercer gave people a clear indication that he was about to do something drastic, via social media anonymously, (nothing is never anonymous on the internet), but no one did a thing to alert authorities. Either pay more attention to individuals like Mercer when they make certain statements, or do something about guns legally, or risk becoming a victim yourself. The same song keeps playing over and over again and quite frankly, the song is getting old and tired, time to change the station.

-Ms Scripter

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The Biggest Deflection of them All: “We Should Focus On Black on Black Crime”


Catwa Fitz Black on Black

OPINON-Once again, an unarmed Black man is killed by the police. This time a 18 year old named Michael Brown was gunned down in St. Louis. The details concerning this case is sketchy (at the time of this writing), but we know for a fact he wasn’t armed. The police will come up with some reasoning as to why this young man’s life was taken, but not enough reason in the world will convince me to believe them. The police has zero credibility with me, as far as I’m concerned.

Then you have the killing of 22 year old John Crawford in a Walmart store in Beavercreek, Ohio while holding an air gun. A  couple allegedly observed Crawford, who just purchased the gun from Walmart walking though the aisle with it, and decided to call the police. What happen to getting a sales person, or security officer to investigate the matter? You mean to tell me that he wouldn’t have been stopped walking in with that gun and that no one would have said a word, but that couple? Instead, they called 911 and frantically described Crawford as a person who was pointing a weapon at little kids and customers. Isn’t it kind of funny that no one else called the police except this concerned couple? I can’t wait to hear the actual 911 audio tapes that came from them.

When the police arrived at the scene, they assessed the situation in seconds and considered Crawford a threat and shot and killed him. It’s just funny that the videotape of the incident has not been released and have already been confiscated by the police department. Word of advice to Walmart, to minimized the damages in the upcoming lawsuits a copy of the incident should be released to the public.

When these two devastating cases of police killing Black men have made its rounds on social media, the deflection parade led by no other than Black people themselves took place. A few individuals on social media cite that the deaths of Crawford, Brown and many other unarmed Black men and women are devastating, but so is Black on Black crime. They would go on and say that since we don’t respect ourselves why should the police respect us?

[Pause] When has these disturbing trends, with the police showing depraved indifference for human Black gives them a pass with this mundane deflection? Give it a rest people, let’s stop acting like Black people are the only race who commit violent crime against each other. That is not the case at all and not by a long shot. The media continues to put stories up concerning shootings and murders when the victims and the assailants are Black every single day when we turn on the 1o o’ clock news. The brainwashing that some Black folks demonstrate is nauseating and at this present time is downright alarming. Malcolm X said it best:

The media is the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses.”- Malcolm X

94% percent of Blacks commit violent crime against each other, but whites also commit 86% of crimes against each other as well. The common theme is that most of the victims and the offenders have some prior relationship that they have shared with each other. Therefore, we are not the only race that commit crimes against each other. I am not saying Black on Black crime shouldn’t be discussed, but when Black men and woman are killed by the police unjustly, the subject should’t be shifted to the topic of we should be worrying about Black on Black crime, because that is doing a disservice to the events that took place. Deflecting the issue of police abuse is not something that anyone should be participating in, especially when the targets are continuously of your own race.

What if someone in one’s Black family is killed or abuse by the police and one has to read comments like, “that’s sad, but we really should be focusing on Black on Black crime”, how would you feel? The next time I read a comment on this issue that has nothing to do with the original point of discussion, I will dismiss you like you never existed. The last thing I want to do is engaged with someone who obviously allows the media to manipulate their way of thinking and some of you call yourself conscious – obviously not, more like unconscious. Do us all a favor, pick a struggle and stay in your lane, because it’s obvious that the main thing one worries about is Black on Black crime and can’t seem to focus on anything else, but that issue. Here is a little graphic from Colorlines that will dispel a lot of the brainwash myths:




-Ms Scripter

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Hero of the Month: Former St. John’s Basketball Player – Dwight Hardy


A feel good story is always needed, especially when roaming around web sites and all you read are about horrific street crimes. The story that captivated my attention was of Bronx, New York native Dwight Hardy, who played at one time for St. John’s University – who came back from overseas while playing in an Italian league.

Hardy was raised in the gang infested Andrew Jackson Houses and decided to create a basketball tournament in the community.  That used to be the tradition that occurred over a decade ago, in Melrose that has been noticeably absent ever since. Drug Elimination Program used to sponsored basketball tournaments from 1990 to 2002. With so many budget cuts to programs of this nature, the youth easily turn their attention to street crime and violence.

“I wanted to have something positive over here,” said Hardy, who had just returned from a season with the Italian Lega Due (second division) franchise Pistoia Basket, which plays in the Tuscany region.

“There’s a lot of negative things happening in this area. I had the idea to get everybody together.”

“It was the best three days we’ve had out here for a long time,” said Jeffrye Medina, 23. “My mom’s never out here. She be out here. The support was crazy.”

Hardy hopes his efforts will bring more positivity and an inspiration to a lot of the youth that is trying to become successful, instead of falling victim to violence and participating in street crimes. A lot of these programs are no longer around in New York City to give the youth something to do and their minds off the streets. Instead of rallying and becoming animated on the importance of stopping and frisking predominately minorities – maybe Mayor Bloomberg should find a way to provide funding for programs of this nature.  This is why Hardy’s effort to give back to the community is essential and welcomed.

“I tell them just work hard every day and believe in yourself,” Hardy said. “Stay in school, too. That’s first before anything. I hope they follow what I’m saying.”

This is exactly why Dwight Hardy is our hero of the month!

-Ms Scripter

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Labor Day Weekend In NYC: Full of Bloodshed & Embarrassment


This past Labor Weekend was a cause for celebration and the end of summer as we know it. Also, to celebrate those with Caribbean heritage on the Parkway, in Brooklyn. Unfortunately, that was not the only thing that took place over the three-day weekend. Gun violence and an overall disregard for human life manifested itself in the trenches of some souls in New York City. Over 46 people have been shot this weekend alone, but Sat was the worse.

On Saturday, 24 people were shot in less than 24 hours, which included children. When I heard that bit of news, I had a flash back of living in Brooklyn in the 80’s, which violence was the norm. The crack-cocaine epidemic and gun violence crept on the city like the plague and terrorize citizens to a point where they were hostages in their own neighborhood. That sentiment was shared this weekend, where Brooklyn, and the Bronx became a breeding ground for gun violence. In 2011, crime is not as high as it was back then, but recent wave of violence has been a cause for concern.

Guns are playing an immense role in homicides in the City, and some of the victims and the perpetrators are minority youth. When violence of this magnitude escalates it is for several reasons. Parents are not taking more control on how they are raising their children, to give them a reality check that wanting a career as a gangster is not optional. Parents need to become more inquisitive as to their child’s daily activities (especially teenagers). You can go into your child’s room and check his/her dresser drawers, phone records, etc and do not need to ask for permission. If you are paying the bills, then your rules are in place: there is no room for negotiations. The problem we have is that many of these teenagers have Grandmother’s that are now my age (30’s), and they spend their time not educating them on the pitfalls of the streets or keeping an eye on them. Some of them are thinking in terms on How Stella Got Her Groove Back, than monitoring their children.  Better yet, they treat their children as if they are best friends, and some are even afraid of them. I find it hard to believe that with a search of your child’s room that you would not have taken a gun off the street. Parents, and grand parents are getting younger, and proper positive socialization in a 2 parent home are now becoming extinct.

I’m not going to overlook that some of the perpetrators involved in this weekends bloodshed were not teenagers at all. In fact, the ignorance was shared by grown men who took a significant role in the violence as well, especially at the Labor Day Parade. The last shooting, which was too close for comfort occurred right in my neighborhood. Here, is an excerpt on what took place in the last shooting of the night that wounded 2 NYPD officers courtesy of the NY Daily News:

The violence culminated in a deadly shootout on Park Place in Crown Heights about 9 p.m., when Leroy Webster, 32, shot Eusi Johnson, 29, to death after they had a fistfight, cops said.

A stray bullet from Webster’s pistol pierced through the head of 56-year-old Denise Gay, who was sitting on her front stoop nearby with her daughter, cops said. Gay was pronounced dead at the scene.

Police arrived and Webster began firing at officers, who shot the gun-wielding man several times, mortally wounding him, sources said.

“There must have been 50 or 60 shots fired,” said witness Dana Kellstrom, 25. “I saw two people shot down on the ground. It was incredible. I ran for my life.

It appears that you can not sit on your own stoop, minding your business without being killed. It is appalling and sickening at the lack of regard for human life.  If the Labor Day Parade is stopped, we have no one but ourselves to blame. Pulling the race card concerning this issue, will swiftly be refuted. Numbers do not lie; someone is always hurt or murdered during these festivities and that is what politicians can use against us.  About 3 weeks ago, my nephew who is now enlisted in the Army went to the store around 2am in Brownsville, Brooklyn to get some snacks. A grown man asked him, and another unidentified man for money so he can buy a cigar. My nephew said no, so the perpetrator turned to the other guy, who also gave him an emphatic no. Instead of taking the response with a grain of salt and move on, he decides to pulled out a gun. My nephew ran for dear life, and made it home safely. It is unknown what happen to the fate of the other young man who just wanted to get something from the store. In an instant, his life could have been taken so senselessly. This is one reason why this weekend hit closer to home for me and why I am disgusted.

There is plenty of blame to go around concerning this gun violence. Mayor Bloomberg will like the Federal Government to have tougher gun laws especially in the South where gun laws are relaxed. That is not going to solve the problem.  This is bigger than some gun laws in other states. I’m pro-2nd amendment. I feel these punks would think twice about getting the drop on someone if some of our prominent citizens were able to possess fire arms.  Police Commissioner Kelly should also share some of the blame. This has happened under his watch; therefore Mayor Bloomberg can not hide behind the lax out of state gun laws.  I always thought Police Commissioner Kelly was overrated, even when he served as Commissioner under the Dinkins administration. What makes things worse is that the city does not have the budget to hire more police officers, which is why Commissioner Kelly needs to become more creative. The unemployment rate also plays a part in why blacks are prone to embrace the streets. An unemployment rate in New York alone among blacks is at 15.6% and 11.7% among Latinos. Parents, politicians, and lack of jobs is the essence of this epidemic, so there is plenty of blame to go around.

I have never been so excited that this weekend has come to a close, in my life. I’m looking forward to the crisp weather and the winter months. This may not suppress the violence entirely, but statistics have showed that gun play is down in the winter time. The Godfather, which is one of my favorite movies has this famous line: “They’re animals anyway, so let them lose their souls”.  The irony of that quote sends chills down my spine, and that was over 30 years ago. Do you think some people believe that we are animals? They may be happy we killing each other just as long as it is not them. What took place over the three-day weekend, just clarify what people of other nationalities may think of us, and that alone should be a cause for embarrassment. What a way to end the summer; with a bang.

-Ms Scripter

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When Threatening Political Rhetoric Manifests Into Actuality…


Last year on a bright Monday morning in Phoenix, Arizona President Barack Obama visited the state to make a speech about his then plan to reform America’s healthcare system. While the President’s oratory to convince Arizonians to accept his healthcare plan should have been the most important aspect of his visit, it was overshadowed by about a dozen or so Arizonians who chose to bear arms outside of the convention center where Obama spoke– just because they could. Back then it was stated that the Second Amendments right to bear arms should not be impeded; while gun rights activists argued they were making a political statement to a President whom they believed wanted to restrict their rights to obtain and bear arms.

When this was reported by the Daily News back on August 19, 2010, Paul Helmke, president of the Washington, D.C.-based Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence was interviewed and stated “To me, this is craziness,” he said. “When you bring a loaded gun, particularly a loaded assault rifle, to any political event, but particularly to one where the president is appearing, you’re just making the situation dangerous for everyone.” At the time Republicans were up in arms defending the Second Amendment, stating democrats, and those with left-wing political views were being unfair in trying to curb a right that is explicitly granted by the Constitution of the United States.

Fast forward to Saturday, January 8, 2011 in a Tucson, Arizona Safeway an innocent gathering put together by Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, to meet constituents and discuss matters concerning those in her district, turned into a massacre when crazed gunman Jared Lee Loughner pulled out a semi-automatic weapon and proceeded to try an assassinate Giffords, while killing six and injuring several others. Immediately talk turned from the attempted assassination to what exactly prompted this madman to go on such a deliberate and heartless rampage.

Political discourse and difference of ideological opinion is as old as the Federalist Papers. Disagreement of political views is a historical and an integral part of the American fabric. The problem has been that this discourse has turned from difference of governing views into explicit verbal assaults spoken with asperity, that call out specific elected officials and targets them as impediments to the success of government. Sarah Palin who has been most vocal supporter of Tea Party rhetoric and right-wing Americans taking their nation back from liberals, and Obamacare, chose to put up a map with several states viewed through the cross hairs of a sniper scope. “Don’t retreat, reload”, was the rhetoric she put forth to inspire her supporters. There are tasteful and professional ways of expressing difference of political views and then there is uneducated, raucous that spews venom and incites lone extremist to act out a vigilante brand of justice.

While no connection has been made to the killer, Jared Lee Loughner’s motivation and Sarah Palin’s rhetoric, it should be noted that the day America welcomed the ex-Governor of Alaska into America’s mainstream political spectrum, it has been a giant step backwards for where citizens of this great nation, and women in particular, who hoped to find a champion who could usher in a new era of women in politics. People like Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, and Glenn Beck choose to talk more like cowboys from a Hollywood western rather than educated political pundits, commentators or actual future candidates for the Presidency. In the movies however, tough talking bad guys usually get killed, while in real life it is usually the good guys who become the targets.

In all fairness while Palin has not been the only public figure to spew verbal assaults at elected officials, she surely will not be the last. The behavior of adults in any capacity in society is judged by the outcome of our actions and the words we use when relating to others. Parents teach their children what is acceptable behavior and speech and what is not. How is it that this lesson has been lost on those who do not merely represent difference of political views in America, but show the world that though America is not controlled by oppressive and murderous elements like the Taliban, the bully pulpit has been ambushed and held hostage by those who do not seek to have merely their opinions heard, but are out to assassinate the character of others for the sake of making a point. Decidedly so, I infer that assassinations, whether successful, or unsuccessful are born of the ideas that character assassination brings to life in the mind of those willing to kill others to make a point.