The Black Community Should Send Jason Whitlock Into Exile


Jason Whitlock

OPINION – Jason Whitlock of Fox Sports,  (and if don’t know who he is that’s good news) once again began his tap-dancing charade. Whitlock has been known to say things, which demonstrate his wiliness to perform his civic duty to act like a white supremacist in a Black body. This time, Whitlock rhetoric was at Lebron James’ expense. On the show, “The Herd,” with Colin Cowherd, Whitlock discussed James’ reaction to someone who spray-painted the N-word on the side of James’ mansion in L.A.

“Racism is an issue in America, but it’s primarily an issue for the poor. It’s not LeBron James’ issue.”-Jason Whitlock

Whitlock stated in his most ignoramus form to date that James couldn’t possibly feel racism because he is rich. Let me get this straight, according to Whitlock’s logic, if one isn’t poor, then one wouldn’t feel racism. I guess former President Obama didn’t have to deal with racism at all, during his eight years as President, right? There are too many examples to dispel Whitlock’s ignorance, but I think I don’t need to go any further in dispelling Whitlock’s narrative.

The dismissiveness of James’ reaction by Whitlock makes me believe that enough is enough when it comes to Whitlock and his tap dancing. It’s getting to the point where, we should start contacting Fox Sports sponsors that advertise on Whitlock’s show and threatened a boycott, until his employer, give him a ticket to the unemployment line.

Jason Whitlock is one of those Black people that attempt to do whatever possible to make white people feel at ease when the discussion of race comes up. Whitlock is dangerous, disingenuous and needs to be sent on his merry way out of the Black community. What I mean by this, is that I want every Black person, whether they are sports figures or not to leave Whitlock to his own devices. Don’t go on Whitlock’s show, don’t give him an opportunity to interview, set up any meetings, no longer watch his show or listen to him. As a matter of fact, his entire family should leave him alone and that would be great. Just freeze this unapologetic coon behind, out of the Black community until all he has left is to cover hockey.

Not every Black person can be saved, who demonstrate so much self-hate in a Thomas Clarence like persona. We have to leave some folks behind because they aren’t helping, they are hurting us. Hold those who aren’t for us accountable and stop supporting them on anything they do. Remember, Whitlock is covering sports where the majority of those same players he is covering are Black. It’s time to send Whitlock to exile and let that be a lesson to others if you’re not with us, you against us and off you go. I’m sure the crumbs he has been licking off the table, would be enough to continue to feed his family, so don’t feel sorry for him at all.

Now watch Jason Whitlock demonstrate that he is the Sunken Place and he appears relatively proud of it.

-Ms Scripter,

Just blogging for the masses, ya dig?