Top 10 Things I Hope I Won’t See in 2016



FERGUSON, MO - AUGUST 11: Police force protestors from the business district into nearby neighborhoods on August 11, 2014 in Ferguson, Missouri. Police responded with tear gas and rubber bullets as residents and their supporters protested the shooting by police of an unarmed black teenager named Michael Brown who was killed Saturday in this suburban St. Louis community. Yesterday 32 arrests were made after protests turned into rioting and looting in Ferguson. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

FERGUSON, MO – AUGUST 11:  . (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

The New Year has taken shape and New Year resolutions have also been announced. Without further ado Happy New Year! I have a few resolutions, but this blog post isn’t about me on a personal level. I just wish everyone peace, good health and prosperity. Avoiding certain events and actions, is what I want, so I compiled a list. Some of them are probably impossible to get, but hey maybe if I put in in the universe it will manifest itself into reality.

  1. The continuous killing of unarmed Black people by the police. I mean seriously, the police have killed more Black people than they have been lynched since Jim Crow. The constant killing of Black bodies have taken a toll on so many people, that some of us are numb to these realities of police culture, whenever the latest trigger warning video takes place.

  2. Donald Trump winning the Presidency. If America is that stupid (well some are) to vote for the man who is the epitome of a racist, then it may be time for some of us who aren’t of a Caucasian persuasion to rebel. It astonishes me how this racist nut job is leading the polls. Hopefully, it is all a mirage, and the GOP voters will be voting for someone else. Even if they do, it’s still scary due to the options that are just as bad as Trump.

  3. Local District Attorneys overseeing police shootings that kill civilians. DA’s have too much of a close relationship, with police officers. They willfully throw away cases for police officers that commit murder, so that the officers can get away with it. Let someone who has no relationship with the local police, take over the investigation.

  4. Folks contributing to rape culture. So many people are taking their superhero uniforms out the closet to defend those, who are accused of rape. They contribute to the ignorance with the narrative that suggests rape didn’t happen because they took way to long to report it. People like that are the reasons why rape victims, are hesitate to speak up.

  5. That All Lives Matter crap. Of course, all lives are important, but seriously, are all lives (all races) being murdered at astronomical levels, by police? You know that answer to that, so shut up!

  6. People on their soap box on social media complaining about Facebook status updates. If one does not like a status, it’s quite easy to unfriend or unfollow the person. No one, and I mean, not a soul is holding the complainer cyber hostage.

  7. Comparing The Weeknd to Michael Jackson. That is beyond disrespectful. That also goes for those who want to compare Adele to being the next Whitney Houston; just stop it.

  8. The what about Black-on-Black crime narrative, when discussing brutality by police. Please Black-on-Black crime advocates, take a criminology course, review the FBI crime statistics reports and stop allowing the news to shape one’s narrative. Some people sound like Fox News pundits, and it’s even worse when they are Black spewing that foolery.

  9. Refusing to vote in local elections. Judges, prosecutors, representatives are on the ballots in a lot of local elections, and when I go to vote, it’s like a ghost town. Don’t be enthusiastic about just voting for the Presidential Election, one needs to get an education on these judges, prosecutors, etc. who have the power and has brought injustices to your life. Start voting!

  10. Avoiding jury duty. Another nail in the coffin as far as justice goes, when we get upset that an all-white jury is selected for Ray-Ray and Pookie’s trial. Maybe, if Black people stop avoiding jury duty, they can be on one of these cases and listen to evidence without the racial bias it embeds itself in when it’s an all-white jury. Just food for thought.

There are other things I hope I don’t see, but for now, these are the main topics that should be left in 2015.

-Ms Scripter

Just blogging for the masses, ya dig?