Trump & Clinton: It was All Good Just A Week Ago…


Trump and Hillary

OPINION-Last Friday night (3/11/16) was a great night for people who aren’t Donald Trump fans. For those who aren’t aware, that Trump decided to hold a rally in Chicago. When I first heard the Donald was going to Chicago my first thought was, he must be crazy.

I couldn’t believe Trump will hold a rally where the home of the late Fred Hampton – the Black Panther icon, was brutally murdered by Chicago Police. The same Chicago that is the home to one of the most corrupted police departments in the United States that has the historic history of terrorizing Blacks and Latinos. The same Chicago where politicians like Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and one of the most corrupt Attorney Generals in Anita Alvarez rule over their oppress constituents. Is Trump going to show up in Chicago? Really?

Well then before Trump could show his orange face to the podium to begin his hate speech once again, a crowd of protestors from all angles and ethnicities weren’t having it. Scuffles broke out between supporters and protestors and Trump cowardly used the police department as a blanket to state he was cancelling his appearance. Trump told Don Lemon of CNN that the police didn’t think it was a good idea for him to make an appearance. Gee Donald, you think?

Other Presidential nominees (Cruz and Rubio) came out and suggested that Trump’s speeches have evoked violence at all of Trump’s rallies. Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton decided to go a different route, and told the media that the protestors should take a page out of the people who lost loved ones after the Charleston Church massacre, last year:

“The families of those victims came together and melted hearts in the statehouse and the Confederate flag came down,” Clinton said. “That should be the model we strive for to overcome painful divisions in our country.”

Let me get this straight and decode this language. Clinton is telling the north to be a good obedient negro like the south and turn the other cheek, and inherit the “we shall overcome” philosophy that the people in Charleston demonstrated after a despicable racist massacred a group of Black church goers. I guess another crazy one running for office, think we were going to let that slide. The backlash Clinton received for that comment was swift and all over social media. Of course, that statement wasn’t scaled back, and I know Clinton heard and read the backlash.

Clinton isn’t going to backtrack because I believe she has 0 respect for Black people just by her actions, but one continues to vote for her nevertheless and cape for her like she is a superhero. Where was Clinton’s comments after a Black man was punched, by that white Trump supporter as he was being escorted out by police, before the Chicago rally? Where was Clinton’s comment about families coming together when that white man pushed the Black woman at another one of Trump rallies? Hillary Clinton waited for when Chicago clearly was not having it, to decide to tell protestors that we should come together. One has to understand the code words and style Clinton is using, and she isn’t no better than Trump. Hillary Clinton is a sophisticated racist to me, and one’s actions speak volumes.

Before the comment about the Trump protestors, Hillary Clinton also praised the late Nancy Reagan for bringing AIDS awareness to the forefront (yes you heard it correctly):

“It may be hard for your viewers to remember how difficult it was for people to talk about H.I.V./AIDS back in the 1980s,” Mrs. Clinton, who was attending Mrs. Reagan’s funeral in Simi Valley, Calif., told MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell. “And because of both President and Mrs. Reagan – in particular, Mrs. Reagan – we started a national conversation, when before nobody would talk about it. Nobody wanted anything to do with it.”

Clinton had to hurry up and do a verbal moonwalk to address her statement, about the Reagans and AIDS:

“While the Reagans were strong advocates for stem cell research and finding a cure for Alzheimer’s disease, I misspoke about their record on H.I.V. and AIDS,” she said in a statement about two hours after her interview had been shown on MSNBC. “For that, I’m sorry.”

Clinton’s apology was quick because she knows she upset so many people (the LBGT community) with that misinformation that she attempted to pass on as truth. To make sure Clinton was in the clear, she apologized twice. When Clinton was asked to apologize for that “super-predator” comment concerning Black men by a protestor, we still are waiting to hear it. Do Black people see the kind of respect she has for us? Clinton has none, because the South gave her 90% of the Black vote, so she is chilling. Let that sink in…

Clinton got caught attempting to re-write history again. This time, against her rival Senator Bernie Sanders when she was discussing her fight for health care reform:

During an event in St. Louis, Missouri, Clinton accused the senator from Vermont of being soft on healthcare reform before he made a single-payer system one of his main campaign promises.

“Where was he when I was trying to get healthcare in ’93 and ’94?” she asked a crowd of supporters.

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 8.44.10 AM

I guess Clinton forgot there was a picture of Sanders standing right behind her, during her speech on healthcare reform in the 90’s. Clinton seems to enjoy fibbing and getting caught while doing it. The internet can be a gift and curse and in this case, it worked in Sanders favor, just not in Clinton’s.

Now, let’s get back to Trump. He has to worry about watching his back (since one protestor tried to get to him in St. Louis). Trump is attempting to use the protestors as a means to rile up his fan based, and he has even said he will start pressing charges against demonstrators. Trump also hinted that he may pay the legal fees, of the white man who suckered punch the Black man at one of his rallies. Trump is like the Grand Wizard at a Klan rally, attempting to launch a race war.

“I love the old days, you know what they used to do to (protestors) like that when they get out of line? They’d be carried away on a stretcher folks.” – Donald Trump

I guess Trump means like they did to protestors in Kent State in 1970? Unfortunately, for Trump, not all states are having the Klan convention continue to go unchecked. Someone could eventually get seriously hurt; the conversation should be when will Trump get arrested for his inflammatory comments. If Trump’s speeches lead to severe violence as he appears to kick up his rhetoric a notch at each rally, who should shoulder the blame? Yes, there is such thing as free speech, but words have consequences.

Last week, wasn’t an excellent one for both Clinton and Trump. Trump has to watch his back going forward; the Secret Service may be around, but that doesn’t mean Trump is comfortable. Trump claimed he would have punched that protestor if he got near him, but from what I saw on the video, he looked like a scared puppy hiding behind the Secret Service to me. Whether Trump wants to admit it or not, Chicago shook him up, and I hope other cities will model what Chicago did when he enters their turf. As for Clinton her true colors were revealed a long time ago (she will say anything to get elected), and now she is on an apology tour (she just not apologizing to Black people). Oh boy, everything was all good just a week ago…

-Ms Scripture

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