Why People Should Stay Single


Why should people stay single you ask? For a number, of reasons people have to learn how to be alone before they can co-exist in a relationship with someone else. For example, have you ever been around someone that is always in a relationship? Even if they split up this week they are in a new relationship again next week. This person in my opinion can not be alone. They refuse to face themselves for whatever reason. They will never learn what went wrong in their past relationship resulting in a repeat of the past over and over again, until they take the time to know who they are as an individual. What I have come to learn about people is that they are afraid to stand alone, sacrificing their own peace and joy just to have someone around.

Another reason why you should stay single is to get to know yourself. Get to know the things that you do and do not want, your likes, your dislikes, and what you can and will not tolerate. What is it that you deserve, and what exactly are you looking for in someone else. We must learn to take the time to build and develop over selves. You can not give someone something that you do not possess such as love. If you do not love yourself how will you even recognize or receive love from someone else?  The truth is you will never even realize if it is right in front of you.

Lastly, the reason why people should stay single is to allow yourself to heal emotionally after a significant relationship or marriage has gone south…it would be wise to take a break for about one year to reconnect yourself. You may even find out new information about yourself. Take the additional year or two to spoil yourself, and enjoy your own freedom and social life one again. Be social and travel meet new people see new things.  This will ultimately benefit you in the long run; I promise you.  Staying single is the best thing anyone can do for anyone else and the best thing you can do for you. You are the worth effort, you are worth the time, don’t you ever forget it. Aren’t you worth it?  Believe me focus on you, it works so try it.

-J. Simms